What’s New from the Assessment Council

Highlights from the February Assessment Council Meeting

Mini-grant Awards

Outcomes Assessment mini-grant program has awarded nearly $4,000 so far this academic year.

Software Solutions

Outcomes Assessment is participating with an RFP process that may provide some software solutions to gathering and reporting assessment data.

Assessment Workshops are coming

Two day-long workshops will be offered this summer for faculty in July and August.  The workshops will offer faculty an opportunity to develop a working assessment plan for their class/program or general education needs.

Award Deadline

The deadline for the Excellence in Outcomes Assessment Award is Monday, March 3, 5:00 pm.

From the January 2014 Assessment Council the following highlights:

 4th Annual Regional Community College Conference

This annual conference will be held at Penn Valley Community College on Friday, March 28. The cost to attend is $75, if departments do not have a travel budget apply for an Outcomes Assessment mini grant. More information will be in the February issue of Spotlight.

Excellence in Outcomes Assessment Award

Part-time and Full-time faculty in the instructional branch are eligible. The deadline is onday, March 3 at 5:00pm. More information will be in the February Spotlight.

 Assessment Workshop

Coming this summer!  Day-long Assessment Workshop focusing on the Assessment Cycle. Faculty will be able to attend and use this workshop as a PDD. More information to follow.

BBBB & Coffee Breaks for Spring 2014 -  Following are dates for this semester:

BBBBs: GEB 264; 3:00-4:00 pm

Thursday, February 20, Thursday, March 13, Thursday, April 17

Coffee Breaks – Java Jazz

Thursday, February 6; 9:30 am: Susan and Brenda, Wednesday, March 12; 2:00 pm Anna and Kay, Wednesday, April 23; 9:30 am

 From the November 8, 2013 Assessment Council the following highlights:

  •  The Council welcomed new member Jessica Tipton, representative from the Ed Affairs, General Education sub-committee.
  • The Council reviewed information from the General Education Task Force about the January Professional Development Days session and have agreed to help staff the sessions being offered for training.
  • The Council discussed budgeting issues for the coming academic year, specifically the costs of supporting additional training for General Education assessment.
  • The Council discussed the idea from the Assessment Activities sub-committee to offer a summer institute based on the frame work of the Cycle of Assessment for faculty.  The session could be one day and would be a hands-on workshop with faculty completing and assessment plan by the end of the day.  Discussion included offering one session the end of July for faculty to participate in, and one in August for departments to come together and participate.
  • Three mini-grants have been funded in the departments of Art History, Journalism, and Personal Computer Applications.

 From the October 11, 2013 Assessment Council the following highlights:

  • The Council approved a new Outcomes Assessment Progress Report with minor modifications to the draft.  The report will allow departments to easily provide updates to their assessment activities.
  • The General Education Subcommittee of Ed Affairs requested having the chair serve on the Assessment Council to strengthen ties between the two groups, especially as it relates to assessment of the general education curriculum.  The Assessment Council thought this was a good way to continue to build a cohesive assessment strategy for the campus and approved.
  • The Council discussed options for the January Professional Development Days and the Assessment World Café.    Options for PDDs included CATs (Classroom Assessment Techniques), How to write a Good Research Question, a session for College Now Liaisons, Getting Ready for World Café, Technology Solutions and Assessment.  It was also discussed offering a General Education table with resources at the World Café.
  • Also a reminder was issued to remind the departments in each divisions that mini-grants are now on a rolling deadline of the 15th of each month.

From the September 2013 Assessment Council Meeting

  • The revamped Mini-grant process was approved.  The Brown Bag Brownie Break, Mini-grant Reboot, Not Your Mother’s Mini-grant,  on September 19, 3:00 pm, GEB 264, will focus on the new funding limits, rolling deadlines and new requirements.
  •  An Ad Hoc committee was formed to work on a new and easier Progress Report form that departments can use for their assessment activities.  The new form should roll out in October some time.
  • An Ad Hoc committee was formed to develop a rubric for the external reviewer of the Excellence in Outcomes Assessment nominees.  The deadline for the 2013-2014 nominees Is March 1, 2014.
  • Update on General Education Assessment – the Assessment Council will be working with Ed Affairs to review formats of forms and reports to consolidate reporting functions for both general education assessment, and overall assessment initiatives.
  • New resources: OOA Blog have new “short” videos uploaded over the summer.  These include three segments reviewing the cycle of assessment, and a video on incorporating assessment into the faculty portfolio.  Each Brown Bag Brownie Break session will also have a video upload for the Fall sessions.



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