Mid-West Model United Nations Conference

Mid-West Model United Nations (MMUN) Conference
ST. LOUIS Phone(314) 878-1500

MMUN 64 will take place February 20-24, 2024 – JCCC ModelUN will be representing Gabon (SC North), SC South, and South Africa.

St. Louis position paper is to be one side of one sheet of 8½ by 11 inch paper and should include the position of the delegation on all of the designated topic areas of the committee or council.
See position paper guidelines https://mmun.org/delegate-resources/position-papers/

MMUN St. Louis committee background guides: https://mmun.org/delegate-resources/committee-materials/

MMUN Delegate materials

MMUN Delegate Guide

JCCC Preparation Guidelines for MMUN

Travel details: JCCC vans

Committee Gabon South Africa
General Assembly Second Committee

  1. Informal Economies in Developing Nations
  2. Automation and the Future of Work
Kevin Marcia
Wade Glover
Ammon Thutosei


General Assembly Fourth Committee

  1. A Thematic Review on Nuclear Testing
  2. Anticipating 20 Years of the Responsibility to Protect: Its Implementation and Efficacy
Muhammad Nelson Frost Hunter
Taylor Allen
United Nations Environmental Assembly

Topic 1: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Combating Climate Change

Topic 2: The Role of Ecosystems in Disaster Risk Reduction

Shreya Bhakta

Lois Grimshaw

SECURITY COUNCIL (north) Narissa Hampton xxxxxxxxx

no delegate

Security Council (South) Ben Knight No Delegate
World Health Organization

Topic 1: Health Literacy and Sustainable Development

Topic 2: Improving Access to Maternal Healthcare Resources

Suraya Shirzad Jedidah Kapapula
Homyra Rahimi








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