Canvas New Quizzes – Timeline

New Quizzes Transition Timeline

The option to use Classic Quizzes has been extended until June 30, 2024.

Previous timelines discussed by OLAC will be under review during the spring 2022 semester.  At this time we would recommend learning more about New Quizzes but to wait for any major changes until you have reviewed the impact on your course.

Canvas New Quizzes Feature Comparison

Instructure Canvas Timeline

Sunsetting Classic Quizzes Q&A

The following timeline has been developed with input from the Online Learning Advisory Council (OLAC) to ensure Instructure’s milestones are met while honoring various course calendars, offsetting a negative impact to student success in those courses held towards the end of the term.

JCCC New Quizzes Timeline


December 15 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2024

New Quizzes available for all courses in Canvas

Can create Classic or New Quizzes

Classic Quizzes end of life (will not function)

Option to bulk migrate all quizzes in a course to New Quizzes Classic Quizzes interface is removed from Canvas; JCCC will still have access to question and student attempt data for archival purposes

What is New Quizzes and how is it different from Classic Quizzes?

  • New Quizzes is the new assessment engine that integrates with the Canvas LMS as an LTI tool. It will replace the “Classic Quizzes” functionality that currently exists in the JCCC’s Canvas account by the Summer 2022 term.
  • Instructors can use New Quizzes to create assessments using a variety of questions types. Assessments display as assignments in the Assignments page and can be duplicated. Students can take an assessment in New Quizzes directly from their Canvas course, including through Respondus LockDown Browser.

A few key features for New Quizzes include:

  • New Question Types: Categorization, Hot Spot, Ordering, and Stimulus. Essay, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Choice question types have also received design enhancements.
  • Item Banks (formerly Question Banks) are now linked to your account so they are available from any Canvas course that you teach, and you can share them with colleagues.
  • Migrating a Classic Quiz to New Quizzes allows instructors to re-use an existing assessment in your Canvas course by moving it to the New Quizzes assessment engine. Question banks used in Classic Quizzes can also be migrated to New Quizzes.
  • Print a quiz answer key or a blank quiz with no answers. Quizzes can also be saved to your computer as a PDF file.
  • Add extended time for one or all quizzes in a course to meet an individual student accommodation.
  • Enable a “Waiting Period” on any re-attempts for an assessment after a set amount of time has passed from the student’s first attempt.

New Quizzes FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) from JCCC Faculty about this transition process as it pertains to the JCCC Canvas account.


Can I use Classic Quizzes in my Spring 2022 Course?
Yes. New Quizzes is available now and can be used or migrated by instructors in each of their Canvas courses. We recommend starting out using New Quizzes in one course to become familiar with how to navigate and build assessments in this new tool, then working ahead to migrate the rest of your courses for the Summer and Fall terms. New Quizzes can certainly be used for all courses you teach in the Spring if that is your preference, but you’ll want to ensure that all the assessments in the course have been migrated so continuity in quiz engine type is being provided to students in your courses.
Why is Instructure holding the transition now?
New Quizzes has been in development for many years leading up to its announcement at InstructureCon in 2018, and product developers continue to enhance the quiz engine based on customer feedback and prioritizing needs of its diverse user set. Ending support for the Classic Quizzes interface affords Canvas developers the ability to focus entirely on New Quizzes functionality and improvements.
What is Instructure's timeline for transitioning to New Quizzes?
Both New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes are available for use in Canvas courses currently, but Instructure will deprecate Classic Quizzes by restricting features in the old quiz engine in July 2022, then removing the user interface from Canvas the following year. The Classic Quizzes API will continue to be supported for archival purposes for many, many years to come, but eventually the database and API will be removed as well. You can read more about Instructure’s timeline to sunset Classic Quizzes in the Canvas Community.
Will there be a option to migrate an entire course including the change from Question Banks to Item Banks?
According to Susan Sorenesen at Instructure – In late December 2021, “bulk” migration to New Quizzes will be available to test on the Beta server. We’ve conferred with the community about how multiple quizzes might migrate, and the results suggested the best mechanism is during the course copy or importing process.
When will New Quizzes be 'turned on' for Canvas courses at JCCC?
New Quizzes will be enforced for all JCCC Canvas courses prior to the beginning of the Summer 2022 term on May 17, 2022. This is before the Summer 8-Week Session, so faculty scheduled to teach during the summer are encouraged to have their Canvas assessments migrated by the first day of class.
Why is the JCCC New Quizzes enforcement date earlier than Instructure's?
Canvas will prevent any new Classic Quizzes from being created in July 2022. Since this milestone falls in the middle of the Summer 2022 term, JCCC will enforce New Quizzes at the start of the Summer 2022 term to ensure continuity in the Canvas quiz engine type is being used in courses.
What does a 'published quiz in an active course' entail for using Classic Quizzes past the New Quizzes enforcement date?
In order to continue using Classic Quizzes past the May 17, 2022 enforcement date, any Classic Quizzes must be set up and published in a Canvas course that has not yet reached its course end date. Instructors can control when a quiz will become available to students as well as extend the course’s start/end date, as needed.

Note: After the enforcement date, any new assessments or copying/importing Classic Quizzes into the course will automatically be created in/migrated to New Quizzes.

When should I have my New Quizzes prepared by?
New Quizzes is available now in each of their Canvas courses. Depending on when courses will be delivered after the May 17, 2022 enforcement date, preparation by faculty or staff can take place at any time before the Canvas course assessments will be published and available to students.
What happens if I miss the deadline to migrate my Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes?
After New Quizzes are enabled for JCCC on May 17, 2022, any Classic Quizzes copied or imported into a course will automatically migrate to New Quizzes. However, it is recommended you proofread any newly migrated assessments prior to publishing and making it available to students to ensure the quiz will display and perform as it was designed.
Can I use Classic Quizzes in my Summer 2022 courses if I set it up before the New Quizzes enforcement date?
Yes. If course assessments have been set up to May 17, 2022, and the quiz is published and the course is active, Classic Quizzes can be used in Summer courses.

Note: Keep in mind that after the New Quizzes enforcement date, Classic Quizzes can no longer be created or copied/imported into a course. This is why it is recommended instructors begin using New Quizzes in Summer 2022 to ensure continuity in the quiz engine type is provided to students throughout your course.

What if I have a student from the Spring or Summer 2022 term with an 'Incomplete' grade? Can they still complete my Classic Quizzes for that course?
Yes. Classic Quizzes will be available for students to complete any outstanding assessments prior to their respective completion deadlines.  All Classic Quizzes will no longer be supported for Summer 2023.
If I use Canvas Assignments (vs Quizzes) for my assessments, will this major change affect my courses?
No. Canvas Assignments such as online submissions and external apps will not be affected by this change and can continue to be used as you have set them up in your course.
If I use a publisher or third party tool outside of Canvas for my assessments, will this major change affect my courses?
No. Third party tools or publisher software such as Pearson and McGraw Hill products are separate LTIs that can be linked and accessed by students from a Canvas course. This upcoming change will not impact other LTIs as long as they are not used within Canvas Quizzes.