Faculty Development

Adjunct Certification Training

Adjunct Certification Training

The Adjunct Certification Training (ACT) program is designed to provide tools and resources that assist adjunct faculty in becoming more effective educators in the classroom.  Adjunct faculty members who complete the ACT program will receive a one-time stipend in the amount of $800 and will be honored at the Adjunct Faculty Lieberman Teaching Excellence Award dinner during the spring semester. Those completing all requirements by November 15 will receive stipend payment in January; those completing all requirements by March 15 will receive stipend payment in May.

Upon completion, the adjunct instructor should be:

  • Cognizant of the college’s mission
  • Aware of policies and procedures of the academic branch
  • Comfortable in the college’s learning community
  • Equipped with more resources to enhance student learning in the classroom

Prerequisite:  Participants should complete iTeach before entering the ACT Program.  To enroll in iTeach, please contact Ed Lovitt, Director of Educational Technology and Distance Learning.

Instructions for enrolling in ACT courses: https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/2017/11/02/enrollment-instructions-for-staff-development-courses/

Requirements: Participants complete the following requirements within a two-year  period:

Required Modules

Creating a Learner-Centered Syllabus Valerie Mann
Wednesday, 9/8/21 6pm – 9pm 30013
Saturday, 4/9/22 9am – 12pm 30020


Legal Issues MargE Shelly and Pam Vassar
Thursday 8/26/21 TBD 6pm – 9pm TBD
Saturday 2/5/22 9am – 12pm 30008


Online Learning Tools Paul McCourt
Thursday 9/2/21 6pm – 9pm 30001
Saturday 3/5/22 9am – 12pm 30002


Assessment and Curriculum:  Understanding the Connections (online, asynchronous) Sheri Barrett
Monday 9/6 – 9/24/21 6pm 30005
Monday 1/24 – 2/4/22 9am 30006


Microteaching and Classroom Video Recording Deana Miller
Wednesday 9/22/21 6pm – 9pm 30003
Saturday 1/29/22 9am – 12pm 30004


Pedagogy and Classroom Leadership Suneetha Menon
Monday 10/11/21 6pm – 9pm 30009
Saturday 4/2/22 9am – 12pm 30010


Active Learning Megan Doyle
Tuesday 9/28/21 6pm – 9pm 30013
Saturday 2/26/22 9am – 12pm 30014


Intercultural Communications Cathy Schrag
Tuesday 10/19/21 6pm – 9pm 30011
Saturday 3/26/22 9am – 12pm 30012


Elective Modules

Honors and Community-Based Learning Tara Karaim
Tuesday 10/5/21 6pm – 9pm 30021
Saturday 4/16/22 9am – 12pm 30022


Flipping the Classroom Heather Seitz
Thursday 11/11/21 6pm – 9pm 30015
Saturday 2/19/22 9am – 12pm 30016


Strengths-Based Classroom Amy Pace
Wednesday 10/20/21 (rescheduled) 6pm – 8pm 30017
Saturday 2/12/22 9am – 11am 30018


Instructions for enrolling in ACT courses: https://blogs.jccc.edu/staffdev/2017/11/02/enrollment-instructions-for-staff-development-courses/