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JCCC Model UN NMUN 2012 award Times Square

The Model United Nations (MUN) course is a unique class because it is a blend of student-managed club and academic course. Students are the primary decision-makers and leaders for the organization. By choosing to participate in this challenging but rewarding class, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills, and join a committed and highly motivated group of students. The POLS 200  Model United Nations courses offered during each spring semester. These courses also fulfill the cultural diversity requirement.

The purpose of the JCCC Model United Nations is to increase your knowledge about international issues, policy making and the activities of the United Nations. You will also gain valuable skills in public speaking, research and writing, negotiation and powers of persuasion, leadership, organization, and interpersonal communication. Students will gain these skills through course assignments, team activities and, most importantly, by playing the role of United Nations delegates at MUN conferences. You will have the opportunity to represent JCCC as a MUN delegate at Model UN conferences regionally, nationally and internationally.

Students are responsible for attending classes, completing assignments in preparation for MUN conferences in St. Louis and New York City, and to attend and participate in the local Metro Kansas City Model United Nations conference. The instructor of the course fulfills the roles of faculty team advisor and course instructor, holding you responsible to complete the course requirements and to facilitate your learning by providing you with information to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Ultimately, the benefits you receive from the course will come from your willingness to learn and contribute. Be aware that the time commitment of being a team member is great, but the rewards, if you are willing, are greater. (learn more)

 Course Syllabus

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