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Welcome class of 2022!

Please explore this site for ideas about studying and test taking in nursing school.  The student videos are especially helpful, as they contain tips from former nursing students, folks who have been there, in your place.

The value of retrieval

According to the authors of Make It Stick (Brown, Roediger, & McDaniel, 2014), “We’re easily seduced into believing that learning is better when it’s easier, but the research shows the opposite:  when the mind has to work, learning sticks better.”  One way to make the mind work is through retrieval practice, such as with self-testing.  This, the authors argue, gets more mind-at-work traction than rereading book chapters over and over.

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After that first test

So you’ve taken that first test — what now?  Now’s a good time to critically think about your study habits.  Ask yourself if what you did brought you the results you wanted.  If not, look at your time management.  Are you studying at least 3 hours for every hour you spend in class?  Think about your reading.  Did you read the assignments before class?  Did you take notes on your reading? Think about your note taking.  Did you take good notes?  Did you connect those notes to your textbook or your PowerPoints?  Did you try out any practice questions?

Explore the student videos and more student videos, and review the PowerPoint on test taking ideas.