Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers

Architectural Drafting for Interior Designers (Cengage 2007) covers technical skills for beginning interior design drafters; how to use manual drafting tools; how to draft a floor plan, interior elevation and reflected ceiling plan; draft doors and windows; document a space; understand building systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, VOIP), understand basic building construction; draft axonometric and perspective views, and much more. It is currently adopted at 75 colleges plus a school district.

The 2nd edition is now out, published by Fairchild/Bloomsbury.  It has undergone a significant overhaul:  content re-organization, better worksheets, the addition of  many beautiful hand sketches, and a chapter on transitioning to computer drafting.

Following is the new cover, and figures from it.

2nd ed cover small


Bubble-diagramming a space.

elevation marker

Drafting an interior elevation.

grid paper

Using the architect’s scale.



drafting tools

Manual drafting tools.


Richly ornamented ceiling.

0 UF 10-1

Great shower.


Tools for documenting a space.