JCCC Model UN team Receives awards at the 2014 Mid-West Model UN Conference

The JCCC Model United Nations team received an Outstanding Delegation Award, Delegates’ Choice Award, and three Honorable Mention awards for its portrayal of Canada and New Zealand at the 2014 Mid-West Model United Nations Conference at Union Station St. Louis Missouri February 19-20, 2014.


This accomplishment is attributable to team members Aaron Swift (Olathe, KS), Bennett Hofer (Olathe, KS) and (Ian Sneid (Leawood, KS) for their work on the General Assembly Disarmament Committee regarding the topics  Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the whole question of chemical and biological weapons. Jeffery Redmond (Olathe, KS) on the General Assembly Economic and Financial Committee regarding the topics of  Post-2015 development agenda (MDGs) and Review of international migration and development. Marie-Kistin Horvat (Lingen, Germany, Lenexa, KS) & Nathaly Cifuentes (Bogota Colombia/Merriam KS) for their work on the Economic and Social Council Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) and culture for sustainable developmentHigh-level policy with international financial and trade institutions, and the Promotion and protection of biodiversity. In addition, the team received recognition for their diplomatic skills at General Assembly Plenary session.


In addition, three JCCC team members were chosen by the conference for staff positions. Mayra Ferman (Kansas City, KS), co-chair of the General Assembly Finance Committee Kaitlyn Sylva (Gardner, KS), co-chair of the Food and Agricultural Organization and Gaelyn McGhee (Shawnee, KS) co-chair of the General Assembly Disarmament Committee. JCCC Model United Nations faculty advisor Brian Wright (Overland Park, KS).


These Mid-West Model United Nations conference awards cap over 12 years of success for JCCC, during which the team has received awards at each of the last thirty-six conferences they have attended. The JCCC Model UN team will next attend the National Model United Nations and Leadership Conference in New York held at the United Nations in April where they will represent the country of Niger. This conference is an exceptional educational opportunity for JCCC students and a chance to highlight the school’s academic excellence. Eighteen JCCC students competed with students from over 100 other Universities and Colleges from across North America.
Ian Sneid (Leawood, KS). “The Conference is an experience you utilize key skills that be applied to either college or after college. I advise JCCC students to join the Model UN.”


Aaron Swift (Olathe, KS) “Model United Nations is a true experience to work with a large variety of incredibly dedicated students and learn about international diplomacy.”

Elysia Chao (Overland Park, KS) “The Mid-West Model United Nations Conference was an unforgettable learning experience. We were able to practice public speaking, collaborate and build consensus on resolutions, debate varying ideas and issues, and demonstrate leadership through teamwork. The simulation gave me insights to how the United Nations functions and its importance.”

Jeffery Redmond (Olathe, KS) “Representing leaders of the world was an honorable experience.”


Grace Kamotho (Overland Park, KS) “An awesome learning experience with such dedication, commitment and loads of hard work so we can experience the conference and all that goes into being a UN delegate.”


Marie-Kistin Horvat (Lingen, Germany, Lenexa, KS) “The 2014 Mid-West Model United Nations conference was an outstanding educational experience.

The ability for young people, like myself, show dedication and perseverance on topics well beyond college educational levels was truly incredible.”


Donald Roth (Prairie Village, KS) “I am glad to have the opportunity to network with future leaders from around the United States. This is a wonderful learning opportunity that I will not soon forget. I am particularly proud of the contributions made by my fellow JCCC students.”

Katlyn Pratt (Baldwin, KS) “Model United Nations is something you cannot completely understand or appreciate until you participate. You realize how exhausting diplomacy is and how much effort feels worth it as the session adjourns. After collaborating on a resolution paper for nine hours and then being able to reach unanimous agreement fills you with pride.”


Ammar Essa (Lenexa, KS) “This year’s Mid-West Model United Nations Conference was a great educational experience. We met students from around the country that made the experience very enjoyable.”


Danielle Allison (Overland Park, KS) “the hard work by all students at the conference is an accurate representation of diplomacy in action.”


Jeffery Redmond (Olathe, KS) “The conference is exciting experience. I am enjoying the conference and all of the opportunities that comes from the experience.”
Joe Beeso (Garnder, KS) “The Model United Nations Conference has been a great academic, leadership, and international opportunity. When you must take the position of a county and defend its policies you become more aware and open to diversity. The skills and ability to learn and understand others perspectives and develop a solution to cooperation and compromise are very important.”


Bennett Hofer (Olathe, KS) “This experience at MMUN has been an educational and eye-opening, allowing the JCCC team to cooperate to achieve the highest accolades possible.”


Elizabeth Andrews, Tonganoxie, KS “It is very exciting to explore a whole new world of thinking and to meet students from across the United States.”

Fabiola Sanchez (Overland Park, KS) “It is not until you experience Model UN at the conference where you see the enthusiasm and devotion all students have for this team. It was a wonderful learning experience and I enjoyed having the privilege to be a part of it.”


Nathaly Cifuentes (Bogota Colombia/Merriam, KS) “More than a learning experience, we all had the opportunity to develop writing and speaking skills. We had the opportunity to use our skills to represent New Zealand and create a resolution to solve real global problems. The Mid-West Model UN Conference made be more aware and how the world needs solutions, leaders for the future. Thank you so much for letting me be part of the JCCC Model United Nations team and I will be working to improve.”


Kennedy Mwachia (Olathe, KS) “My experience at Mid-West Model United Nations Conference has changed my perspective on our generation, meeting brilliant individuals committed to make the world better has inspired me greatly. It restored my hope in a peaceful world.”