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Summer Youth Camps 2017

Posted by on August 9, 2017

For six weeks this June and July, JCCC summer youth campers in grades 6-9 explored the worlds of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Harry Potter.  Latin and Greek for the Modern World introduced participants to the languages of Greek and Latin as well as cultural and historical information.

Adventures in Ancient Egypt covered ancient Egypt’s history, art, religion, funerary beliefs, and more. Students created papier-mâché shabtis and Egyptian restaurant menus.  

In Mummy Mystery, kids crafted papier-mâché canopic jars and tomb dioramas.


They also performed an apple mummification experiment: #1 control, #2 salt, #3 baking soda, #4 a combination of salt, baking soda, and washing soda (homemade natron).

Some students designed mummy movie posters, as well.

For the all-day Deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs camp, students made family trees and travel posters in addition to studying the language of the ancient Egyptians.

Of Wands and Wizards camp explored the world of Harry Potter. Students made potions, designed and constructed spell books, sat with their houses, and made wands from pre-sculpted dowels, hot glue, and paint.

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