Why should I go to the Library?


Why should I go to the library?

Location where found: (1st floor *) or (2nd floor **)


Go to find a quiet table to spread your stuff out and get started on homework. **

Go to find a collaboration table with multiple outlets for laptops and the ability to project your work on a screen. *

Go to get your student ID made…We are open Saturdays and Sundays  *

Go use a computer, we have close to 100 for you. * & **

Go to use a scanner…we have two. *

Go to work with friends from class and discuss and work on a project. *

Go to find friendly people who will help you with directions. * & **

Go to find a vending machine with school supplies. *

Go to find a Student Office with tape, hole-punch, stapler, etc. * & **

Go to use a study room. (All rooms have the ability to project your work onto a screen.) **

Go to find current DVDs, both movies and documentaries. *

Go to find the newest bestselling books in print or on CDs. *

Go to find a great collection of children’s books. **

Go to browse our international CD music collection (Middle Eastern rock music is awesome!) *

Go to browse our collection of popular magazines, then sit in comfortable chairs to read them. *

Go to check-out a laptop for use in the library. *

Go to find the Young Adult book collection…and aren’t we all young adults in our heads  **

Go to find great cookbooks. Yum! **

Go to see a HUGE wall map of Greater Kansas City. *

Go to talk to librarians at the Reference (Research) Desk when you get stuck on how to do research. (We love to help!) *

Go to use equipment (computers and phones) designated for Students with Disabilities. These resources are also available for Community members who are disabled. *

And so much more…like charging stations for your cell phones (when they are fixed. )



Man holds banner asking for "Peaceful Protest Please"

Man holds banner asking for “Peaceful Protest Please”

If you’ve had ENOUGH name calling, angry speech, and intolerance for anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or the condoning violent mob actions instead of reasoned conversations, check out the books written to encourage the BEST in each person in the second floor library display showcase. Altruism means concern for others and giving support for the best side of our personalities.

In the window:

  • The Altruism Equation: Seven Scientists Search for the Origins of Goodness by Lee Alan Dugatkin
  • The Altruistic Species: scientific, philosophical, and religious perspectives of human benevolence / by Andrew Michael Flescher and Daniel Worthen
  • Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad by Frances Moore Lappé
  • On Kindness by Adam Phillips and Barbara Taylor
  • The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life by Piero Ferrucci
  • Why Philanthropy Matters: How the Wealthy Give, and What It Means for Our Economic Well-being by Zoltan J. Acs
  • Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong
  • Giving:  How Each of Us Can Change the World by Bill Clinton
  • Giving, the Sacred Art: Creating a Lifestyle of Generosity by Lauren Tyler Wright
  • Giving Back: Connecting You, Business, and Community by Bert Berkley
  • Giving: Charity and Philanthropy in History by Robert H. Bremner
  • A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity by Nicholas D. Kristof
  • 22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversations with the World’s foremost thinkers
  • Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Stick Your Neck Out: A Street-smart Guide to Creating Change in Your Community and Beyond : Service as the Path of a Meaningful Life by John Graham
  • The Betrayal of Work: How Low-wage Jobs Fail 30 Million Americans and Their Families by Beth Shulman
  • All these books can be checked out. Ask for help at the desk on the second floor.

2nd Floor Closing Announcement


The second floor of the Billington Library will be closed from Monday, Dec. 14, to Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, for recarpeting. The first floor of the library will not be affected and will remain open during this time.

We’ll be open 8am – 5pm  Monday to Friday (closed weekends) during the break between semesters, and closed completely December 24th – January 1st. Have a good break, everyone!

Have you ever been hungry?

HungerHave you ever been hungry without any way to satisfy that hunger? Many students have that need, but do not want to acknowledge it to their classmates. You can help with very little effort. The next time you buy beverages and chips at the grocery, buy a can of meat: tuna, chicken, etc. and bring it to the college.

Anyone interested in donating to the college food pantry may bring non-perishable food, personal items, baby food and diapers to room OCB 261Q. Take cash or checks to the administrative assistants in OCB 272 during regular business hours. Go to: http://blogs.jccc.edu/mun/join-model-un/jccc-model-un-news/food-pantry-at-jccc/ for more specific information about what they need and how you can help.  If you need help:

Students can stop by the food pantry in OCB 261Q between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to pick up the food they need.

Here are more links that show that those in any community who have plenty of food, need to share one of the basics of life:






Winter’s Gone…Summer’s Almost Here

beachchairsIt always seems that time moves more quickly as we get closer to the end of the semester…especially as we get closer to summer. If you are looking for books to read while lounging on the beach or maybe some travel guides to plan a summer vacation, check out our online and print resources. The library is open essentially all year so if you just want to learn about a topic that you have not had time to pursue or get a head start on next semesters classes…come on by!


Snow and Ice Storms and Frigid Temperatures are all good reasons to…

Driving in heavy snow

Vehicles nose to nose in a snowy line driving home.

Get home safely and stay there! At times like this it makes sense to find something pleasurable to do. Number one on many peoples’ lists is to curl up and read a good book or watch a great movie with the whole family.

Now that Fall semester finals are only a memory and the college prepares for the start of Spring semester make some time to check out our DVDs and our McNaughton book and audio book collection. You will find bestsellers in every genre, mystery, adventure, romance, etc. and a great selection of feature films, TV Series and documentaries. Stay warm and dry and come visit the library!

Why do leaves change color?

Fall Foliage in yellow and orange

Fall Foliage

Fall has come at last and with it the changing of the colors of the leaves. Red, yellow, orange and maroon leaves are everywhere! But, why do leaves not just turn brown and fall to the earth? Why do we get this spectacular display of vivid color? If you want to know WHY, try the links below:

National Forest Service


Science Made Easy

Wikipedia: Autumn Leaf Color




Into the Pool! Summer’s finally here…

Contested Waters includes chapters:

Introduction : “just don’t touch the water”
A “peculiar kind” of bath : the origin of municipal pools in America
“A means of physical culture” : the redefinition of municipal pools during the 1890s
“A good investment in health, character, and citizenship” : municipal swimming pools in the Progressive Era
Interlude : the traumatic early history of Fairgrounds Park Pool
The “swimming pool age” : 1920 to 1940
“One for the white race and the other for the colored race” : the onset of racial discrimination, 1920 to 1940
“More sensitive than schools” : the struggle to desegregate municipal swimming pools
“Alone in the backyard” : swimming pools in recent America
Children swimming in a pool.Conclusion : the promise and reality of swimming pools as public spaces.Young Adult LiteratureSwimmingAnatomy There are books on swimming and pools for all your summer needs. So go jump in the water and enjoy!

Swimming Pools

Designing a Pool in the Backyard

Soccer, soccer everywhere!


Soccer ball goal

Hard hit goal!

This summer’s Soccer World Cup Games in Brazil have created even more excitement than usual locally for kids of all ages! When the United States finally beat Ghana in their first game, hopes got nestled in the hearts of all Americans that the USA might do well this year. If you are not all that familiar with the game of “fut ball,” you might want to check out the book, Inverting the Pyramid : The History of Soccer Tactics by Jonathan Wilson from the library. Cover Image

From the JCCC Archives: Campus Craze

Celebrate the end of the school year by attending Campus Craze Day on May 7th with games, food, and booths where students can learn about different departments and activities on campus. Stop by Billington Library’s booth to learn more about the Library, win some prizes, and learn about JCCC History with materials featured from the  Archives.

Students playing volleyball

Students playing volleyball at Campus Craze Day in 1997