Teaching Experience


Johnson County Community College
Professor, Astronomy and Physics 2002-Present

Teach online and face-to-face courses in astronomy and physics and serve on various committees as needed by the college.

Courses taught:

  • Astronomy
  • Fundamentals of Astronomy (online)
  • General Physics I (algebra/trig-based mechanics, heat, waves)

Georgia Perimeter College
Adjunct Instructor 20011-Present
Teach sections of online physics. Completed GPC’s Blackboard/Vista training prior to starting courses.

Courses taught:

  • Introductory Physics I (algebra-based mechanics, heat, waves)
  • Introductory Physics II (algebra-based electricity, magnetism, optics)

Brevard Community College
Adjunct Instructor 2009-Present

Teach sections of online astronomy and physics. Completed BCC’s Angel training prior to starting courses.

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Astronomy (online)
  • Introduction to principles of physics (online, non-algebra-based mechanics, heat, waves)

Pensacola State College
Adjunct Astronomy Instructor 2008-2009

Taught online astronomy sections to help fill in for instructor on sabbatical. Completed PJC’s Angel training prior to starting courses.

Courses taught:

  • Descriptive Astronomy (online)

Metropolitan Community Colleges, Blue River
Adjunct Instructor 1996-2008

Taught sections of mathematics and science courses in face-to-face, hybrid and online settings. Completed Quality Matters training and formal Blackboard training.

Courses taught:

  • Physical Science (geology, astronomy, chemistry and physics)
  • General Astronomy (face-to-face, hybrid, online)
  • Introductory Physics (non-algebra-based physics)
  • General Physics I (algebra/trig-based mechanics, heat, waves)
  • General Physics II (algebra/trig-based electricity, magnetism, optics)
  • Engineering Physics I (Calculus-based mechanics, heat and waves)
  • Engineering Physics II (Calculus-based electricity, magnetism, optics)
  • Computer Applications (Excel, Word, some AutoCAD)
  • Basic Math
  • Intermediate Algebra

Fort Osage High School
Science Teacher 1996-2008

Taught junior chemistry and senior physics, served as Science Olympiad coach.

Courses taught:

  • Chemistry
  • Applied Physics
  • Advanced Physics (for college credit)


Missouri Teaching Certificate

  • Completed requirement for certificate in unified science.
  • The required courses in education provides me with further insight into methodology in the classroom and online.


  • Participated in grant running workshops giving 3rd and 4th grade teachers equipment and lesson ideas to teach students various science topics.
  • Developed new astronomy curriculum (with lab) for Blue River and have actively participated in revisions to existing curricula at JCCC.
  • Participated in developing astronomy curriculum for KBOR Guarantee Transfer Agreement.
  • Participated in many software pilot programs.
  • Provided many public outreach astronomy activities.


  • Extensive Angel, Blackboard and BrightSpace LMS training.
  • Quality Matters training and certification.


  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
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