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Introduction to Sociology

Please note that the text (Experience Sociology: Third Edition by David Croteau and William Hoynes) is available in paperback and Kindle formats. The physical text can be purchased or rented from the college bookstore (If you don’t have a Kindle tablet, free Kindle apps can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android.)

The syllabus for this course is here. There are no specific dates for the following sections. However, they will be covered in order. (If we will skip over any sections, that will be announced in class.)

D2L will only be used to record test grades. Therefore, you wonʼt find anything on that site, for this course, until nearly the end of the semester.

This is the semester schedule for the entire JCCC campus.

You are expected to always be prepared for one section ahead. In case you are absent, please have the phone number of at least one other student (to find out what you missed).

You will also need the Adobe Reader, or a compatible program, for the PDF file. Most people have that (free) program installed already, but it can be downloaded here.

For online classes, MP3 lectures will appear, beginning the second week of class and continuing each week (except for Thanksgiving week), with each section.

    1. Section 1: Read chapter 1 in text and this article on critical realism (PDF). Lecture 1 for online classes
    1. Section 2: Read chapter 2 in text. Lecture 2 for online classes
    1. Section 3: Read chapter 3 in text. Lecture 3 for online classes
    1. Section 4: Read chapter 4 in text. Lecture 4 for online classes
    1. Section 5: Read chapter 5 in text. Lecture 5 for online classes
    1. Section 6: Read chapter 6 in text. Lecture 6 for online classes
    1. Section 7: Read chapter 7 in text. Lecture 7 for online classes
    1. Section 8: Read chapter 8 in text. Lecture 8 for online classes.
    1. Section 9: Read chapter 9 text. Lecture 9 for online classes
    1. Section 10: Read chapter 10 in text. Lecture 10 for online classes
    1. Section 11: Read chapter 11 in text. Lecture 11 for online classes
    1. Section 12: Read chapter 12 in text.
    1. Section 13: Read chapter 13 in text.
    1. Section 14: Read chapter 14 in text.
    1. Section 15: Read chapter 15 in text.
    1. Section 16: Read chapter 16 in text.
    1. Section 17: Read chapter 17 in text.