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How to use the new TurningPoint Cloud Software

If you have been using TurningPoint Clickers they now require that you use the Cloud version 7.xx of their software.
To do that you need a TurningPoint Cloud account. It is free for instructors.

Here is the step-by-step process to get a cloud account:

Go to


  1. Put in your full JCCC email address in the email field.
  2. Click Create an Account area.
  3. You will get an email from TurningPoint with verification instructions. This email also has an Instructors link to get the software if you need it, under the Downloads button.
  4. Keep in mind that that verification email may have gone to your Clutter or Junk email folder in Outlook. So you may have to look for it there if it doesn’t show up in your inbox.
  5. In the email you got click the verify link.
  6. Fill in the fields it asks for and click submit. You create your own password, which is not tied to the JCCC single sign-in system.
  7. Now when you start TurningPoint Cloud in the classroom or your office just enter your full email address and your password. The software then works pretty much as before.


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For more information about using TurningPoint clickers:

Contact Jeff Kosko,,  at (913) 469-8500 Extension 3669.