Other Funding

Staff and Organizational Development Support

Provides financial support for departmental professional development. Approval must be secured through the annual budget process prior to the budget year that funding will be required.


Submit to:  Staff and Organizational Development, GEB 274, Box 46
Additional Information:  staffdev.dept@jccc.edu or ext. 7654

International Travel Grant

As part of its ongoing efforts to internationalize the campus and the curriculum, JCCC provides opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in international professional conferences and exchange programs that provide direct benefit to the college and enhance the employee’s knowledge and understanding of other cultures. International Travel Grants are one way that JCCC supports these opportunities.

The maximum amount possible from an International Travel Grant is $2,000. Applications should be submitted to the International Education Office (COM 220) and are reviewed and approved by the International Education Committee, which has representation from each division.  The committee meets monthly. The criteria used by the committee to award funding is printed on the last page of this application.

Eligible faculty and staff may seek additional funding from their department and the Staff Development Office for their international travel.

Personal travel, while often beneficial, cannot be funded through college sources.

Faculty and staff who receive International Travel Grants are required to submit a written report to the International Education Committee after their return from the travel. Full-time faculty and staff who receive travel grants are expected to be employed by JCCC for one semester post travel.

Click here for the application and criteria.

Tuition Reimbursement

Information about the tuition reimbursement policy can be found here.