Ed Tech Studio

JCCC’s Ed Tech Studio is a dedicated space for recording:

  • Lightboard video lessons
  • Interviews
  • Green screen video presentations
  • Voice overs
  • Located in LIB 222

Here’s a calculus II video lesson with Rob Grondahl

Lightboard Prep

  • 5 to 9 minutes! One topic, one board.
  • Set a clear objective for your single topic.
  • Keep in mind how your students will be watching the video lessons. Is it a stand-alone video lesson or part of a series?
  • Plan how you will begin and end each video so it makes sense to your students in the context of the course.
  • Do you want to mention or reference course material that’s relevant; textbook chapter, syllabus, PowerPoint Presentations or documents?
  • Map out exactly what you will write or draw on the Light Board. This also helps keep the length of the video around 5 to 9 minutes.
  • Leave some empty space on the glass to look at the camera instead of looking through your writing.
  • Practice on an equal sized white board or schedule some time to practice in the studio, without recording of course.
What to Wear
  • Avoid all black, so you don’t blend into the background & look like a floating head!
  • Solid colors work best; it helps emphasis the writing on the glass.
When we begin recording
  • Be Yourself! Speak to your students.
  • When writing on the board, look at what you are writing.
  • When talking about something on the board try to point from the side, this helps the writing stand out against the background.
  • When you’re not writing, or pointing, look at the camera.
  • We erase the board when we’re not recording.
  • The markers squeak when pressing hard against the glass. Using less pressure helps avoid squeaking.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to write or draw some content on the glass before recording.
  • Remind yourself “how you will begin” pause, look at the camera, then go!