Assessment Council 2015-16


We have new Assessment Council members coming on board this year.  Welcome to new members: Frank Galbrecht, Associate Professor in the Administration of Justice program; Darla Green, Associate Professor in Interior Design; and Nancy Holcroft Benson, Professor of Biology.

Assessment Council Membership 2015-16

Dr. Sheri Barrett, Director, Office of Outcomes Assessment, Assessment Council Co-Chair

Valerie Mann, Student Access Services, Notetaker Coordinator; Adjunct Associate Professor, Learning Strategies & Writing Center, Assessment Council Co-Chair

Dr. Beth Gulley, Associate Professor, English

William Brown, Professor, Automotive Technology

Mark Swails, Associate Professor, Librarian

Aaron Gibbs, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Ginny Radom, Professor, Practical Nursing

Frank Galbrecht, Associate Professor, Administration of Justice

Darla Green, Associate Professor, Interior Design

Nancy Holcroft Benson, Professor, Biology

Spring Overview

  • Mini-grant funds for participating in the Assessment Conference are still available.
  • Two Nominations were received for the Excellence in Outcomes Assessment Award which has been sent to the external reviewer.
  • Mini-grant funds for Assessment activities are still available up to $750.
  • OOA hosted a Brown Bag Brownie Break for the Practical Nursing Faculty at OHEC.  Departments are encouraged to set up their Brown Bag Brownie Break by calling the office at x7607.

Fall Overview

  • General Education Results – Will coordinate January PDD sessions for each of the 8 student learning outcomes and invite faculty to discuss their assessment results and assessment instruments.
  • Reporting Out Results for non-Gen Ed departments – Council will explore ways to facilitate career programs and other non Gen Ed departments reporting out results that can be aggregated across the campus.
  • Division Needs – Council members were encouraged to find areas within their divisions that would benefit from a meeting or workshop with the assessment office.
  • Spring Assessment Conference – Council members discussed potential break-out sessions for the April 22 Regional Assessment Conference. Council members were encouraged to discuss potential breakouts with colleagues that have interesting assessment results to share.
  • Assessment By Design – Council members were reminded that there will be an Assessment By Design Workshop in January prior to PDDs.  Faculty are encourage to enroll now.  This session will be especially helpful for those departments that have not yet fully engaged, or need to reassess their assessment strategies.
  • Guests on Campus – Outcomes Assessment will be hosting a group from St. Charles Community College in October for a day long workshop on assessment initiatives. The council will be invited to attend a joint session with the faculty from St. Charles.


The Office of Outcomes and Assessment presents: World Cafe VI Ref # 12358


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