Assessment Council 2015-16

educationdataWe have a new Assessment Council member coming on board this year.  Welcome to Frank Galbrecht, Associate Professor in the Administration of Justice program!

Assessment Council Membership 2015-16

Dr. Sheri Barrett, Director, Office of Outcomes Assessment, Co-Chair

Anna Page, Co-Chair, Assistant Professor, Dietary Management, Hospitality

Dr. Beth Gulley, Associate Professor, English

Valerie Mann, Student Access Services, Notetaker Coordinator, Adjunct Associate Professor, Learning Strategies & Writing Center

William Brown, Professor, Automotive Technology

Mark Swails, Associate Professor, Librarian

Aaron Gibbs, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Ginny Radom, Professor, Practical Nursing

Frank Galbrecht, Associate Professor, Administration of Justice

Science division-currently unfilled.

The Office of Outcomes and Assessment presents: World Cafe VI Ref # 12358


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