Honors Contract: Comp II


Composition II 

  This honors Contract can be taken concurrently or sequentially (the semester immediately following the semester the course is taken) with the following course:

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Course Title:  Composition II                                               Course No:  ENGL 122

Author of Contract: Monica Hogan                                                 Hours Credit: 1

In additional to satisfying the standard objectives of the course, the student must complete the following objectives to accomplish a higher level of scholastic work:


To be come aware of the ways critical inquiry and informal logic inform the writing process.

  • To think and write critically about the writing of others.
  • To write with an increased awareness of purpose, subject, and audience.
  • To develop a manner of expression that is clear, fluid, forceful, and versatile, using style to reinforce content in a rhetorically effective fashion.

Total number of written words: Approximately 1500m excluding the annotated bibliography.


Will be determined by the instructor and students, noting that we must meet for a minimum of 8 hours during the semester.


 Punctual attendance at all scheduled meetings.

  1. Discussions in which students actively engage the instructor and the material.
  2. Critical analyses of the student’s own work and the work of others.
  3. Independence in completing assignments but willingness to seek help from the instructor whenever necessary.
  4. Completion of all written work.


Option A

Select a topic worthy of scholarship to investigate and write about throughout the semester.

Research, read, and write an annotated bibliography of readings (including scholarly journal articles) about a current, newsworthy issue. You need at least 15 entries (150-200 words total in the annotations). There should be a minimum of 5 journal articles and a maximum of 7 journal articles.

  1. Write two argument essays, each from a different perspective, addressing an issue related to the chosen topic. Each essay will be approximately 700 words and will include a refutation of the opponent’s side.
  2. Write a 500-700 word human-interest piece for a topic-appropriate, non-refereed publication or write a 500- 700 word statement of opinion as a persuasive letter to the editor in any of several local periodicals (i.e. Sun, KC Star, Pitch).

Option B: Writing about a Service Learning Project

Meet with JCCC service-learning coordinator.

Establish site of service-learning project: 

Students selecting this option are strongly encouraged to have their service-learning placement completed within the first four weeks of classes.

Meet with our JCCC service-learning coordinator and arrange service at a site related to an interest of yours. Complete 20 hours of work at the site.

  1. Keep a service-learning journal (1 entry per visit.)
  2. Research, read, and write an annotated bibliography of scholarly journal articles about an issue related to your service learning work. You need at least 10 entries (200-300 words total in the annotations).
  3. Write a reflection of your experience for an appropriate publication (700 words). (Submission not required.)
  4. Write a short piece addressing an issue related to your service-learning site for a professional publication (700 words). (Submission not required.)

Grading Criteria: 

  1. Thorough development, logical organization, effective expression, and competent mechanics (We will work particularly hard at developing expression.).
  2. Clear ability to recognize and choose among a number of rhetorical approaches to best suit the demands of the writer’s purpose and audience.
  3. A coherent synthesis of facts and ideas.
  4. Relevant, compelling support for all assertions.