Jewish Vocational Services Volunteer Opportunities

Jewish Vocational Service – Engage. Encourage. Empower.

Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) engages, encourages and empowers people to achieve social, cultural and economic integration. JVS was established in 1949 to assist Holocaust survivors, refugees and those returning from WWII, enabling them to build better lives in the United States. Today, their programs meet the needs of all who face barriers to employment.

Currently, JVS is preparing to help evacuees and refugees from Afghanistan. Here are ways that you can help:

Level 1: Good for Groups
One-time opportunities for groups of 15-30 people

● Assemble Welcome Kits
● Sort donations at the JVS warehouse
● Host a donation drive for school supplies, winter clothes, first aid kits, etc.

Level 2: House to Home Program

● Furnish and set up home
● Welcome the arriving family at the airport
● Provide family with culturally appropriate meal

● Groups of 6-8 adults, sign up as a team or JVS will assign individual volunteers to a team
● Children ages 12 and older encouraged to participate

● Participate in volunteer orientation
● Background check for volunteers 18+
● Commitment to work with one family (2-4 week timeframe), may volunteer again

Level 3: Partners in Welcome

● Pre-arrival- furnish and set up home
● Day of arrival-welcome the arriving family at the airport, provide culturally appropriate meal
● 90 day resettlement period- assist with navigation activities- bus training, school enrollment, grocery shopping, etc
● After the resettlement period- work with the family to identify one fun activity that would assist in the integration to life in Kansas City, provide financial support for months 3-6 in the United States

● Groups of 15-20 adults, teams are encouraged to apply as a group, children may participate in some activities
● Specific roles assigned to each group member

● Six month time commitment
● Participate in volunteer orientation
● Background check for volunteers 18+
● Financial support between $2,500 and $6,500 depending on the size of the family

To find out more, please contact JVS Volunteer Coordinator at

Happy volunteering!

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