Family Fun with Harvesters

Part of the joy of the holidays is the food. I know for me, I love it when my Grandma makes my favorite banana cookies and I could eat green bean casserole for every meal. So many memories are made around the dining room table. Traditions are carried out in and around the kitchen. For many though, the holiday meal is not a certainty. So while you’re preparing for your family’s thanksgiving this year, don’t forget about all the families that could use your help.


Harvesters is a great agency to give to during the holidays, as their mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. They have three holiday programs that can help your neighbors have a better holiday season:

  1. The first one is my favorite, Harvey’s Holiday Box Hunt gets the whole family involved in giving back. Click here to learn more about a game that gets children excited about helping families in need and gives parents an opportunity to talk to kids about hunger.
  2. Donate to your Holiday Boxes Virtual Food Drive – Every donation to Harvester’s Virtual Food Drive helps them provide the food, transportation, and resources to get Holiday Boxes out efficiently in time for the holidays. Donate now at 
  3. Host a Holiday Boxes Food Drive – Contact the Harvesters team at before starting your drive. We can provide you with resources like boxes, personalized “This box was packed by” cards, tips and tricks to make your drive run smoothly and more.

Each Holiday box should include the following items:
– 1 Package Stuffing Mix
– 1 16 oz Can Sweet Potatoes
– 1 16 oz Can Cranberry Sauce
– 1 16 oz Can Corn
– 2 16 oz Cans Green Beans
– 1 Package Gravy Mix
– 1 Package Corn Bread Mix
– 1 Package Instant Mashed Potatoes
– 1 16 oz Can Cream of Mushroom Soup

Start off this holiday season right by giving back!

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