Honors Contract: World Masterpieces



World Masterpieces

This Honors Contract can be taken concurrently or sequentially (the semester immediately following the semester the course is taken) with the following course: 

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Course Title: World Masterpieces                                        Course No:  ENGL 250

Author of the Contract:  Andy Anderson                          Hours Credit:  1

In addition to satisfying the normal objectives/competencies of the course, the student must complete the following objectives to accomplish a higher level of scholastic work:


A.        Attain greater knowledge of a major world literary masterpiece.

B.        Examine how the reading of literature is influenced by the time and place of the reader.

C.        Explore artistic works related to the major literary work being studied.

D.        Improve writing skills related to evaluating literature.


With the mentor, select a significant work or works to read that complement the work assigned for class.  For example, the student may choose to read Homer’s Iliad or the rest of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Read scholarly sources related to the literary works being studied.

Identify paintings, sculptures, or music related to the literary works being studied.  Reflect on two pieces of art related to the literary work in the assigned journal.

Keep a journal of reflections on the material being studied.  Write at least 8 one-page entries reflecting on the works being studied.

Write a 5 page essay examining how the selected text furthers one’s appreciation or understanding of the regularly assigned text.


At least 8 sessions will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient to the mentor and to the honors students.

 Grading Criteria:

The formal essay will be evaluated according to JCCC’s English Program Guide for 50% of the grade.

8 Conference sessions will be evaluated by evidence of preparation and by the student’s relevant participation.  Journal entries submitted at each meeting will provide additional evidence of preparation for the scheduled meetings.

Conferences and journal entries will comprise 50% of the grade.