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Conference Reservation

School Name: ____________________________________________


City _______________________   State ________   Zip ________

Faculty Advisor ______________________________

Phone: (____)__________    E- Mail address:____________________

Number of delegations requested _____

Total Cost: (Number of delegations) x $50 = ______ (payments are all online) 

Number of students’ school will be sending __________
Delegation size will be four (4+) students. 4 students for each 4 committees, 1 additional student if on the Security Council. If you do not have a security council seat then only 4 students per delegation. If you have fewer then 4 students, you are still welcome.  Request a country that is not seated on the security council. Conference is face to face and masks are optional. Masks will be provided if students need one.

Applications received on or before Monday January 23, 2023 will have first preferences on country choices. Applications are welcome up until the Monday March 27, 2023.

Country Preferences  (Please be inclusive with your preferences meaning request a wide range of countries. For example, if you have 3 delegations please do not only select from among the 5 veto powers) Email country preferences to 

Countries that are available have no school indicated next to them.
++next to the country indicates represented on Security Council


Summit Tech.

Angola – Liberty North Antigua and Barbuda


Argentina – Liberty North




Australia – Barstow


Azerbaijan – Rockhurst 




Bangladesh- Liberty High




Belgium – Harrisonville
Benin Bolivia  Bulgaria 
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Burkina Foso 


Sumner Academy
Cameroon Canada – Blue Valley North


Chile – Rock Bridge High


China++ BVHS
Colombia – BVW
Congo Costa Rica – BVHS Cote d’Ivoire


Cuba – Blue Valley North Czech Republic – Mill Valley Denmark – Leavenworth High School
Dominica Dominican Republic


 Egypt  – St. Teresa’s    El Salvador – Liberty North  Estonia

Ethiopia – Mill Valley
 Finland – BVNW
France++  Union High School
St. Thomas
Germany – Barstow Ghana++ BVHS
Greece – Union High School  Grenada
Guatemala – Sunrise  Guinea  Guyana
Haiti – Park Hill Honduras  Hungary – Rockhurst
India++ Union High School Indonesia (Central High)


Iraq – Highland Park
Iran – St. Teresa’s Ireland++Leavenworth High Israel – BVNW
Italy – BVNW Jamaica  Japan – Barstow  
Jordan – Leavenworth High School Kazakhstan Kenya++Summit Tech.


Lebanon – BVNW Libya-Liberty North
Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia – St. Thomas 
Mali  Mauritius Morocco Summit Tech.
Mozambique-BVNW Mongolia – St.Thomas
Netherlands – Academie Lafayette  Nepal – BVNW New Zealand – Blue Valley North
Nicaragua  Niger

Nigeria – BVNW

Liberty North 
Demo. People’s Republic North Korea 


Pakistan – Central High Panama – Shawnee Mission East 
Paraguay  Peru – BVNW
Philippines – BVW


Poland – Liberty High
Portugal – St. Teresa’s  Qatar
Romania –  Rep. of Korea (South Korea) – Central High Russian Fed ++
Rock Bridge High
Rwanda  Seychelles Saudi Arabia – BVW
Senegal – Academie Lafayette  Singapore – Park Hill Slovakia
South Africa – Central High Spain – Blue Valley North Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



Sudan Sweden – Mill Valley Syria –
Tanzania – Liberty High Thailand – Academie Lafayette  Togo
Trinidad and Tobago  Tunisia Turkey – Central High
Uganda – BVHS Ukraine – Mill Valley

United Arab Emirates++
Blue Valley Northwest

United Kingdom++
Liberty North
United States++
Lansing High School
Uruguay – Mill Valley Zimbabwe
Zambia – BVHS Venezuela – Highland Park  Vietnam – Sunrise


Security Council updated fall 2022 for spring 2023
(Only one delegate can be assigned.)

Albania – Summit Tech. Brazil – Sumner China -BVHS
France – Union High School Gabon – St. Thomas Ghana – BVHS
India – Union High School Ireland – Leavenworth Kenya – Summit Tech.
Mexico-Sunrise Norway- Liberty North Russia – Rock Ridge High
United Arab Emirates – Blue Valley Northwest United Kingdom – Liberty North United States – Lansing High


Please contact us with any questions you may have, and we hope you will join us in April for an unforgettable experience. On behalf of JCCC, we look forward to seeing you at MKCMUN.

For Payments click here!

Contact information
Dr. Brian Wright
Box 36
Johnson County Community College
12345 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210-1299
Phone 913-469-8500 ext. 4266

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