Hourly Employees

Bob Frizzell Award – February 15

This award was established in 1989 in honor of longtime employee Robert Frizzell. The award recognizes the employee who best exemplifies 10+ years of service and helpfulness in their interactions with students, staff, and the community. This award recognizes consistent and long-time attention to the needs of the JCCC community.

For more information, see the Bob Frizzell Award application.

Colleague Award

The JCCC Foundation Awards Committee established the JCCC Colleague Award to honor JCCC Faculty and Staff who through outstanding service and generous contribution sought to improve the lives of JCCC students, College programs and assist in the Foundation stewardship and fund-raising initiatives.

For additional information: Foundation Office, foundation.dept@jccc.edu or ext. 3835

Extra Effort Award

The Extra Effort Award recognizes a JCCC employee as an individual whose performance goes “above and beyond” for the good of JCCC, with performance outside their job description.

To nominate an individual, see the Extra Effort Award form. Nominations sent to Staff & Organizational Development will be reviewed by the Extra Effort Committee for possible further recognition at an Extra Effort Award ceremony. Deadlines are in September, November, January, April, and June with the award presentations scheduled about six weeks following each deadline.

Innovation of the Year Award – March 1

The League of Innovation in the Community College annually recognizes staff members from each of its member colleges who have designed and implemented a significant innovation during the past year. Obligations may include:

  • League for Innovation plaque and recognition at the Annual Awards Luncheon
  • Recipient(s) (no more than two per year) will receive  funds to attend the League for Innovation conference during the following fiscal year; usually held in late February/early March
  • Recipient(s) may be asked to share their successful innovations
  • Optional article for the Innovations Showcase
  • Current photo is needed for a feature in a League publication

Click here for Innovation of the Year Award nomination form.

League for Innovation John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award – November 15

In recognition of the long tradition of excellence in community college teaching and leadership, the League established the John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards in 2012. Recipients are recognized in a series of activities and promotions and honored at special events at the League for Innovation in the Community College “Innovations” conference.

Click here for the League for Innovation John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Award nomination form.

Longevity Award (Service Pin)

The Longevity Award recognizes employees semi-annually who have been with the college 5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years. Eligible employees will be notified a month before the Service Pin Ceremony, which takes place during the All Staff Meeting in January (for anniversary dates between January 1 and June 30) and August (for anniversary dates between July 1 and December 31)

National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Award – December 3

The NISOD Award recognizes faculty members, administrators, and administrative staff who epitomize “the importance of excellence in teaching and leadership in open-door settings” by keeping their focus on helping students succeed.

For more information, see the NISOD Award application.

Open Access Award – December 31

The award recognizes the scholarly contributions from Johnson County Community College faculty and staff, specifically, the Open Access award illustrates how scholarly works support student learning, strategic initiatives of the college, and the spirit of JCCC Open Access Guidelines.

For more information, see the JCCC Open Access Award packet.

Publication Award – February 15

This award recognizes external publication of outstanding material by JCCC employees, particularly those relating to the improvement of teaching and learning. It also encourages continued research and publication and increases the college’s national visibility and reputation for excellence.

For more information, see the Publication Award packet.

Retired Employee Recognition (Wall of Honor) – March 15

This highly selective special recognition program is designed to honor former JCCC employees from throughout the college community for significant lasting contributions to the college or for bringing honor to JCCC through regional or national recognition.

Selection of honorees will be chosen by a campus committee consisting of 1 faculty member named by the Faculty Association, 1 faculty member named by the Faculty Senate, 2 administrators named by Cabinet, an hourly employee named by Cabinet, and a member of the JCCC Retirees Association.

The selection committee will meet in April. (Committee members should receive copies of the nominations in advance of a meeting to allow time for review.) At the meeting, each nominee’s letters of support and history of accomplishments will be reviewed and discussed. The committee by consensus will recommend to Cabinet no more than two individuals to receive the Retired Employee Honor Recognition Award no later than May 1. Cabinet will approve the final selection. The recipient(s) will be notified by a letter from the president.

For more information, see the Wall of Honor Nomination packet.

Retirement Recognition

The purpose of the Retirement Recognition Program is to recognize full-time regular and part-time regular employees who have at least fifteen (15) years of service at the college and who retire under the provisions of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS). This program is intended to provide a fair and consistent process for expenditure of college funds for retirement recognitions.

For more information, see the Retirement Recognition Program packet.

Rookie of the Year Award – January 31

This award is to recognized employees who have made an immediate, positive impact on our college during their first year, whether new to JCCC or in a new position at the college.

For more information, see the Rookie of the Year nomination form.

Staff VIP Award

This award is to recognize an hourly employee’s individual achievement on a specific project which has positively impacted the college. Up to five winners are selected three times a year with one person then being selected from the winners to be awarded the Staff VIP Employee of the Year.

For more information, see the Staff VIP nomination form.

Sustainability Award – March 15

The Sustainable JCCC Annual Award is given in recognition of exemplary actions by an individual or team of JCCC employees to create a more sustainable campus. This award is designed to reward efforts above and beyond the basic requirements of the E3 Office Program or basic job responsibilities. Preference is given to projects with greatest impact, but all scales of projects are considered.

Part-time and full-time JCCC faculty and staff are eligible to apply for or be nominated for the award. Awards are given for both individual and team effort, with nominations emailed to the Center for Sustainability by 5 p.m. March 23.

Download the instructions and application for the Annual Sustainability Award.

Email The Center for Sustainability or call us at 913-469-8500, ext. 7654, for additional information.

Team Effort Award

The Team Effort Award recognizes a group accomplishment related to achieving goals in the Strategic and/or Operational Plans of JCCC. It may be a task force or cross functional team representing multiple departments or may be for an outstanding accomplishment by a single department or workgroup.

Click here for the Team Effort Award nomination form.

Team Member of the Year (Formerly Custodial Award)

This award serves to motivate and reward members of the housekeeping staff by recognizing outstanding job performance. It is available to all Housekeeping employees (full and part time). To make a nomination, contact the Manager, Housekeeping & Custodial Services at ext. 7602.

Deadline: Monthly


  • Review by supervisors and managers in the custodial department
  • Each supervisor area will select an employee to be recognized from their area
  • Supervisors vote on the Team Member of the Year

Obligations/Awards: Team Member of the Year is awarded at the Housekeeping Award Banquet in December