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12 Days of Wellness

Thursday, Dec 3 – Monday, December 14, 2020 

Wellness Coordinator Ruth Dey invites you to her last of 23 years of the Employee 12 days of Wellness due to retirement of 25 years on Dec 31.  As we move forward and continue to embrace this difficult time, we would love for you to join in focusing on many areas of wellness.

Your mission is to complete at least one wellness activity each of the 12 days from Thursday, December 3 through Monday, December 14.  See Activities List for all the different areas for ideas and of course due to COVID 19 adjust for safety and add your own activities. Return your completed log by Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2020, by 5 p.m.  Email to Employee Wellness Coordinator Ruth Dey at

Join in the Zoom Celebration is Wed. Dec. 16 at 3 pm.  Join Zoom Meeting   during this time your completed logs will be put in for drawings.  Wear your holiday attire, relax with your favorite drink, have a healthy or unhealthy snack. Show off your holiday decorations and we would love to see your pets in their holiday attire too.    

What is the JCCC Employee 12 Days of Wellness?   Each of the 12 Days you will log on the form provided.  Select an activity from a list of 4 well-being areas – Fitness, Nutrition, Stress Management/Sleep and Social Well-Being.

Your goal is to complete activities from all these areas to build onto your 12 Days of Wellness. You may choose from the list or create your own and please adjust your activities due to COVID-19 for safety.  The objective is to perform activities that are meaningful steps toward enhancing your wellness profile. You may want to concentrate on a certain wellness area such as stress management, and set challenging, yet realistic goals for the 12 days.  But don’t skip the other 3 – perform a simple, less time‐consuming activity on those days to make sure you are benefiting in all areas. Try to reinforce the previous day’s activity by repeating it or a related activity as you add new habits along the way.  Record all days from Dec 3-14 on your log and email completed form to Wellness Coordinator Ruth Dey at by Monday, December 14 at 5 p.m. Celebration will be on Zoom Wednesday Dec. 16 at 3 pm.   GRAND PRIZE: $100.00 CAV CARD, there will be more Cav cards drawn that may be used in the bookstore (online) and throughout the college when we return.

We will also be celebrating the Keep it Steady 6 week challenge participants. 

Fillable log

12 Days of Wellness Instructions and Activities List