Updated August 18, 2015

• English Journalism Division Instructor Quick Reference 2015

• Synopsis of the Faculty Senate Meeting, August 20, 2015 

Submitted by Andrea Broomfield
The Faculty Senate meeting for Aug. 20, 2015 started at 3:30 and ended around 5:30.  Senators first heard from President Sopcich, who reported on a 3.5% decline in credit enrollment.  He also noted that 40% of credit hours are no longer coming from students enrolled in face-to-face classes.
The FS approved minutes from the last meeting and proceeded to elect members to Communications, Elections, Adjunct Affairs, and Collegial Steering Committees.  Vin Clark reported that the Chairs Committee had previously sent questionnaires to all department chairs regarding their jobs, and that the Chairs Committee would write up a report regarding the findings in October or early November.

Time was spent discussing the possibility of expanding Faculty Senate representation at IDC meetings, and also the importance of IDC including a representative from Education Affairs as well as Faculty Senate and Faculty Association. This is the first time that the FS and FA presidents have been invited to meet with the IDC once each month.

Other important business concerned a discussion about the involvement of adjunct representatives on the Educational Affairs Committee.   Ed Affairs is asking the senate to help facilitate the election of an adjunct representative because we have a clear way to reach all adjuncts across campus.  Discussion ensued, given that this individual would not have a vote, making him/her similar to an administrator or the student representative.

The meeting concluded with discussion of electing a JCCC faculty member to assist with Student Pathways, part of JCCC’s Strategic Plan under Goal 1 (increasing student success).

• Faculty Recognition from Larry 

I hope the first week is going well for all of you. As many of you know, the College recognizes individuals for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 , and 30 years of service. While pins were given in a ceremony during Professional Development Days, I wanted to take a moment and recognize the members of the English and Journalism Division for their outstanding and continuing service to students, faculty, and staff. Congratulations to all!
Five Years of Service
Anthon Funari
Rebecca Kastendick
Paul Restivo

Ten Years of Service
Catherine Frazier
Sarah Kern

Fifteen Years of Service
Andrea Broomfield
James Cooper
Gwenevere Flipse
Carolyn Jeter
Tom Reynolds

Twenty-Five Years of Service
Marilyn Baker
Louise Miles

Thirty Years of Service
Mary Funk

 • Booktalk Dates for Fall 2015 

Booktalk selection for August 28:


GEB 264.
More Booktalk meetings:
Friday, September 25
Friday’ October 23
Friday, November 20
Friday, January 29
Friday, February  26
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Friday, April 22