Metro Kansas City Model United Nations Conference 2022

Metro Kansas City Model United Nations conference scheduled for Wednesday April 6, 2022 at Yardley Hall and Regnier Center on the JCCC campus.

It is my distinct pleasure to cordially invite you to the Metro Kansas City Model United Nations Conference (MKCMUN). MKCMUN is a complex simulation which can provide a rewarding educational experience for High and Middle school participants. By simulating the structure and operations of the United Nations, MKCMUN gives its participants the opportunity to experience the international milieu that the diplomats experience themselves. To this end, groups of students are assigned to serve as the delegations from a particular country to selected committees of the United Nations. Members of each delegation familiarize themselves with all aspects of their country – political, social, and economic. Then within the framework of the MUN they work to represent their country’s policies and attain solutions to contemporary international problems. The success or failure of their representation depends upon the delegate’s understanding. The MUN delegate must understand why his or her country follows certain policies.

The purpose of the MKCMUN is to advance knowledge and understanding of the international system and to highlight the eternal search for consensus as a necessary factor for international peace and security in today’s world. In addition, the MKCMUN provides for its participants a working knowledge of other countries and the relationships between these countries. Hopefully, the insights gained through this simulation will be applied to the very real problems confronting our world today, and in the years to come.

The Metro Kansas City Model United Nations (MKCMUN) will be a one day online zoom. Registration

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Welcome to the Metro Kansas City Model United Nations Conference

The Metro Kansas City Model United Nations (MKCMUN) conference offers students and faculty a unique, challenging, and life-changing experience. Our simulation is designed to help students gain a practical understanding of pressing international issues from a perspective outside of the classroom, and thus broaden their awareness of international politics. In representing another nation’s delegation to the United Nations, students further realize the difficulties and complexities of international relations and policy negotiations.

Our Conference has three goals:

  • to promote interest and understanding of the nations of the world;
  • to help students gain a broader perspective of global issues and the role of the United Nations in world politics; and
  • to encourage investigation into the field of international studies.

We are proud to offer an affordable Model UN conference that provides thoroughly researched background materials, well-trained and welcoming staff prepared to facilitate the will of our delegates, and a unique simulation involving committee sessions, plenary sessions, and yearly events for each simulated organ of the UN. We prioritize providing simulations that will challenge both new and experienced delegates year after year.

We have come a long way since our first conference: we have witnessed advancements in technology and information accessibility and have become familiar with the need for hands-on learning that our delegates have shown us over the years. Whether our evolution comes through streamlining our online registration process, becoming more sustainable in our practices, uploading our resolutions in real-time for delegates to see online before voting procedure, or adding new “event simulations” to our plenary sessions, our conference will continue to grow. We welcome you to attend and grow with us.

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