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Extra Effort Awards

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Ann Balquist, Admissions Assistant, Student Services – nominated by Teresa LeLand.
“Ann has been instrumental in helping find patterns and identify falsified applications.  She communicates to the team items to watch for when processing.  Ann puts in several hours each week doing extra checks verifying addresses and phone numbers.”

Megan Kirby-Luster, Admissions Data Specialist, Admissions – nominated by Teresa LeLand. “Megan has shown extra effort and leadership skills by taking on the task of training new staff on processing applications for admission.  She is patient and helps her teammates understand the importance of accuracy.  Megan makes herself available in person or via teams to assist as needed.”

Rene Skelton, Registration Specialist – Continuing Education Operations, Continuing Education – nominated by Bryenna Timotijevic
 “Rene always goes above and beyond and serves as an exemplary figure for the college when it comes to serving the students. She often stays past her lunch hour to help a student and always serves students with kindness and patience. Rene is always the first one to jump in to help out a colleague in need. “

Sherri Hanyz, Registrar, Enrollment Services – nominated by Mark Gordon.                     “Sherri has always been a great help to Institutional Planning & Research (IPR), but her recent efforts merit broader recognition. A couple of course sections needed values changed in Banner to help IR with accurate reporting. Leaving as is could cause reporting headaches. However, the requested change was not an easy fix and involved extra work on her end, but Sherri rose to the occasion and made the changes. IPR is very grateful.”

Brenda Kloiber, Instructor, JCAE – English Connection – nominated by Connie Berggren.        “Brenda used her creativity and expertise to create a fantastic, interactive presentation sharing the success of a grant-funded pilot program during the KAEA Conference in February. She spent countless hours creating vibrant data slides, cutting video clips, organizing and reorganizing the presentation, helping edit the script, and practicing for and delivering it to conference attendees. Her passion for the English Connection program shines through everything she does and this was a shining example of that passion.”

Teresa Damron, Senior Payroll Specialist, Finance – nominated by Samantha Williams.            “I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for Teresa’s kindness and helpfulness. She is always quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and she consistently offers valuable insights while addressing any questions or concerns concisely. I truly appreciate how she goes above and beyond to assist, even if it is not within her designated area of responsibility. Teresa’s warm and friendly demeanor makes working with her a pleasure. Thank you, Teresa, for all that you do!”

Debbie Stoerman, Budget Analyst, Finance – nominated by Samantha Williams.                       “I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for Debbie’s exceptional support. She always goes above and beyond to help anyone who may have questions or concerns, or just needs additional information. Debbie’s kindness and willingness to assist, even during challenging times, truly make a difference. Thank you, Debbie, for all of your hard work and dedication!”

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Recent Extra Effort Winners

January – February 2024

Mark Gordan, Sr Research and Data Analyst, Institutional Research  – nominated by Rachael Rost-Allen
“Mark went above and beyond to help with some specific reports needed in the Center for Sustainability. Through multiple requests and emails, Mark maintained a positive, determined, and solutions-oriented attitude–which was greatly appreciated. He is the definition of a “team player,” is always willing to help, and is a true asset to our JCCC community!”

Kathy Rhoades, PSO/Parking, Police Department – nominated by Seth Mullis
“It’s difficult to describe all of Kathy’s extra contributions to this department and college in two to three sentences, but I will try. Kathy’s recent work with the STEM event is just one example where she went the extra mile to help Panasonic and NASA employees. This was recognized by this group, who were so impressed by Kathy’s help that she was mentioned specifically in an email thanking the school for our assistance in making the event a success. In addition to this one of many examples, Kathy was a huge help to me when I recently moved to help our day shift as a supervisor. With the numerous events transpiring on campus, Kathy kept up with each of these and made sure I was aware of what was going on so that they could be properly staffed. It is hard to imagine the department running smoothly without Kathy’s continuous help and support. Thank you!”

Dixie Johnson, Emergency Management Coordinator, Emergency Management –nominated by Seth Mullis
“Dixie has been a tremendous help with our department, always willing to lend a hand without giving it a second thought. I had some administrative needs recently that Dixie was able to step in and assist with quickly and effectively, which immediately resolved some issues. Dixie has assisted in several Police Department projects that keep the department functioning smoothly, though they may not be the most recognizable or glamorous tasks, without her help the department would definitely not function as effectively as it does. Thank you, Dixie, for your extra effort!”

Joshua Graham, Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources – nominated by Sherry Osborn
“Joshua Graham  is an excellent example of an employee who makes an impact every time you encounter him by visiting Human Resources. He is other-directed, walks in humility, and leaves no stone unturned to accomplish the highest standards of competency to accomplish the goals set before in each encounter with an employee. It was a daunting experience for me as an employee to visit Human Resources regarding a job application. I was not expecting to meet one of the kindest people I have ever encountered in my life. I was immediately put at ease. Joshua is so down to earth, an excellent listener, and always tries to resolve whatever obstacle is put before him. He is so encouraging and absolutely one of the most respectful people I have ever known. Every task that Joshua sets out to do is filled with compassionate consideration.

Kayla Harrity, Director of Operations, Workforce Development and Continuing Education – nominated by Emily Zdjelar
“Kayla has been so gracious with her time and has shown so much support and dedication during my transition into the role she previously held. Kayla’s generous commitment to training and patiently guiding me through processes has been instrumental in maintaining the seamless operation of our program, ensuring both my success and uninterrupted services to our students.”

Mark Barbosa, Manager – Technical Support Center, Information Services – nominated by Leslie Dykstra
“Mark came to support JCAE ESL students during the technology set-up. New ESL students set up their devices and smartphones to access classroom materials and email accounts. Mark came to support the JCAE ESL staff as students used JCCC stumail accounts for the first time. Mark was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable regarding quick fixes and long-term improvements. The JCAE staff enjoyed working alongside Mark.”

Kathryn Douglas, TSC Student and Evening Support, Information Services – nominated by Leslie Dykstra
“Kathryn supported JCAE students and staff during the ESL technology set-up. Kathryn worked alongside staff as students access their JCCC stumail accounts for the first time, logged in and set up their Google Classroom accounts. Kathryn could pivot and make significant decisions that helped the set-up move quickly. The JCAE staff loved working alongside Kathryn.”

Jennie Mynhier, Asst Professor – Desktop Publishing, Desktop Publishing – nominated by Jessica Herold
“The ASL interpreters in her class were experiencing a barrier to accessing the visual information presented on the instructional screen, which is vital to providing accurate interpretation services. Jennie worked on her own with the IT department to install a confidence monitor in the classroom so that the interpreters can see the same software processes being displayed to the students. We were pleasantly surprised and appreciative that she was so committed to access.”

Leann Eaken, Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development and Continuing Education – nominated by Kayla Harrity
“Leann faced a challenging situation in which a classroom full of students had no instructor. Despite the stressful situation, she remained calm and collected. In collaborating with a colleague, the class was able to be rescheduled and the students felt taken care of by Leann and her colleague. They displayed great teamwork and customer service skills!”

Grant Carlson, Program Coordinator, Workforce Development and Continuing Education – nominated by Kayla Harrity
“Grant faced a challenging situation in which a classroom full of students had no instructor. Despite the stressful situation, he remained calm and collected. In collaborating with a colleague, the class was able to be rescheduled and the students felt taken care of by Grant and his colleague. They displayed great teamwork and customer service skills! “

Seth Mullins, Christopher Johnson, and Doug Casida, Police Officer, Police Department – Nominated by Leslie Dykstra
” Officers Mullins, Johnson, and Casida supported JCAE program staff with crowd control during ESL registration on January 8, 2024. JCAE staff were working against the clock and cold weather to get the 500 potential students lined up outside of West Park inside and registered. The officers were patient, kind, supportive, and attentive to the needs of the JCAE staff and students. This ESL registration was the smoothest JCAE has ever had, thanks to the presence and support of the JCCC Police Department.”

Magda Trevino, Admissions Assistant, Student Services – Nominated by Teresa Leland
“Magda has translated our admissions application into Spanish. She realized the need and offered to provide her services to accomplish this task. She had two other native Spanish speakers review to ensure the translation made sense with other Hispanic groups. The Spanish application is available as a pdf for counseling, student development specialist and recruiters as needed. In addition, Magda assist student in her native language over the phone for Admissions and other departments. She provides the most excellent customer service.”

Maggie Hodge, Transfer Articulation Analyst, Admissions – Nominated by Ina Crane
“Maggie has been integral in adding the new KBOR bucket courses into Banner. She has been an incredible asset in figuring out technical as well as logical issues with this project and I am grateful for having her on our team.”

Bryenna Timotijevic, Marketing Assistant, Workforce Development & Continuing Ed- Nominated by Staci Malone
“Bryenna has done a great job of over the past year and half. There was a lot to learn in her role and she has not only taken ownership of her roles and responsibilities, but goes above and beyond in researching new trends, trying new things, contributing to the team and does it all with a great attitude! We are lucky to have her on our team and can’t wait to see what she will accomplish on the next year.”

November – December 2023

LaQuaysha Rockette, Veteran Services Outreach Assistant, Veteran Services – nominated by Kena Zumalt

Yassin Ali, Veteran Services Assistant, Veteran Services – nominated by Kena Zumalt

“Excellence in student service. The following email was received from a student veteran: “I am a returning student here at Johnson County Community College. This email is in regards to two employees in the veteran service center. Yassin and Laquaysha have been phenomenal help since day one of my journey at JCCC. Every question, comment, or concern has been addressed promptly, politely, and with the utmost attention to detail. Both of these employees deserve some sort of compensation for their diligence in their field. Their customer service is beyond what one can expect. Having never met either of these parties before, I am stunned at the level of care given to a new student. I sincerely thank you and your team for your incredible assistance in all things JCCC.””

Samantha Williams, HR Generalist, Human Resources– nominated by Marcelle Cooper
“Samantha has been such a great help! When my department was short-staffed, she understood the urgency of hiring replacements and worked diligently to guide me through the process. She responds quickly to questions and is always patient and willing to help. This is not just doing her job but running around to be sure that my department functions efficiently.”

Mahogany Frasier, Procurement Specialist, Procurement – nominated by Marcelle Cooper
“Mahogany answers every time I call (most people don’t). When I was on a work trip and needed to return to the office urgently, she helped me change my travel bookings. She trained me on procurement processes and walks me through each purchase. I know this is not necessarily her job, but she is so patient and never critical. I want her to be acknowledged for going above and beyond.”

Lisa Dunitz, Coordinator of Academic Scheduling, Curriculum and Academic Scheduling– nominated by Amber Heldt
“Lisa has taken time to help train me in my new position even though it is not in her division. She has gone out of her way to make me feel comfortable and connect. She serves as a highly valuable resource!”

Sasha Edelman, Administrative Assistant, Science – nominated by Amber Heldt
“Sasha has gone beyond her own workload to train me in my new role at the college. She has set me up for success by giving me advice and resources that would have otherwise been difficult to find. She is my go-to for random questions, and I would not be doing as well as I am without her help!”

Natasha Jenkins, ABE/GED Lead Instruction, Johnson County Adult Education – nominated by Jessica Decker
“Natasha Jenkins is such an asset to JCAE. She goes above and beyond for all the instructors she supervises and puts in extra time to get to know the needs of all students who attend the centers she leads, not just those in her class. She is always focused on doing what is best for the program and jumps in to help whenever she sees a need. As a new coordinator, I am very thankful for her support throughout my first semester.”

Steve Piper, Fitness Center Monitor, HPER – nominated by Brenda Keating
“After the water fountains were repaired in the Fitness Center, Steve cleaned the water fountains as well as the area around them. He did all of this to ensure the Fitness Center was ready for patrons to come in to a clean Fitness Center.”

September – October 2023

Mahogany Frazier, Procurement Specialist, Procurement Services – nominated by Adriana Brown
“Since I started at JCCC a year ago, Mahogany has always gone above and beyond to answer questions and help me understand procedures. She has a kind and helpful attitude and always responds to emails quickly. I know she is someone dependable who I can turn to and has been consistent in this; she deserves to be recognized for her role in making JCCC a great place to work!”

Mariquita Taylor, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Services– nominated by Carrie Thomspon
“Mariquita is the ultimate professional, she steps in whenever needed to help our entire center and support her team. We appreciate her positive attitude and attention to detail. We are lucky to have her!”

Lori Jones, Administrative Assistant, Language Resource Center – nominated by Alyssa Slana
“Lori readily took on an extra duty to help two of our AAC staff members. Their work involves wrap-around services for students on academic probation, which is part of our strategic plan. Thank you, Lori. This small lift on your part has allowed them to spend more time with students!”

Marian Rose, ABE/GED Instructor, Continuing Ed– nominated by Natasha Jenkins
“Marian throws her energy and background experience into her role as an instructor in our program and it shows. Her willingness to cover for other employees and to research additional tools and programs to assist our students goes above and beyond our expectations of instructors.”

Connor Nyberg, Manager Sr. Business Analyst, Enterprise Application Support – nominated by Ashley Hunter
“Connor has been such a huge help to the bookstore this Fall. Most recently he was able to help us prepare for our Fallin Into Fun Fest within a short amount of time. He took the time to conduct a walkthrough with us and assist us in getting a Hot Spot for the bookstore and a portable battery that can be used for our off-sight events. We appreciate all the support Connor has brought to the bookstore and it wouldn’t be possible without him!”

Dusty Cody, Veteran Services – nominated by Brent Haverkamp
“A student had come to campus only to discover that her class had been moved to Zoom that day, and she was struggling to find a link to join the session. Hearing her story, Dusty walked the woman to the Veteran & Military Resource Center where he could help her use one of their desktop computers to search for the link, and he was able to successfully assist her with getting into class.”

Charlotte Gilman, Senior Writing Tutor, Writing Center – nominated by Kara Kynion
“Charlotte did a fantastic job decorating the Writing Center for Halloween. She went above and beyond to make it a space that students and staff enjoyed being in. We even won first place in our category thanks to Charlotte’s effort!”

Sherri Hanysz, Registrar, Enrollment Services – Leslie Quinn
“Sherri went above and beyond to help a very upset parent resolve an issue for her student.  The issue was complex and Sherri walked with the student and parent through every step that needed to happen to ensure effective resolution of the issue.  Sherri’s effort and communication with this family was critical to a successful outcome to a life impacting issue for this student.  As a result, this student was able to complete the last requirement they needed to graduate.”

August – September, 2023

Tristian Hughes, Office Assistant, OHEC – nominated by Jason Brunkan
I have been in a new position for a month now and I would not have made it without Tristian Hughes.  She has been so helpful to me during this transition. She has answered every question of mine, suggested changes to make both our jobs easier and gone through, unsolicited, and updated a new employee handbook that has everything the Office Assistant needs to know to be successful.  She is invaluable to me and I am especially grateful to have her on our team.  I have been at JCCC for 11 years and haven’t yet seen somebody more deserving of an extra effort award than Tristian!

Troy Dooling, Mechanic, Maintenance – nominated by Kim Steinmetz
The water fountain on COM 3rd floor was broken. This was heartbreaking for many of the employees in COM and SC. That is where we fill our water bottles. It was being worked on and it could manually fill bottles (with a press and hold technique). But Troy took the manual home and got it to run hands free! This is so appreciated by our staff and all who use the fountain. It makes a huge difference in our employee experience. Thank you Troy!

Pete Belk, Director of Recruitment & Enrollment Strategy, Student Success & Engagement – nominated by Kim Steinmetz
Pete has been working hard to support the IISS team since the reorganization. He has come to meetings, listened carefully to staff, and is available to support whenever we ask. We really appreciate how much he trusts us and advocates for us at the College. Thank you, Pete!

Ina Crane, Transfer Articulation Analyst, Admissions – nominated by Lindsay Blanchard
I was referred to Ina to ask some questions about the different option students have to submit ACT and high school transcripts. I really appreciated her great communication and willingness to answer all of the many, many questions I had about the different options and finer details. All of that information has enabled me to do a better job communicating with students when I guide them over the phone, so I appreciate the inter-department teamwork!

Jaya Daniel, Coordinator, IISS – nominated by Kim Steinmetz
Jaya had to work with a very difficult student for a variety of reasons. Jaya was calm, kind, consistent, and supportive despite the student’s attitude. Jaya was responsive and consistently kind. This helped tremendously in terms of managing a difficult situation. Nice job, Jaya!

Elaine Hodgson, Library Specialist – nominated by Shelli Allen
On the morning of my two-week anniversary, I found myself completely turned around in SCI. I ran into Elaine in the hallway and she asked if I needed help. When I told her I was trying to find Student Center, she stopped going wherever she was headed and walked me to the place I couldn’t find. It was a fabulous welcome for a Newbie to receive.

Mary Anne Matos, Community Relations Manager, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art – nominated by JoAnne Northrup
Mary Anne has taken a leading role in promoting, shaping, marketing, and realizing the Nerman Museum’s fall fundraiser. She has figured out a bidding platform for our auction, instructed others on how to use it, and basically taught herself how to do something she has never done before. She is a true leader, and her strength and determination set an example for her team!

Alyson Burnett, Senior Tutor, Academic Achievement Center – Alyssa Slana
This summer, Alyson went above and beyond when tutoring a student. I have seen Alyson’s perseverance, patience, and professional communication skills increase because of this situation. Alyson deserves much more praise and recognition for these efforts, but I hope this reminds her that she’s doing great.

Seth Peck, Learning Specialist, Academic Achievement Center – Alyssa Slana
Seth took on an extra Smart Start workshop to ensure one of our online, evening workshops for students wasn’t canceled. He is always happy to help with things like this and it is much appreciated!

Kris Bunselmeyer, Support Specialist, CoLab  – Jodie Dietz
Kris went above and beyond when the CoLab was asked to host the employee picnic Bingo night.  Kris created an original online site that allowed bingo numbers to be called and marked on the screen which was viewable by all.

Janet Mathis, Data Operations Manager, Network & Data Center Operations – Simon Hausner
I would like to nominate Janet for the Extra Efforts Award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to our COBOL to Java transition project. Their dedication, attention to detail, and tireless commitment to ensuring a seamless migration has been truly remarkable. Janet has not only demonstrated exceptional expertise but has also been an invaluable team player, consistently going above and beyond to make this transition a success.

Connie Berggren, English Connection Lead Instructor, Continuing Ed/JCAE – Jessica Decker
Connie is an exceptional lead instructor and has helped me so much as I am learning the ropes as the new ABE/GED program coordinator. When I took the position, I had little knowledge about her English Connection program although it was included under my coordinator umbrella. Connie has been so patient with me; teaching me things I need to know and handling things beyond her job description to give me time to learn. I am grateful for her positive outlook, dedication to the team, and passion that she shows for teaching and leading.

Holly Wimer, ABE/GED Instructor, JCAE – Julie Mulder
Holly’s students see her as a confidant because they know she cares for them as a whole person. She regularly goes the extra mile to ensure they have resources for life, such as JCCC’s grief counseling services, food assistance, financial assistance and more. The excellent connections she makes with her students creates a welcoming environment in which her students can thrive.

Kotkoko Grass, Associate Professor, Foreign Language – Christina Wolff
Kotoko recently worked with the audio visual department to create an amazing promotional video for Japanese classes. She collaborated on this video with her FL colleague Professor Yosei Sugawara. She is currently working with our Adjunct German professor Tanya Kelly to create a promotional video for German.

Chris Patch, Coordinator, Writing Center – Kara Kynion
We received a record number of weekly tutoring requests during the Fall semester, and Chris has worked conscientiously and effectively with both students and tutors to meet this demand.

Lynda Markway, Sign Language Interpreter & Coordinator of Accommodations, Access Services – Lindsay Blanchard
Lynda has helped us out at the front desk numerous times when ASL speaking/ deaf students have walked-in unexpectedly as our translator. We so appreciate her kindness and willingness to help when we reached out!

Diane Pateidl, Course Material Buyer, Bookstore – Kristine Herman
During the Fall 23 semester Diane not only completed her own job duties but also two other vacant positions as well.  She was the only course material buyer on staff and bought for every department. Diane always has a positive can do attitude and strives to make sure students have what they need to be successful.  She exemplifies JCCC values everyday.  The Bookstore is so lucky to have her.

Larry Allen, Senior Buyer, Procurement – Jeremy Lancey
Larry has gone above and beyond by requesting repair of two colleague’s office chairs when the employees were out. This was done on his own initiative. He was also instrumental in filling in for an employee on extended leave for two months, all while maintaining his normal responsibilities and keeping a positive spirit despite the added workload.

Nolan Samuels, Lead Groundskeeper, Grounds – Lori Shank
On the first day (Tuesday, 9/26/23) of our accreditation/board of nursing site visit, one of our site visitors traveling from southeast Kansas was having difficulty finding the building to report to. Although they were meant to be at CLB, they ended up over by the baseball stadium, to which Nolan could tell they were disoriented by their current location and stressed in order to get to the meeting on time. Nolan noted our visitor’s distress and assisted them with finding the location. Furthermore, Nolan followed up with our visitors by meeting them over at CLB and verifying they were OK and had everything they needed. This was an amazing example of JCCC associates’ support to members within and outside our community! Thank you!

Nathan Preston, Lead Enterprise Desktop Engineer/Support, Academic Technology Services – Lori Shank
Nathan was instrumental in setting up our site visitors for success last week during our coordinated accreditation/state board visit for registered nursing. All five visitors were utilizing their technology, and three of the visitors required access to a printer. Nathan was available and ready to help at the very beginning of the first site visit day to ensure our visitors/reviews had the access they needed to conduct their visit. Having the expertise of personalized tech support from Nathan contributed to the successful start of our site visit. So thank you, Nathan, for your time ahead preparing for the visit, and also time during the visit providing “live” on-site support for our guests as needed!

July 1, 2023

David Dominguez, Counselor, Academic Advising & Counseling Center – nominated by Lindsay Blanchard
David is one of only three Spanish speaking counselors we have in the center, and I am thankful for both his ability and enthusiasm to help all students–but especially our English as a second langauge students. Time after time I have been able to reach out for help for anything from walk-ins to phone calls and so appreciate the support he provides for us admins.

Margaret Roe, Accounting Specialist, Bursar Operations – nominated by Preya Ravi
Margaret is very flexible with her working hours while we are short-staffed. She has helped us by taking ownership of the credit card refund process this summer.

Carol Trouba, Accounting Specialist, Bursar Operations – nominated by Preya Ravi
Carol helps us with processing mail and returned payments which is very time consuming and involves lots of research and patience. We appreciate her help in getting through this busy time in our office.

Michelle Caples, Administrative Assistant, Academic Advising & Counseling – nominated by Lindsay Blanchard
Michelle is always so willing to help out around the center and is welcoming to both students and staff. The other day she even drove me home when I was having car trouble. We so appreciate her thoughtfulness!

Sherry Buhler, ATS Support Technician, Information Services – nominated by James Drone
On a Friday afternoon in June, Sherry was asked to fill in to help resolve a computer issue at the last minute. Thank you, Sherry, for your help!

Julie Lombard-Williamson, Senior Buyer Information Services, Procurement Services nominated by Ann Nordyke
Julie did an amazing job helping my department make a purchase close to the end of the fiscal year for an item that broke down unexpectedly. She went above and beyond to help us navigate all of the processes. Julie is awesome and we appreciate the great job she did!

Mahogany Frazier, Procurement Specialist, Procurement Services nominated by Ann Nordyke
Mahogany helped me get started when I inquired about making a purchase late in the fiscal year. She provided great information and several options. She helped me to successfully navigate the systems. Many thanks to Mahogany!

JUNE 1, 2023

Mary Brady, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Mary goes above and beyond in her daily work in the AAC. She is dedicated to supporting students, especially those who work closely with Access Services. She is patient, kind, and loves to learn. This semester, she has taken on extra tasks as asked which is much appreciated!

Sharon Powers, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Sharon is both an instructor and tutor at JCCC, and works for a nearby school district. With all these responsibilities, she always ensures the students she tutors are taken care of and feel heard. She offers plenty of tutoring time for students and, as our only Web Development & CDTP tutor, she regularly takes on more students as necessary.

Garold Oliver, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Garold has been a tutor in the AAC since the pandemic and is consistently looking for more ways he can better support the students. He has taken on many challenges this semester when it comes to tutoring students, but he continues to persevere. Even when it gets difficult, he shows the students how much he genuinely wants them to succeed. This extra effort does not go unseen!

Chad Rawalt, Senior Enterprise Desktop Engineer, Academic Technology Services – nominated by Krista Grace
Chad never fails to quickly come to the rescue for all our tech issues in the New Student Orientation room. This time he came within minutes, stayed the entire presentation to make sure he got the job done, and then went above and beyond when, without being asked, took the time to put away and organize all 20 surface pro devices so I could finish assisting students – thank you so much Chad!

Audrey Lehr, Manager, Payroll – nominated by Teresa Damron
I started working for JCCC on January 9th of this year which most people realize is the busiest time for payroll.  Audrey went the extra mile to assist me in learning my day to day tasks all the while completing her own work during the heavy call season of “When will my W-2 be ready”.  Without her extra effort and patience during the crazy time, I would not have the knowledge that I do today.  I appreciate her continued support as I advance through my learning curve.  I love working with my Payroll Team!

Kim Davis, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center – nominated by Teresa Damron
I started working for JCCC on January 9th, in the middle of year-end reconciliation for W-2’s that have to be issued.  Kim graciously welcomed me aboard and made me feel at home all the while completing the task of year-end tax reporting and W-2 issuance.  She is a great role model for me and I appreciate the extra attention beyond her own duties during this busy time so that I could learn my role in the payroll department.  I love working with my payroll team and look forward to the years ahead.  Thanks for all you do!

Suzanne Maheu, Coordinator, International & Immigrant Student Services  – nominated by Courtney Barden
The Supported Education Programs Department launched a campaign celebrating Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Day to raise awareness of our programs on the JCCC campus.  The campaign asked that participants create a sign explaining why they support inclusive education and take photos of themselves with the sign.  Suzanne was asked to participate as she has always been an avid supporter of our students.  Not only did Suzanne participate, but she took it upon herself to promote the project and took signs with her all over campus, asking others to join in the campaign.  We would not have had nearly the number of supporters if it were not for Suzanne!

Stephanie Tobis, Staff Accountant, Financial Services – nominated by Kailyn Witte
We are in the middle of a large project related to a new accounting standard. Due to this, Stephanie had to take on following up on a lot of the shared accounting services inbox items. Typically, we all pitch in on this activity, but she did a majority of it alone.

Yvonne Uribe, Staff Accountant, Financial Services – nominated by Kailyn Witte
We are in the middle of a large project related to a new accounting standard. Yvonne took on the project and followed up with various departments across campus. This was above and beyond her normal tasks and took a lot of time and effort.

Jennifer Rosauer, Esthetic Program Coordinator & Professor, Cosmetology Department – nominated by Kris Dye
I teach Esthetics at JCCC under the supervision of Jennifer but I had severe health issues this semester and was not able to teach in-person.  Jennifer went above and beyond to make sure our students were not left behind in their curriculum, even though our team was then short one instructor.  Jennifer acquired a significant amount of additional work due to my absence.  She deserves many accolades for keeping the program on track!!!

Daniel Woldetsadik, Lead Housekeeper, Custodial Services – nominated by Megan Rosbury
Daniel was a great help in relieving a sour smell in our office this morning. He responded quickly to my request to remove the main garbage, but he also went ahead and vacuumed the floors, checked the small bins, and talked with us to come up with a theory on why and where the smell started. He went above and beyond by returning to the office several times throughout the day to monitor the smell and make sure it was clearing. He checked in with us about safety concerns and office valuables before propping open our office door for air circulation and he told Public Safety about the door so we wouldn’t be bothered with a notification. He was kind and professional. We appreciate it!

Lydia Schifano, Administrative Assistant, Counseling & Advising – nominated by Carrie Thompson
Lydia goes above and beyond in her position at JCCC.  Lydia keeps our center running smoothly and efficiently and always with a smile on her face!  We all appreciate her work ethic and her dedication to students and their success!

Julie Lombard-Williamson, Senior Buyer, Procurement Services – nominated by Yvonne Uribe
Financial Services has spent several months putting together data to implement a new software to handle a complex new accounting standard, and the last step of this effort required collecting a large amount of procurement documents to submit to the software vendor. Julie provided fast, thorough, and informative assistance with obtaining these documents, occasionally parsing out what was being purchased and helping us connect with others when additional information was needed. Her help was invaluable and so appreciated!

Amy Keating, Administrative Assistant, Staff Development – nominated by Rachel Haynes
Amy helped a potential student find where to go to get the services that she was looking for. The potential student came in trying to find where she needed to do English placement testing. Amy called around to various offices to ensure she was sending her to the right place. Amy then walked her over to where she needed to be on campus. This may have been a small part of Amy’s day, but I’m sure to a potential student, this interaction had a big impact of them.

Linda Blasdel, Tutor, Academic Achievement Center  – nominated by Alyssa Slana
Linda has fostered tutoring relationships with students this semester that shine a light on her values that so closely mirror our JCCC values. She is a proponent of life-long learning and creates a tutoring environment where students feel they truly belong. Linda recently hopped onto a spur-of-the-moment Zoom meeting to tutor an ESL student who was struggling with her psychology course – this was much appreciated and shows her willingness to go above and beyond for student success.

Rabeh Ghadiri, Coordinator, International & Immigrant Student Services – nominated by Kim Steinmetz
Rabeh worked on an extensive data clean up project of old Banner records. This project was time consuming and detail oriented. She did a wonderful job and cleaned up around 1,000 legacy records. Rabeh goes above and beyond to ensure we’re maintaining record integrity. Thank you, Rabeh, for your hard work!

Janie Prather, Faculty/Staff Support, ASL & Deaf Studies – nominated by Christina Wolff
I appreciate all the interpreters we have at JCCC. Their job is to insure that the Deaf professors and hearing faculty communicate with one another. Janie has gone beyond her job description, happily interpreting for me on multiple occasions when she has been “off the clock”. She always allows me to ask questions about ASL and has stepped in to facilitate a conversation between myself and someone else.  Janie deserves recognition because she is always willing to take the time to educate and help those of us who are hearing while serving as a conduit.

Team Effort Awards

Team Effort Award Nomination Form

The Team Effort Award recognizes a group accomplishment related to achieving goals in the Strategic and/or Operational Plans of JCCC. It may be a task force or cross functional team representing multiple departments or may be for an outstanding accomplishment by a single department or workgroup.


  • Chad Rawalt – Sr. Desktop Engineer
  • Nathan Preston – Lead Enterprise Desktop Engineer / Support
  • Brett Robertson – ATS Support Technician
  • Raul Murillo – ATS Support Technician
  • Julius Masbaum – ATS Support Technician

Nominated by Brad Staupp, Dir ATS Lab/Classroom Support • Academic Technology Services and Brian Wright, Professor Political Science

The JCCC Model UN has a record of success in competing at college-level model UNs against major universities and colleges from throughout the world. In the last ten years of success for JCCC, during which the team has received awards at conferences they have attended over the last 18 years and have a yearly conference at JCCC.

Many information technology needs are needed to support this yearly conference held at JCCC main campus. It requires much coordination and technical support from the ATS labs and Classroom support team. They all pitched in and helped achieve this conference to be another success again without any reported problems providing support in multiple locations throughout the day. This could not be a success without our excellent support teams here at JCCC!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.

Community Partnerships
S2: Promote the College as a partner of choice for strategic collaborations.


Recent Team Effort Winners

January-February, 2024


  • Aimee Martin, Operations Coordinator, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Victoria Olson, CE Registration Supervisor, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Susan Elliot, Lead Registration Specialist, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Réne Skelton, Registration Specialist, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Alex Cordero-Pavon, Registration Specialist, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Pam Tarwater, Registration Specialist, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
  • Gavin Cotsworth, Business Analyst, Enterprise Application Support

Nominated by Kayla Harrity, Director CE Operations • Continuing Education Operations

The Workforce Development and Continuing Education registration software system (Xenegrade) has been working for the last couple of years to transition to a cloud-based software and upgrade to a new user interface. Many individuals have spent the past year (or more) testing the new version for bugs, submitting tickets, and working with Xenegrade to ensure the transition went smoothly and did not disrupt services to students. This also include ensuring that reports would work correctly so that data remained accurate and accessible – without which, Workforce Development and CE could not effectively evaluate the quality of their programs and services. The transition officially occurred on February 6, 2024. This team did an excellent job of working to identify all potential issues and ensure but internal and external stakeholders (including students) can easily use and navigate the new version of the system.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.

Employee Engagement
S3: Develop a consistent culture of accountability, integrity, and equity.


  • Aaron Bretton, Math Resource Center Senior Tutor, Math Resource Center/ Academic Support
  • Antonio Ortiz, Math Resource Center Senior Tutor, Math Resource Center/ Academic Support
  • Bob Davidson, Math Resource Center Senior Tutor, Math Resource Center/ Academic Support
  • Thomas Parra, Math Resource Center Senior Tutor, Math Resource Center/ Academic Support

Nominated by Amanda Harding, Coordinator Math Resource Center • Math Resource Center

Over the spring and summer semesters of 2023, Aaron, Antonio, Bob, and Thomas worked to write the curriculum for a weekly seminar to review Calculus 3 for the other MRC (Math Resource Center) tutors and senior tutors. Their efforts resulted in a 112-page review packet that serves as the basis for our new Calculus 3 weekly seminar. This was a tedious task that took much time and preparation. They used LaTeX code and researched different ways to construct the many graphs and theorems that are in Calculus 3 so that they could present the material in the best way possible.

This seminar gives our tutors the opportunity to take a semester and review Calculus 3 with detailed guided notes. This is an opportunity they did not previously have. We would have tried to do without their work, but thanks to their dedication and perseverance, we do not have to. I believe this project that they have worked on will help ensure for years to come that there are tutors available who can help students with this upper-level course which few tutors could previously help with. We have already begun to see the fruits of their labors as more of our tutors are helping with Calc 3.

Aaron, Antonio, Bob, and Thomas went above and beyond their job descriptions as senior tutors. While assisting in the training and mentoring of new and peer tutors is part of the MRC senior tutor job description, creating the materials for a brand-new seminar is not. Also learning new LaTeX codes and using these to help create the materials for this seminar is indeed above and beyond what is expected of them. The dedication and effort Aaron, Antonio, Bob, and Thomas demonstrated by completing this task shows that they value both their coworkers and the students of JCCC. Because of this, I am nominating Aaron Bretton, Antonio Ortiz, Bob Davidson, and Thomas Parra for the Team Effort Award.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.
S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.

Employee Engagement
S1: Encourage employee growth.

October-December, 2023

  • Wen Zhang, Lab Aid Anatomy Open Lab • Science Division
  • Tammy Brown, Senior Tutor Anatomy Open Lab • Science Division
  • Serap Alkan, Lab aid anatomy Open Lab • Science Division
  • Nicolette Sessin, Lab Aide Anatomy open Lab • Science Division

Nominated by Karen Koehn, Lab Coordinator, Science Department

Accomplishment: The employees of the Science Division Anatomy Open Lab went above and beyond during the Science Division renovation. They helped pack, clean, inventory and move all the models of the Science Division to two different temporary locations while construction was underway and then a third time to the permanent location.  This was a huge ongoing task and exhausting for all involved. The Anatomy Open Lab workers all came together as a team showing their teamwork and communication to complete this task. I really do appreciate all their hard work!
Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.
Community Partnerships
S1: Identify and Align with those who advance JCCC’s mission, vision, and values.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
S2: Develop and support an inclusive environment that empowers all students, faculty, and staff to succeed.
Employee Engagement
S1: Encourage employee growth.

September, 2023

  • Heidi Stoop – Admin Asst Nursing • Director Nursing
  • Chris Leeson – Sr Cloud Sys/App Adm • Academic Technology Services
  • Jeremey Gragg – ATS Support Technician • Academic Technology Services
  • Darren Jenkins – Sr Cloud Sys/App Adm • Academic Technology Services
  • Julius Masbaum – ATS Support Technician • Academic Technology Services
  • Timothy Golden – Sr Enterprise Desktop Engineer • Academic Technology Services
  • Kaden Kitten – ATS Support Technician • Academic Technology Services
  • Aaron Fry – Sr Enterprise Desktop Engineer • Academic Technology Services
  • Brett Robertson – ATS Support Technician • Academic Technology Services
  • Mullai Shipley – ATS Support Technician • Academic Technology Services

Nominated by Brad Staupp, Director ATS Lab/Classroom Support, Academic Technology Services and Lori Shank, Director Nursing

Accomplishment: JCCC RN Nursing program requires heavy use of a testing software called Examsoft Examplify. Due to a misconfiguration of e-mail notification of recent updates being release, pending changes to the software were only discover the beforehand testing by Heidi Stoop. A new update was released, and it was required to be installed in order to complete testing by students the following day on almost 200 computers in various testing labs. Heidi Stoop quickly notified Chris Lesson and Brett Robertson in Academic Technology Services about this required update and the need for an immediate deployment. With only a few hours to spare in the afternoon before the testing the following morning, they were able to come up with a very quick deployment configuration and gather as many of those in the ATS labs and Classroom support to jump in and help. Using multiple tools sets to automate rapid deployment and a team effort, it led to overwhelming success. Testing continued without any delay or disruption to JCCC RN nursing students who were unaware of the pending problem that occurred only the day before.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.
S2: Successfully transition students to JCCC.
S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.


  • Teresa Leland, Admissions Processing Supervisor, Enrollment Services
  • Ann Balquist, Admissions Asst., Enrollment Services
  • Whitney Saporito, Admissions Asst., Enrollment Services
  • Magda Trevion, Admissions Assistant, Enrollment Services
  • Megan Kirby Luster, Admissions Data Specialist, Enrollment Services
  • Kira Foster, Transcript Assistant, Enrollment Services
  • JoJo Rosario Rivera, Admissions Assistant, Enrollment Services
  • Ina Crane, Transfer Articulation Analyst, Enrollment Services
  • Maggie Hodge, Transfer Articulation Analyst, Enrollment Services
  • Sherri Hanysz, Registrar, Enrollment Services
  • Stephanie Whitehead, Graduation Analyst, Enrollment Services
  • Ryan Smith, Graduation Analyst, Enrollment Services
  • Pete Belk, Director Recruitment & Enrollment Strategy, Recruitment
  • Ann Nordyke, Director Recruitment & Enrollment Strategy, Recruitment

Nominated by Leslie Quinn, Dean Enrollment Services, Student Services & Success

Accomplishment: The Enrollment Services Department has pulled off an amazing accomplishment this fall.  With the full implementation of multiple measures for placement, the number of high school transcripts that needed to be processed so that students can enroll more than doubled.  This created a significant workload issue.  This team has worked nights and weekends for weeks and with gracious helpers from other areas, went above and beyond to make sure our College Now students could enroll by the deadline.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success
S2: Successfully transition students to JCCC.
S3: Create effective systems and pathways for students.



  • Jeff Hoyer, Executive Director of Support Services and Space Management
  • Anne Hunt, Manager of Conference Services & Room Scheduling
  • Randi Capehart, Coordinator for Facilities and Scheduling
  • Christa Viloria, Coordinator for Facilities and Scheduling
  • Jenn Melling, Administrative Assistant for Scheduling and Event Management
  • Austin Maxwell, Application Administrator

Nominated by Amy Sellers, Program Director Early College Partnerships and Outreach

Accomplishment: The Scheduling, Facilities and Space Management team has worked so hard this past year, and specifically on the new SPACES management system. They worked hard to transition the campus from Astra to SPACES and held multiple trainings in August during PLD to reach as many campus members as they could. They made an informative training and were always available to answer my questions about the new system. They have done specific trainings with different departments/ administrators and have dedicated a lot of time to help the transition to this new system go as seamless as possible. On top of this, they have kept up with running the behind-the-scenes of various conferences, festivals, meetings, and student events that keep JCCC being an active member of the Johnson County community! Thanks Events and Scheduling team!!

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Community Partnerships
S1: Identify and Align with those who advance JCCC’s mission, vision, and values.
S2: Promote the College as a partner of choice for strategic collaborations.
Employee Engagement: S1: Encourage employee growth.


  • Alicia Bredehoeft, Counselor, Counseling
  • Kris Perales, Coordinator Curriculum & Degree Audit Operations, Enrollment Services
  • Ryan Smith, Graduation Analyst, Enrollment Services
  • Maggie Hodge, Transfer Articulation Analyst, Enrollment Services

Nominated by Sherri Hanysz, Registrar, Enrollment Services

Accomplishment: On July 31, Alicia Bredehoeft reached out to Maggie Hodge to verify if three specific courses would transfer to JCCC and meet the graduation requirements for a JCCC student.  The student needed to complete the Associate of Arts degree to be eligible to transfer to a Missouri state college to play sports. Alicia went above and beyond to help the student find these courses he could take over the summer all online from various Missouri community colleges. This student had a hard deadline to get his degree requirements transferred back to JCCC. Alicia kept everyone informed along the way of the students’ progress. Once the transcripts were received, Maggie immediately loaded the coursework and worked with Ryan in our graduation office to confer the degree for Summer 2023. Yes, a big shout out to the student for getting all three courses completed before the end of summer.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s): Student Success and Graduation completions


  • Kate Allen, Vice President College Advancement & Government Affairs, Institutional Advancement
  • Chris Gray, Vice President Strategic Communication & Marketing, Strategic Communication & Marketing
  • Kathy Rhoades, Public Safety Officer, Police Department
  • Carrie Hanson, Director Dental Hygiene, Dental Hygiene
  • D.K. Evenson, Administrative Assistant, Dental Hygiene
  • Lenora Cook, Dean Health Care / Public Safety & Wellness, Health Care, Pub Safe & Wellness
  • Mary Wisgirda, Dean Mathematics and Sciences, Science
  • Debbie Herrig, Administrative Assistant EMS, Emergency Medical Science
  • Charles Foat, Director EMS, Adjunct Faculty College Success, Emergency Medical Science
  • Sasha Edelman, Administrative Assistant Science, Science
  • Lori Slavin, Professor Chemistry, Chemistry
  • Gwen Wright, Associate Professor Human Science, Human Sciences
  • Mike Vochatzer and the Printing Services Team, Printing Services Supervisor, Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • Hanna Tiruneh, Marketing / Print Administrative Support Coordinator, Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • Libby Kleve, Production Manager Video Services, Video Services
  • Sam Tady, Senior Videographer / Editor, Video Services
  • Benjamin Burton, Senior Videographer / Editor, Video Services
  • Nathan Howe, Video Production Specialist, Video Services
  • Adrian Swan, Manager, Multimedia Services, AV Services
  • Stacy Boline, Copywriter, Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Christina Seitzinger, Creative Lead/Designer, Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Amy Becker, Coordinator Marketing Projects, Strategic Communication & Marketing
  • Andrew Woody and the Dining Services Team, Manager Catering, Dining Services
  • Anne Hunt, Manager Conference Services & Room Scheduling, Scheduling & Event Management
  • Jenn Melling, Administrative Assistant Scheduling & Event Management, Scheduling & Event Management
  • Molly Baumgardner, Coordinator, Communications, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Nominated by Deanne Belshe, Director, Strategic Marketing Planning

Accomplishment: This team took on — and successfully staged — the grand opening/ribbon cutting/open house to mark the reopening of the remodeled SCI and CLB buildings the afternoon of Friday, October 13.

This was no small task. It involved managing multiple groups’ expectations; creating contingency plans in case of weather; crafting invites and outreach and marketing for the event; setting up, recording, and holding the event and ribbon cutting; providing positive experiences for the event attendees, and cleaning up when it was done.

Each of these people positively contributed from their areas of expertise to stage an event that was fun, informative, and welcoming to the campus community and to guests alike. They deserve recognition for their coordinated efforts and for holding a wonderful event that marked an important milestone in the Campus Transformation Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2016. It would have been easy to just reopen the buildings and not recognize the updates and the outcomes that will positively affect student learning for years and years to come — but this team made sure that one of these final steps in the years-long campus transformation plan was recognized and celebrated.

Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s):
Student Success: S1: Ensure our models of teaching and learning lead to student success.
Community Partnerships: S2: Promote the College as a partner of choice for strategic collaborations.
S3: Be a convener for issues that transform and strengthen our communities.
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: S2: Develop and support an inclusive environment that empowers all students, faculty, and staff to succeed

August 1, 2023

  • Cassie Jordan, Manger Student Activities • Student Life
  • Danielle Gallegos, Lead Success Coach • Student Success and Engagement
  • Jaya Daniel, International Coordinator • IISS
  • Jocelyn Devany Prasad – International Coordinator • IISS


Nominated by Kim Steinmetz, Program Director of International & Immigrant Student Services



Cassie and Danielle worked with Jaya and Jocelyn to integrate new F-1 international orientation as a part of CavConnection! This was a fantastic way to welcome new international student to JCCC. This provided essential connections with domestic students and helped new students feel connected to the College. This event played an essential part in helping our students feel they have a place at JCCC. Additionally, it answered any last-minute onboarding questions before the semester started. This is the first time IISS has worked with existing programs through Student Life and JCCC Success Coaches. It was really helpful to have a seamless transition for new students and provide comprehensive access to JCCC resources.


Ties in with JCCC Strategic Goal(s): Student Success

S2: Successfully transition students to JCCC.

JULY 1, 2023

  • Barry Bailey, Professor/Librarian • Library
  • Sherri Hanysz, Registrar • Enrollment Services

Nominated by Christina Wolff, Professor of Foreign Language

Accomplishment: I first contacted Barry Bailey to express my concern that students were asking me why we were not offering certain Foreign Language classes. When students typed in French or another language in the subject search box, they would see “no matches found”. Barry suggested that I meet with Sherri Hanysz to discuss the idea of having the keyword moved to the top because students generally know the name of a course or subject (like French or Spanish) but may not know it is under the subject Foreign Language. We invited Luz Alvarez and Samuel Sommerville to attend as well since Sam, Luz and I serve as the 3 chairs for the FL department.

Sherri asked the committee to consider the proposal in May instead of August. She proposed that the Credit Class Search committee approve to move the “Keyword” search to the top. In addition, she asked to add other suggestions to Keyword(Ex: CNA, French, Java) since English and Math are part of the subject drop-down, as well as part of the keyword search.

The committee made the change in Banner within a very short period of time.

Thank you to Barry and Sherri for facilitating this change so quickly!

JUNE 1, 2023

  • AnnLouise Fitzgerald, Associate Counsel • Office of General Counsel
  • Alison Weber, Paralegal • Office of General Counsel

Nominated by Kelsey Nazar, Vice President & General Counsel

Accomplishment: Alison and AnnLouise have worked diligently to survey every state in the country for every professional licensure or certification program that the College offers (which is A LOT)!  Alison pulled the websites for every licensing board for every licensure program for every state, and now, they are listed on the landing page:  https://www.jccc.edu/about/leadership-governance/policies/professional-licensure.html.  This is a huge endeavor and incredibly important for compliance and ultimately, to ensure Title IV funding!


  • Kaleb Alexander, Lead Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Mark Barbosa, Manager • Client Support Services
  • Gavin Barton, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Abigail Buck, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Craig Carmichael, Tech Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Tyler Davis, Tech Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Scott Elliott, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Chris Graessle, Tech Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Liz Ingala, Tech Support Analyst • Client Support Services
  • Andrew Janicke, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Robert Jones, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Jason Kingsbury, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Kim Manifold, Senior Manager of Technology & Support • Client Support Services
  • Raynee Mendez, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Dave Prebyl, Tech Support Analyst • Client Support Services
  • Geena Raharja, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Blake Roberts, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Sam Schunk, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services
  • Alexander Timmerman, Student Support Technician • Client Support Services

Nominated by Kathryn Douglas, Technical Support Center Student & Evening Support Supervisor, Client Support Services

Accomplishment: On Friday, January 13th, Microsoft experienced an issue that caused all of their icons to go missing from the Desktop and Taskbar of JCCC employee devices. It also caused some applications to be removed, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Alertus. The TSC handled 164 tickets from this event and were able to resolve almost all of them within a week of the event.