Department FAQs

Where is the main English department located?

The English and Journalism Division is located in CC 305.  The division dean (Larry Reynolds) and administrative assistant (Kelly Byfield) can be found in CC 305 too.  All faculty mailboxes are located here.

Who is the chair of the English department?

At this time, Jim McWard is chair of the English department.  His office is located in GEB 165I.  Email: Phone: 913-469-2469.

Where are the English adjunct offices located?

The English adjunct offices are located in OCB 204. Each office has a computer and phone. The office suite also contains a copy machine and a number of filing cabinets.

Are there other office locations of interest to English faculty?

Where can I access sample syllabi?

You can access the course outlines by going to the class listing on the JCCC website and clicking on the Course Outline button at the top of the class list. These links will take you directly to English 102, 106, 121 and 122 course outlines:

You can also access syllabus templates to see other information that belongs on JCCC syllabi, such as the ADA compliance statement, tentative class schedule, etc.  Access these templates here:

Finally, all English department faculty can access the actual syllabi for all classes by going to the English department section of Infoshare. Once there, you can access syllabi by semester and course. Syllabi are kept in Infoshare for five years.  The link below will take you to the syllabus section of Infoshare.  Login with your username and password:

Where can I make copies?

The main office suites (GEB 165, OCB 204, etc.)  have copiers that you use for small jobs.  Larger print jobs should go to Document Services. This  page on Infoshare provides an overview of how to use Document Services.  You will need to fill out the Document Services Form to email to Document Services along with the materials you want printed.

Where can I see deadlines for the Fall 2018 semester?

The spring academic calendar is located here: