From the JCCC Archives: March Madness

1979 JCCC Women's Basketball game

1979 JCCC v. Washburn Women’s Basketball game

Are you excited about March Madness? The NCJAA Women’s Basketball Championship is returning to JCCC this year, and was founded by JCCC’s first Athletic Director Orville Gregory. The first NCJAA Women’s Basketball Championship took place in 1975 at JCCC, and would remain at JCCC until 1982. In 2000 JCCC won the Division II Championship.

Photograph of Wilma Gregory, John Cleek, and Orville Gregory

Olympian Wilma Rudolph, JCCC President John Cleek, and first JCCC Athletic Director and founder of the NCJAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Orville Gregory accepting an award during NCJAA banquet

True Monuments Men


cover of book

Cover of the book shows Leonardo Da Vinci’s Lady With an Ermine painting being rescued from the Nazi Government

“Hitler and the Nazis Stole Europe’s Great Art. America and Her Allies Recovered it”

Have you seen all the ads for the movieThe Monuments Men?  This book is a very visual experience showing the actual men rescuing the enormous number of paintings, sculptures, and other art objects that the Nazi’s stole.

Give me Strength!

Men lifting large  truck tires

Would you like to get started on a physical fitness plan to get you through the holidays? After all, carrying food containers to holiday festivities takes strength! And after the celebrations, you will need a fitness plan to return to your usual awesomeness, so start early! Search the catalog under physical fitness to find books to start you on your way.

Hungry? Crave something different to eat?

A cookbook for earing insects

Call Number: TX746.G67 2013

Ever hungered for a crunchy grasshopper? Are you eager for the fried green tomato horn worm season to begin? Would you like to finish your meal with a chocolate fondue with Mexican grasshoppers on your skewers?  Then you must try out the recipes in this new cookbook…but, please don’t invite me over for dinner. If this isn’t your eating style, rest assured that we have many more delightful cookbooks to choose from in the section marked TX693 to TX840.

From the JCCC Archives

Did you know that Johnson County Community College has an Archives? The JCCC Archives is dedicated to JCCC history and maintains the College’s historic records, photographs, newspapers, and other ephemeral materials that track the programs, policies, and student activities that take place at JCCC. This photograph from the openning of JCCC at its temporary location in Merriam, KS in September 1969 is an example of some of the historic photographs of JCCC. 

JCCC Merriam Campus

Robert Harris, the first President of JCCC, shaking hands at the openning of JCCC’s temporary campus in Merriam, KS in September 1969

If you are interested in the development of JCCC, or have any questions about JCCC history stop by the College Archives in LIB 353C and talk to Molly Khan, the College Archivist, to explore the collections.

Smart Students Ask for Help…


Here’s a button a library staff member can be proud to wear! Do you realize that every person behind a desk in the library is there purposefully in order to help you? So come and let us help you with your research, so that you become the “best that you can be.”


At this time of year students and instructors alike are EXHAUSTED! Getting enough sleep just doesn’t seem possible. The November 2003 issue of Scientific American has a good article on the how and whys of sleep. And, if you think that you are sleep deprived, the February 2013 issue deals with “astronaut insomnia.” They’re not exactly in a good location to go out and take a long walk to relax you for sleep.

Spring Semester 2013!


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