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Sample Resolution

SUBJECT OF RESOLUTION:           Report of the Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and the Strengthening of the role of the United Nations Related to Economic Sanctions


SUBMITTED TO:                               The Sixth Committee


SUBMITTED BY:                               The Kingdom of Belgium



The Sixth Committee (Legal)


Affirming that the use of sanctions is an effective tool when used in an appropriate manner,


Realizing the negative affect that sanctions impose on innocent citizens and third States,


Deeply disturbed that other nation-states do not show concern for the damage being done to human rights,


Expecting the committee put in place to review the impacts of sanctions to provide accurate, non- biased reports in a timely manner,


Confident that the use of smart sanctions will be effective in maximizing pressure to the targeted State’s leader(s), while preserving international humanitarian law,


1.         Encourages the United Nations Security Council to examine the current definition and implementation of sanctions;


2.         Draws attention to the detrimental and deadly impact sanctions are having on states, such as Iraq;


3.         Affirms the need for disciplinary measures, however also seeing the need for preservation of our universal human rights laws;


4.         Calls upon member states to explore the idea of smart sanctions;


5.         Reminds the global community that our purpose as a United Nations is to promote peace and justice;


6.         Expresses hope that no more innocent lives are lost due to the decisions of distant member-states.

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