Set up an automatic reply

  1. Select File > Automatic Replies.Automatic replies
  2. In the Automatic Replies box, select Send automatic replies.Optionally, set a date range for your automatic replies. This will turn off automatic replies at the date and time you enter for the end time. Otherwise, you’ll need to turn off automatic replies manually.
  3. On the Inside My Organization tab, type the response that you want to send to teammates or colleagues while you are out of the office.Enter your automatic reply message

    Note: Sending automatic replies to anyone outside my organization will send your automatic reply to every email, including newsletters, advertisements, and potentially, junk email. If you want to send automatic replies to those outside your organization, we recommend choosing My contacts only.

  4. Select OK to save your settings.

Turn off automatic out-of-office replies

When Outlook is setup to send automatic replies, you’ll see a message under the ribbon with this information. Select Turn off to disable automatic out-of-office replies. If you want to modify the dates for your automatic reply or the message sent, use the steps above to modify your settings.

Turn off automatic replies

It is time for the Kansas City Corporate Challenge!

Join your fellow JCCC staff members in events ranging from pickleball to darts and everything in between. Fill out your Corporate Challenge waiver by March 28 at and use our company password: JCCC2018 (must be all caps). From there, you’ll be able to select your desired events. Even if you don’t know what event you’d like to participate in yet, fill out that waiver and create your account by the deadline, and then you can take your time to decide what you want to do!

We’re also looking for event coordinators for our various modalities, so if you are interested in that, email with the event you’d like to coordinate. Want to keep up to date with our latest news? Join JCCC’s Corporate Challenge O365 Group!