Sleuthing Series — Cheerleading

JCCC Archives presents the Sleuthing Series, where every Tuesday, we bring you an image from our past and ask you to help us find out more!

1.  Pages 32-33 of Southwind Review 1970 say much about the history of Cheerleading at JCCC. Southwind Review was the first and only yearbook at JCCC.

What We Know

  • The two pages copied from Southwind Review 1970 embodies the history of the first Cheerleading squad at JCCC.  BTW this publication is the one and only JCCC Yearbook.  (A double click on the image above will enlarge it.)
  • Page 37 of Southwind Review introduces The Sunflowers, the college dance team.  Only one of the 1970 cheerleaders, Rita Sullivan, is also listed as a member of the Sunflowers dance team.
  • Today we have the Golden Girls.  In, it notes that the Golden Girls Dance Team “dances and cheers at all men’s and women’s Cavalier home basketball games, select volleyball games, and campus events.”

What We Don’t Know

  • The evolution is not clear, but it appears that The Golden Girls Dance Team embodies, not only the original cheerleading squad, but the Sunflowers as well.
  • After 1986 we do not see any pictures of JCCC cheerleaders, and no Golden Girls until after 2000.  Do you have any?
  • If you see anyone you know in these pictures, please leave a comment and we will take it from there.

If You Know More…

Contact  librarians: Anita Gordon Gilmore (, ext. 4369) or John Russell (, ext. 3284).  You may also comment below!

For More Information…

2.  Page 37 of Southwind Review 1970.
3.  1972-1973 Cheerleading squad, November 1972.
4.  1972-1973 Cheerleading squad, November 1972.
5.  1972-1973 Cheerleading squad, November 1972.
6.  1972-1973 Cheerleading squad, November 1972.
7.  1972-1973 Cheerleading squad, November 1972.
8.  February 1973
9.  October 1973
10.  October 1973
11.  January 1974
12.  January 1974
13.  January 1974
14.  January 1974
15.  February 1975
16.  April 1976
17.  April 1976 – Sheree (Wingo) Downs is on the far left.
18.  October 1981
19.  September 1982
20.  This picture from November 1985 was published in the 1985-1986 Cavalier Athletics Program. Pictured, top row is Curis Newborn and Tod Asche; bottom row is April Hewlett, Barta Christian, Jennifer Stone, and Carmen Mason.
21.  The following pictures from January 1986 show a small intern, at least for this game. We do not know her name, but she added a lot of personality.
22.  January 1986
23.  January 1986
24.  January 1986
25.  January 1986