Updated November 19,  2015


• Dates to Remember: 

Faculty Senate: FS Blog  
–Meets on the 3rd Thursday at 3:30, RC 270:  11/19, 12/3
Faculty Association: FA Blog
–Meets on the 2nd Monday at 2:00:  12/14
Educational Affairs: EA Blog
–Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 3:00:  12/2
Spring Registration went live online, Oct. 21
Booktalk, Nov. 20
People in Promotion Event, Nov. 24
Burlington Northern Faculty Award, Nominations due mid-December
Distinguished Service Award Portfolio, due Dec, 1 (according to Master Agreement)
Mind’s Eye submission deadline: Dec. 5

• Faculty Senate Report on Town Hall Meeting 

On November 13, 2015, the Educational Affairs Committee, the Faculty Association, and the Faculty Senate hosted a two-hour Town Hall Meeting to discuss how to improve campus safety at JCCC. The purpose of the meeting was to generate ideas and to get a sense of what those participating think that we need to do to improve our safety on campus. This report summarizes the ideas from that Town Hall Meeting. Town Hall Summary

• Creative Writing Reading, November 18 

The next Creative Writing Readings will happen November 18, COM 319 at noon.  Tom Patterson, director of the International Office at JCCC,  will host.
Students are invited to bring approximately 5 minutes worth of their own creative writing to share in an open mic format. Coffee and cookies will be provided. For more information contact Beth Gulley at bgulley@jccc.edu


• Booktalk Meets on Friday, November 20

The next meeting of the Booktalk group is Friday, November 20, GEB 264, at 2:15.  This November’s book selection is We Are Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler.


• Candice Millard, author of Destiny of the Republic, Spoke at JCCC, Nov. 12

Candice Millard, author and former JCCC student, visited the campus on Thursday, Nov. 12, to discuss Destiny of the Republic.  This book was selected by the English Department as the Common Read selection for 2015-2016. Candice spoke at Yardley Hall, attended a book signing, and also attended a lunch hosted by the Common Read Committee. Candice’s lecture was enthusiastically introduced by Professor Steve Gerson.  Candice is his former student.

The winner of the Common Read Poetry Contest was JCCC’s Janeth Reyes, a student in Professor Jane Stock’s Composition I class.  Read her winning poem: In the Colossal Universe
Pictured here are student Janeth Reyes, author Candice Millard, and Farrell Jenab, director of the Kansas Studies Institute, which helped with the funding of the Common Read lecture More Photographs.
The Common Read committee, which organized this event, is co-chaired by Professors Monica Hogan and Katherine Karle, with the support of committee members Farell Jenab, Jane Stock, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Senter, Lorie Paldino, and Staci Petrillo.

 • Steve Gerson Nominated for Prestigious Award

English Department Professor Steve Gerson has been nominated for the Society for Technical Communication (STC)’s Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication.  Congratulations, Steve!
According to the STC’s website, this award honors true academic mentorship; a record of successful students, defined as those who are involved in STC, and actively working in the profession; involvement in student activities outside of the classroom; innovation and creativity in teaching, and involvement in research that leads to changes in the way technical communication is taught.


• Marilyn Senter Presented at National Conference 

Professor Marilyn Senter attended the  National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships conference in Denver Oct. 25-Tuesday, Oct. 27.  She presented at two sessions. The first was “Go Digital; Go Open; Go Design” (co-presenting with two professors from other colleges), and she later presented “Tardy? Whiney? Just Plain Stinky? We Have Them, Too!”  (co-presenting with Loralee Stevens).  And yes, that really was the title!  They were speaking about managing a huge system with some folks who do not cooperate.

• Steve Werkmeister and Recent Creative Writing Publications

Steve’s latest work includes a poem in a journal that was released the first week of November. He has had six poems and two short stories published here and in the UK. He has also revised his blog StevesofGrass to have more of a literature focus. It features essays and notes on different texts and performances. Here’s the link to the recent publications bubble: https://stevesofgrass.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/recent-publications/ on Steve’s  blog.
• Mary Funk Graduates as a Master Gardener
Adjunct English Professor Mary Funk, who has taught at JCCC since 1985, graduated as an EMG (Extension Master Gardener) in the class of 2015.  She participated in a year-long course through the K-State Research and Extension Service. The purpose of the program is to get university-based research information into the hands of the community residents who enjoy gardening.  Congratulations, Mary!!

mary funk

• JCCC Ranked in Top Echeolon of Community Colleges in Higher Ed 

A survey, which is part of the Open Doors report on international educational exchange,  conducted by the Institute for International Education, provides data on the top 40 associate’s institutions hosting international students from 2014-2015. JCCC ranked 8th in this survey.


• People in Promotion Panel, Nov. 24

Four promotional professionals will discuss the latest trends in public relations, advertising, marketing, and strategic communications. They also will offer their best advice as to how to break into the field and share their career experience.
The panel will present at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24, in Craig Community Auditorium (GEB 233). Panelists include:
Kathryn Lorenzen, recruiter/career coach at Landajob Marketing and Creative Talent
Patrick Padley, senior social media strategist at DEG
Shawn Poloniak, president at Blacktop, Inc.
George Weyrauch, president at ROCK Creative Network
The target audience is students, but the public is invited to attend. For questions, contact Gretchen Thum at gthum@jccc.edu or ext. 3190.

 Mind’s Eye Info for 2015-2016

Mind’s Eye, JCCC’s student literary and arts magazine, is currently seeking poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction submissions. The deadline for submission is Friday, December 5.
Manuscripts must be submitted in hard-copy form to GEB 165H or to my mailbox in CC 221 as well as sent as an electronic file email attachment to treynold@jccc.edu. Entries per person are limited to three, all of which can be sent as a single document via email. A separate entry form must be completed for each entry. Those submitting should include a two to three sentence bio.
The entry form Mind’s Eye Entry Form 2015

• Distinguished Service Award Application Deadline, December 1

Distinguished Service Award Submission Deadline Extended: The submission deadline for the Distinguished Service Award has been moved from October 15 to December 1. The date has been moved due to aligning the requirements and the award process with the new guidelines as reflected in the master agreement.  If you have any questions, please refer to the Master Agreement Article XIII (in the link below) or ask any of the members of the FA’s negotiation team (Jeff Anderson, Janette Funaro, Jim McWard and/or Ron Palcic).

• Mark and Beth Read Poetry at the Nerman, Friday, October 30

Professors Beth Gulley and Mark Browning, presented at the Noon at the Nerman discussion program last Friday, Oct. 30. Beth and Mark read original poetry inspired by American Infamy by Roger Shimomura and by Untitled (Atgeld Gardens), by Kerry James Marshall, respectively.

mark and beth

Noon at the Nerman is a weekly interdisciplinary program examining works of art on view at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art or on campus. Students, staff and visitors will gather at the Atrium at noon on Fridays then walk to one of the artworks on campus or in the Nerman Museum to hear a JCCC  faculty or staff member speak briefly on that work of art.


Interested in presenting? Contact Allison Smith, professor of art history, at ext. 3498 or by e-mail at asmith165@jccc.edu.

• The English Department Plans the Second Annual Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature

responding 2

The JCCC English Department will host the Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature this April 29, 2016. The conference theme is “Responding.”  A call for proposals will be sent to you soon.
The keynote speaker will be Prof. Nancy Sommers, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and author ofResponding to Student Writing.” 
The planning committee for this conference, which is the only one in the area that involves both college and high school English teachers, is composed of Beth Gulley, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Marilyn Senter, Sam Bell, Kay Haas, and Keith Geekie.

  • Andrea Broomfield Blogs about Life as a JCCC Student, Post #2

Shortly after I was awarded my sabbatical, euphoria disappeared and a host of pesky logistical problems crowded in on my little celebration.  Chief among them was gaining admission to JCCC as a student.
Since I am an already an English professor here and “just” taking a sabbatical,  did I even need to apply?  I assumed no, and I nursed that false assumption all the way to October, 2014, when it was time to pre-enroll.  Numerous niggling questions related to admissions also invaded my peace of mind:  If I did not have to go through an official application process, did I go through an “application lite” process instead?  How do I use the Class Schedule and Academic tabs on JCCC.edu to find classes?  How do I pay tuition?  Do I actually want a culinary career waiting for me after I start–and finish–actual coursework?  Should I audit some of these courses so that I can save myself from having to study so hard?    Do I really have to take the sanitation class, or can I just kind of “sneak” out of it?  Do I have to take the Compass placement test even if I already have a terminal degree?  Surely not, I told myself, but that particular question haunted me the most. To read more . . .

 • Textbook Committees for Comp I and Comp 2 Being Formed 
Please consider volunteering for the Comp 2 Textbook Selection Committee if you regularly teach Comp 2.
Contact Matthew Schmeer, by September 18, if  interested. schmeer@jccc.edu
Ted Rollins, lead insructor for Comp 1, is in the process of forming of the Textbook Selection Committee for Comp 1 books.  trollins@jccc.edu

• Follow English on Twitter


The English Department Twitter account is run by Professor Steve Werkmeister English Dept@JCCCEnglish
. The Twitter account is one attempt at having a greater social media presence in the hopes that we can showcase our disciplinary values and the achievements of our faculty.
The English Department Blog Twitter account is run by Keith Geekie JCCC English Blog@kgeekie
 • Booktalk Dates and Selections: 
Friday, November 20      We Are Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
Friday, January 29            Jacksonland  by Steve Inskeep (Pat wants a HISTORIAN to do this,  but otherwise will let us impose on her again)
Friday, February  26        A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler (Sheri Barrett facilitating)
Friday, March 25               Dead Wake by Erik Larsen (Marilyn G facilitating)
Friday, April 22                  Being Mortal by Atul Gwande  (Judy Oden facilitating)

 • JCCC Food Pantry Needs Help!

Our JCCC community needs your help to STOP HUNGER ON OUR CAMPUS our food pantry is in critical need of donations.
The JCCC Food Pantry was established in 2011 and it continues to be a needed service on our campus.  This semester the location moved to OCB 261Q .
It has been challenging to keep the pantry stocked and we are confident that our community here at JCCC will provide.   Last year the following departments/divisions answered our challenge to help: Science, Nursing, Math, English & Journalism,  Finance and Administrative Services, Business, Interior Design, AHSS and  Counseling
They  took a month and challenged their staff, faculty and students to be responsible for collecting items needed.
Will you please consider taking a month this year and help. Science is already on board and took September but all other months are open.
So does English and Journalism want to sponsor a month again? Please remember that individual donations can also be made.  Contact Brian Wright, Mary Smith or Holly Milkowart for more information.

• NCTE Statement Affirming #BlackLivesMatter 

The following statement, invited by the NCTE presidential team and authored by the NCTE/CCCC Black Caucus, calls on all English, English language arts, and literacy teachers “to transform our world and raise awareness of the crisis of racial injustice.” It affirms that “as an organization, we are committed to providing English educators with the tools, training, and support needed to build a more equitable system better able to serve the unique needs to all youth.” As you begin the school year, please consider this eloquent statement as you, too, work for equity in your classroom, institution, state, and country. Sincerely,
The NCTE Presidential Team
Kathy Short, Doug Hesse, Susan Houser, Ernest Morrell
Read the NCTE Statement Here 

• Study Aboard Opportunities for JCCC Students 

Farrell Jenab, as the new Study Abroad Coordinator, wants the English Department to know that the most effective way to let students know about study abroad options is through classroom visits.  She would like you to invite her to speak to your classes about the study abroad program.  It will take less than five minutes. You can contact Farrell at fjenab@jccc.edu. 

• Sam Bell’s Book Published

Sam’s book Beyond the Blank Pages has just been published by Kendall Hunt.  I’ve got a copy in my office CC 214 A.  Stop by to take a look. Congratulations, Sam, for making it into print!


• Faculty Senate Report, Thursday, Oct. 15, 3:30 to 5:30

Submitted by Andrea Broomfield, Faculty Senator, English
The majority of the last FS meeting was given over to a presentation made by JCCC Chief of Police Greg Russell; Rick Moehring, Dean of Student Engagement and ADA Compliance Officer; and Paul Kyle, Dean of Student Services.  The topic under consideration was campus safety in the wake of multiple mass shootings on college campuses.
Dean Kyle spoke about the history of various campus security initiatives at JCCC, noting that the outcome of the Campus Space Security Task Force that convened in 2013 was ALICE.  He discussed the various ways that faculty and staff are currently trained when it comes to dealing with the threat of gun violence on campus and the flow chart that was created by a joint committee to help faculty determine who they should contact when they need to report an incident with a student or take preventative measures.  Along with numerous PPD sessions that are designed to train faculty when it comes to campus safety, new faculty are also offered training via the LENS program.  ALICE training is ongoing and is geared not only towards faculty and staff but also students.
Dean Kyle pointed out that due to a recent incident that involved a faculty member unwittingly contacting a student who had been suspended from campus, all faculty will now be alerted if they have a student who has likewise been suspended from campus.
Chief Russell spoke about the need of faculty never hesitating to contact him and/or the police department directly when it comes to students who are acting irrationally in class, threatening others or the professor, or showing signs of erratic behavior.  Without knowing about students who might be potentially dangerous, it is impossible for the police to respond, Chief Russell explained, and he impressed upon the audience that faculty must overcome their reluctance to “bother” the police.  In short, trust your intuition and take steps via the KOPS hotline, Early Alert, and the Dean of Students to make others aware of a potentially dangerous situation.
Chief Russell also noted that the police force at the college has an extremely quick response time (under two minutes) when an emergency call is placed.
Dean Moehring addressed the various laws that JCCC must comply with when it comes to students who qualify for Access Services.  He explained that while some information on various students must be kept confidential, faculty are encouraged to seek further clarification on any Access students’ needs by communicating directly with Holly Dressler.
Currently, a Conceal and Carry Task Force is meeting and will make a presentation to the JCCC Board of Directors at its December, 2015 meeting.  It was duly noted that no faculty are on this task force, nor were they invited to be a part of it.   Judy Korb, who was in the audience, did note that another task force would be formed at a later date that will include faculty.
Among other business:
The Senate Chairs Subcommittee is completing its report and will submit it by the end of the semester.
The Communications committee will continue to work out a system for approving FS minutes electronically.
Collegial Steering will meet on October 20.
The IDC will not open its meeting to faculty at this point.
The FS concluded by agreeing to continue a discussion of measures that faculty can take to ensure that they have a strong voice in all aspects on this campus that involve their personal safety and that of their students.