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  • Booktalk News

The Booktalk discussion group will meet at 2:15 p.m. Friday, Oct. 28, in GEB 264. The book selection for the day is Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty, and Professor Cathleen O’Neil will facilitate the discussion. Doughty’s memoir recounting her training and career as a 20-something mortician with an advanced degree in medieval studies may not be what you expect, but this well-written book is sure to spark lively conversation.


  • Sam Bell Presents at TYCA-Midwest 

Associate Professor of English Sam Bell presented a TYCA Midwest in St. Louis, on October 15.  Her address was “Putting People First: Promoting Affect instead of Apathy.”

  • Mark Raduziner Attends Major Conference 

Mark Raduziner, Professor & Chair, Journalism and Media Communications, attended the annual Associated Collegiate Press college media convention in Washington, D.C., October 19-23. Mark is a member of the organizations advisory committee, which plans and recruits speakers in conference host cities, organizes learning sessions and workshops, and coordinates the awards program for both student media outlets (newspapers, digital sites, magazines, yearbooks) and individual  categories of student produced work.

Among the keynote speakers at this year’s conference: Donna Brazile, political analyst and interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, Bob Woodward, investigative journalist and author who is best known for his work during the Watergate scandals, and Edward Snowden, former CIA employee and former contractor for the U.S. government who copied and and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. His findings revealed NSA-operated global surveillance programs with the cooperation of telecommunications companies and European governments.

  • Journalism and Media Communications News

Assistant Professor of Journalism Gretchen Thum has announced that the Journalism and Media Communication Department has begun a project that brings together multiple people from multiple disciplines to collaborate and to give JCCC students a hands-on, experiential learning experience. The project involves:

* Four JCCC professors and their nearly 100 students
* One professional from the advertising industry
* Two small business owners from the community
* One consultant from JCCC’s Kansas Small Business Development Center

JCCC students from Principles of Public Relations, Marketing, Business Communications, and Retail Management classes are all working together to help The General Store (a struggling small business in downtown Overland Park).  All four professors have made this a class project, with all the students contributing business advice from each of their respective perspectives.

Paul Weber, CEO of EAG Advertising, is also working alongside the JCCC students to offer his expertise, as is John Addessi from the KSBDC.

This is an example student learning happening in the JCCC CoLab.

  • John Addessi, consultant, KSBDC Lorie Paldino, adjunct professor of English Paul Weber, CEO, EAG Advertising Mike Cole, co-owner, The General Store John Lucas, co-owner, The General Store Gretchen Thum, assistant professor of journalism Pamela Hulen, associate professor of marketing management Barbara Millard, professor of marketing management Christy McWard, director, Collaboration Center

    John Addessi, consultant, KSBDC
    Lorie Paldino, adjunct professor of English
    Paul Weber, CEO, EAG Advertising
    Mike Cole, co-owner, The General Store
    John Lucas, co-owner, The General Store
    Gretchen Thum, assistant professor of journalism
    Pamela Hulen, associate professor of marketing management
    Barbara Millard, professor of marketing management
    Christy McWard, director, Collaboration Center

    • Holly Milkowart Presents at MIDTESOL

English Professor Holly Milkowart presented at the MIDTESOL annual conference on October 1, 2016.  Her presentation was titled “Exploring Usage of e-Texts and Apps in EAP Courses.”  The presentation was in conjunction with her pilot study that was funded by the AT&T Aspire grant in fall of 2015.

  • EAP News

Adjunct EAP Professor Victoria Gunbatar in now a co-advisor for the JCCC International Club for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Victoria and Adjunct EAP Professor Rebecca Kastendick are creating a learning community in advanced-level EAP classes in Speaking/Listening and Writing/Grammar with a business focus.

  • Leanna Brunner News

Adjunct English Professor Leanna Brunner will be a guest speaker for the ShowMe Writers Masterclass conference at the University of Missouri-Columbia on Nov. 4-5. It is a joint venture with the Missouri Writers Guild and Mizzou Publishing. She will be part of their PitchFest and serving as a mentor for writers. http://www.showmewriters.com/

Leanna is also launching her own 12-week course designed to provide the tools necessary to help people who are interested in publishing. She will be offering online courses, as well as live-feed webinars for people (beginning in late November). Her new website is http://www.writethedream.com.

She will also be participating in Nanowrimo [National Novel Writing Month] in November working on my first standalone novel.

  • Sally Bennett News

This past weekend (Oct. 22-23) Sally volunteered at the Fort Osage National Historic Site 1808-1827 (Sibley, Missouri). Besides spearheading open fire cooking meals for 75  participants 3 times a day, she organized 45 minutes workshops for the women attending, including “The Life of Jane Doe, not Jane Austen,” as many living history reenactors who are present at these events at historic sites want to dress up like “Jane Austen” characters. She looked at what real American women were like in the 1808-1815 period from the perspective of working  and middling class women and how to interpret them both in dress and manners to the public.


Sally in historical reenactment dress

  • Daniel Kennard News 

Adjunct English Professor Daniel Kennard had a short piece of fiction published just recently in Issue 4 of Weirderary Literary Magazine. It’s an online journal at weirderary.com.

  • Read Your Creative Writing 


The Creative Writing Reading series continues this fall semester.  All faculty, students and staff are welcome to read from their work for up to 5:00 minutes at this open mic series.

Noon – 2:00 p.m.  Com 319.  The next reading opportunities are on November 11 and December 2.

  • Submitting Entries to Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye student literary magazine is taking submissions (up to 3 per person) for the 2017 edition. The submission deadline is December 9. Please submit entries to Professor Thomas Reynolds in GEB 165H.

Around campus, you’ll see the follow submission forms:


  • JCCC Creative Writing Club 

The Creative Writing Club brings students together to share their writing. The club will host workshops and activities to develop writing skills, learn new styles of writing and provide peer critiques. Advisor: Greg Luthi, 913-469-8500, ext. 3936

  • Great Books Series:

This series of short talks is about on books everyone should read. The lectures are  presented by interdisciplinary faculty and staff. The next event is Wednesday, November 9 at noon in Collaboration Center.  Kristy Howell will speak on the book Fire Season by Philip Connors.


  • Common Read News

The 2016-2016 Common Read selection is In Defense of a Liberal Eduation by Fareed Zakaria.


  • National Novel Writing Month In November 

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. 

On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30. Valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline, NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel. Visit http://nanowrimo.org/ for more info


  • Common Read Keynote: Lee Pelton Spoke on “The Value of a Liberal Education”

Dr. Lee Pelton, president of Emerson University in Boston and Keynote Speaker for the Common Read, spoke Thursday, October 13, 2016, in Polsky Hall. The title of his address “The Value of a Liberal Education in the 21st Century” was well received by many students, faculty and administrators in attendance.

Dr. Pelton grew up in a working-class home in Wichita, Kansas. After earning a B.A. from Wichita State in English and Psychology, he continued his graduate education at Harvard, where he received a Ph.D. in literature. His career has taken him to Colgate, Dartmouth, Willamette (OR), and Emerson.


Dr. Lee Pelton gives Common Read Keynote at JCCC.

  • Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature News

The JCCC Third Annual Conference on Writing and Literature will take place on April 21, 2017.  So save that date! This year the featured speaker will be Professor Tom Averill of Washburn University.  The theme for the conference is “Showcasing” and will involve JCCC’s new Collaboration Center on the first floor of the OCB.


The organizing committee of Maureen, Marilyn, Matthew, Greg Dixon, Nathan, Ted, and Keith are planning the conference and will send out a call for presentations soon.

  • Steve Publishes a Poetry Collection 

Professor Steve Werkmeister has published a collection of poems that can be found on Amazon.com: The Unauthorized Autobiography:: Composed of Fragments, Distortions, Mythologies & LiesAlso see Steve’s blog:  https://stevesofgrass.wordpress.com/

  • Faculty in the News 

Adjunct Professor Bill Carpenter, the adjunct of most senior standing in the English Department, came up in an interview with a successful student who graduated from JCCC.  You can find the interview on the college website: http://www.jccc.edu/newsroom/2016/09/ps-daniel-jenab.html

  • The New MLA: Info 

Please see Maureen’s MLA Page: http://blogs.jccc.edu/mfitzpat/mla-in-service-2016/

MLA 2016 Brochure from Norton: MLA 2016 Booklet

  • Food Pantry News 

The English / Journalism Division collected food in the month of September for the JCCC Food Pantry.

We would like to thank Katherine and Holly for organizing this event.

  • The Human Being Project

Like The Choices Project from two years go, this event asked students the question How does education make you a better human being? The student (and other folks) responses, which were many and interesting, are being put into digital form and will be available soon.


Photo by Henry Lubega, Staff Photography, Campus Ledger

Photo by Henry Lubega, Staff Photographer, Campus Ledger

  • Anthony Funari Presented in the Great Books Lecture Series. 

On September 14, Professor Anthony Funari spoke on Milton’s Paradise Lost to an attentive crowd of some 50 people in the first public event at the new Collaboration Center.  Way to go, Anthony! Everyone enjoyed your spirited discussion of exceptionally difficult poetry.


  • Prof. Thomas Reynolds Poetry Published 

Spartan Press and Prospero’s Books announced the release of their 21st book in the POP POETRY series: “Small Town Rodeos” by Thomas Reynolds


  • Mind’s Eye News

Mind’s Eye, the JCCC student literary journal, is available in the English Department office in CC 221 and at Tom Reynolds’ office in GEB 165H. Professor Reynolds is the faculty adviser for the publication.


  • Follow English on Twitter

The English Twitter account is hosted by Prof. Steve Werkmeister.  Follow him on Twitter at English_Dept@JCCCEnglish


  • Booktalk News

The following are the 2016-2017 selections for the Booktalk Discussion group:

Friday, Oct. 28 — Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty (Cathleen O’Neil – facilitator)
Friday, Dec. 2 – Baba Dunja’s Last Love by Alina Bronsky (Andrea Kempf – facilitator)
Friday, Jan. 27 — Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond
Friday, Feb. 24 Excellent Daughters: The Secret Lives of Young Women Who Are Transforming the Arab World by Katherine Zoepf
Friday, March 24 — Hero of the Empire by Candice MillardFriday, April 28 — Black Hole Blues by Janna Levin

  • A Video from Arizona State University