Nov 202017

Dear Liz,

I’m having a hard time updating my LinkedIn profile. I have great skills (in my opinion) but most of my experience is with tools and technology that are also very common.

Part of me wants to stand out, but a lot of my friends have told me “Look, LinkedIn is like a fruit market. You list what you’ve got, and recruiters who want what you bring will contact you. It’s not a place to tell the world how you feel about your work and your industry. Nobody cares.”

I’m not a recruiter but when I browse through LinkedIn profiles myself, I’m struck by the way they all sound alike. If I were a recruiter having to plow through so many nearly-identical profiles I would die of boredom.

I want to strike the right note in my LinkedIn profile, halfway between “I’m just another business zombie” and “Look how creative I am!”

What do you recommend for my LinkedIn “voice?”

Thanks Liz!


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Nov 062017


Discussing skills during a job interview

In a rapidly changing world economy, it’s a question that’s consistently at the top of everyone’s mind: what job skills do I need, and which will get me a job? Hunting for a job requires not only a specific set of strategies and techniques, but also a strong sense of confidence in your abilities. But it’s those abilities – which abilities, specifically – that hang up a lot of jobseekers.

We’ve dug into this very topic before, and provided some insight into which job skills will get you hired. As the economy is constantly shifting and evolving, and churning undercurrents of consumer behavior call for different types of workers creating and supplying different products and services, it can be really difficult to know what employers want. We’re here to be a compass of sorts, and outline a handful of skills that employers are really scouring the labor market for this year, which should give you a leg-up in your job search.

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Oct 302017
Constantly try to expand your list of professional contacts.

It’s June, the halfway point of the year. Whether your job is going great or going nowhere, right now is an ideal time to think about your career prospects, where you are and where you want to go. As Alec Baldwin’s character in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross” said, “ABC – Always Be Closing” – except in this case, ABC stands for “Always Be Candidating.”

The workplace version of ABC means you should consistently think about yourself as a potential job candidate, even if you’re not actively looking at all. Situations can change quickly. There’s a good chance you might even become an independent contractor at some point in your career. In fact, it’s increasingly likely you’ll be a member of the growing gig economy. A survey by Intuit found that 43 percent of American workers are forecast to be gig economy participants by 2020.

[See: 25 Best Business Jobs for 2017.]

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Oct 232017
What it takes to avoid a crappy first job in a competitive job market.

The class of 2017 is joining the workforce with some tough challenges but, according to researchers, with plenty of optimism. But no matter how lofty the speeches on this year’s commencement circuit may be, the reality is that lots of new grads will land in crappy entry-level jobs–if they’re lucky to find jobs at all.

That means competition for the good ones is going to be steep. So to find out what it takes to get a leg up, Fast Company asked a few recent grads at YouTube, Giphy, and SoundCloud for their advice.

Related: What It Takes To Start Your Career At Facebook, Nike, Refinery29, And BuzzFeed

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Oct 162017

When Arleta Brodell, 28, decided she was ready to find a new job, she knew her search would take time but she didn’t expect it to take 14 months.

Ten months into her search, Brodell hired a job coach who told her to stop applying for jobs online. “My approach had been to apply for a job and then figure out if it was something I wanted to do,” Brodell says. “That meant I wasn’t getting job offers that were interesting.”

Brodell shifted her focus from apply for jobs to developing a targeted list of companies she wanted to work for and setting up in-person meetings with people who work at those companies. Four months later, Brodell landed a job at her dream company, earning 75 percent more than her previous salary.

“I received my best results when I stopped applying for jobs online,” Brodell says. Here’s how Brodell tapped into the hidden job market.

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Oct 092017


The pursuit of happiness is defined as a fundamental right in the Declaration of Independence to freely pursue joy and live life in a way that makes us happy.

I love that. But as great as it is to have the right to do this, how many of us are actually intentional about pursuing our own happiness? Yes, everyone would love to be happier, but have you ever taken a moment to determine what that means for you?

This first came to me while I was on a flight from Dubai to Dallas about two weeks ago. I was listening to an interview with the UAE’s minister of happiness, Ohood Al Roumi. I had no idea that happiness even had a place in government, and I was intrigued by what this meant. Al Roumi’s role is to drive government policy to create social good and satisfaction by understanding what makes citizens happy and making changes at a government level to increase their nation’s happiness. Only time will tell what effect her role will have on the people.

But as exciting as these changes are, the point of this article is not to examine happiness initiatives in the public or private sector. Instead, it’s to encourage us to take personal responsibility for our happiness, especially in the workplace.

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Oct 022017

To prepare for the future, we need to shift from thinking about jobs and careers to thinking about challenges and problems.

When Jean-Philippe Michel, an Ottawa-based career coach, works with secondary school students, he doesn’t use the word profession. Neither does he focus on helping his young clients figure out what they want to be when they grow up—at least not directly.

For him, there’s really no such thing as deciding on a profession to grow up into.

Rather than encouraging each person to choose a profession, say, architect or engineer, he works backwards from the skills that each student wants to acquire. So instead of saying, “I want to be a doctor”, he’ll aim to get students to talk about a goal, in this case “using empathy in a medical setting”.

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Sep 252017

When I graduated college, I immediately set out to build a successful brand. As any CEO will tell you, no brand is built without the help, knowledge, and experience of others. I knew that once I had an idea of my goals, I had to make sure I had the right people in place to help me achieve them.

While I didn’t have a name for them at the time, I have always valued a specific group of people who were early investors and directors of my success. They were people whom I knew I could go to when I needed advice or just a space to vent. This novel concept of creating your own “board of directors” seemed to fit perfectly into what I had already formed with this group.

Here are some tips for finding your own board of directors:

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Sep 182017

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression used to describe people who can work a room: They have “the gift of gab.” The people we describe that way seem to have been born with the ability to converse. They move comfortably through crowds at social events, going from conversation to conversation with what appears to be the greatest of ease.

Luckily for most of us, that kind of outgoing nature is not necessary for job search success. Yes, communication is crucial. But unlike the innate gift of gab, you can develop the career communication skills you need. With attention, practice, and some self-awareness, you’ll be in good shape to make your communication skills work for you at various steps throughout your job search and career development path.

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Sep 152017

If you are one of approximately 1.8 million students receiving a bachelor’s degree this year, you’ve probably been working on your resume. This can be a challenging task for upcoming college graduates, especially those with minimal work experience. When you consider that hiring managers typically take less than 10 seconds to decide which pile your resume goes into, you will want to make sure yours stands out in a positive way.

Knowing how to create an outstanding resume is a skill that will serve you well throughout your career. Here are 10 ways to create one that works for you.

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