January 2019 PDD Service Pin Recipients

Please congratulate the following employees for receiving a Service Pin for their years of service to JCCC! The Service Pin Reception is Wednesday, January 16th at 11:00am in RC 101.

Thirty Five Years of Service

Bobanne Kalkofen

Glenn Ladd


Thirty Years of Service

Robin Boley

Dave Ellis

Barbara Greenwood

LaVon Hamilton

Sharron Johnson

Robert McWilliams

Mike Schaefer

John Winter


Twenty Five Years of Service

Barrett Beasley

Stacy Boline

Shari Dowdall

Holly Dressler

Martha Drone

Elizabeth J. Gurklies

Scott Hobson

Dan Martinez

Kathleen Meyers

Michael Myers

Marilyn Sherman

Brad Staupp

Lisa Woodbury

Leon Zook


Twenty Years of Service

Susan Anderson

Steve Berger

Deborah Bowers

Jason Brose

Steven Cortez

Elizabeth Crotchett

Yonas Desalgne

Donna Helgeson

Keil Hileman

Robert Holtgraver

Steven Hultgren

Lauren Jacobs

Sophia Levin

Mike Megaris

Craig Neuman

Lori Nickell

Victor Olvera

Amy Pace

Anna Page

Gail Tracy

Sandra Warner

Mark Woods


Fifteen Years of Service

Shannon Benes

Eve Blobaum

Gina Brewer

Manuel Chavira

Sheryl Cooper

Christopher Good

Shalanda Griffin

Danny Hall

Petra M. Horn-Marsh

Allen Thomas Jones

Don Lee

John Maher

Mioshi Neal-Stovall

Angelica Sandoval

Teresa Schmitz

Chris Schulstrom

Charlotte Seiler

Ken Sissom

Crystal L. Stokes

Kristin Thurlby

Ann West

Susan Whitford

Suzanne Woodward


Ten Years of Service

Stephanie Belford

Melanie Brink

Les Clark

Jeff David

Rose Davidson

John P. Gabrielson

Laura Gordon

Joe Hallecook

Kael Katzman

Carol Lehman

Austin Maxwell

Krista Mealman

Victor Meledge-Ade

Audrey Michaelis

Anne Morgan

Laura Mozingo

Kim Myers

Larry Pribyl

Rhonda Scott

Elaine Sinn

Ryan Smith

Thomas (Ed) Smith II

Jimmy Stoufer

Patricia Swartzel

Betty Thurston

Chun Wang

Alex Wells


Five Years of Service

Jeff Allen

Tim Chandler

Cynthia Cipolla

Kim Davis

Cindy Dicianni

Rich Dupin

George Ferguson

Hanan Fouad

Ryan Futrell

Kelly Geer

Mark Gordon

Mark Groves

Kristy Wittman Howell

Chris Huff

Golnaz Iman

Ian Jardes

Hwa Kyoung Kang

Jeremiah Kuria

Barbara Larson

Patty McGraw

Erica Nelson

Bahareh Nobakht

Greg O’Halloran

Rachel L. Olsen

Andrew Parkhurst

Tony Randall

Teresa Rogers

Aaron Roose

Susan Scholtz

Marilyn Sechi

Lori Shank

Gretchen Sherk

Suzanne Smith

Lindsey Smith Dinneen

Brad Snyder

Jenifer Spiegal

Kristi Stanley

Helen Stoll

Aaron Swift

Laura Swoyer

Dell Thomas

Christopher Valle

Jenny Varnadoe

Jennifer Welch

Kevin Wiley


Years of service as calculated for the service pin award are based on an attempt to recognize the total number of years you have worked as a JCCC employee.  Service pin awards have no impact on eligible benefit calculations, KPERS benefit calculations or any other seniority-based benefit offered by the college.

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