Free College Day Spring 2013

free college day 2

Join us for an afternoon of free classes and fun. JCCC faculty and staff will teach classes on a wide variety of subjects from beer brewing to ghost hunting 101. In 2011 we had 200 classes in 35 categories with more than 1,300 people attending. The 2013 event promises to be even better!

Online registration for Free College Day begins March 11, 2013. The deadline for online registration is April 18, 2013. Walk-up registration will be allowed on Saturday on campus, but we cannot guarantee seats for any classes that are already full.

Register now or call 913-469-2323.

Beginning Your Memoir
Martha Varzaly
OCB 248     2 p.m.

Each of us has remembrances and stories, whether for a child, a grandchild, in a letter, on the web, or to publish. This short session might be just your start of writing for the past or the present.

English for Academic Purposes Writing Class
Shannon Tumanut
CC 128    1 p.m.    2 p.m.    3 p.m.

This class demonstrates what it is like to be in an intermediate English for Academic Purposes (EAP) writing and grammar class. We’ll engage in a variety of fun and challenging tasks to practice both writing and grammar skills. If you’re a non-native speaker of English who is curious about the JCCC EAP program or a native of English interested in seeing what goes on in this kind of course, then this class is for you.

Fractured Fairy Tales
Marilyn Senter
LIB 352    1 p.m.
Sure, we all know what happened to the three little pigs. We know that little girls should not break and enter into bear homes. But have you ever heard the wolf’s side of the story? Or what happened after Goldilocks ran off into the woods. Come hear how modern children’s authors have spiced up traditional folk tales and how these new stories can be used to spark children’s imaginations.

Get your Nonfiction Book Commercially Published
Lydia Cline
ITC 122    1 p.m.    2 p.m.
Get insights from an agented, multi-published author into what’s needed to sell your nonfiction book to a large commercial house. Targeting your market, writing the query letter, discerning which publishers are appropriate for your work, and sources for illustrations will be discussed.

Gifts of Writing
Maureen Fitzpatrick
CC 314   2 p.m.

Learn about gifts anyone can make by combining ink, paper and some imagination. Get inspired to create your own keepsake Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation gifts.

 How to Publish Your First Novel

Leanna Brunner
CC 344    2 p.m.

If you want to become a published novelist, this course will teach the basics of how to do just that. You will learn how to use technological resources like KickStarter to build an audience and raise funds and how to use small publishers and social media to create, market and sell your book, all without going through traditional publishers.

Introduction to Creative Writing
Greg Luthi
SCI 120   2 p.m.
This session is intended to introduce participants to the writing of poetry and fiction. What are the most important elements a writer must consider in the writing of a poem or a story? What are some misconceptions about writing? We’ll attempt to answer these questions.

Introduction to Russian Literature
Tatiana Scanlan
GEB 215   2 p.m.
Students will learn about major Russian writers and examine representative examples of Russian fiction, poetry and drama.

Let’s See What I Say
Amy Pace
GEB 354   1 p.m.
This course is a discovery of how journaling and brainstorming techniques can not only restart stagnation in writing in an unencumbered, non-stressful way, but also help us understand ourselves better. We will be practicing and learning about journaling techniques and applications. Bring a journal or notebook and something to write with.

A Literary Look at the Bible
Mark Browning
CC 316   3 p.m.

This class looks at how a particular Bible text (the 23rd Psalm), quite apart from any theological aspects, uses particular techniques from Hebrew poetry to make its points. We’ll examine several different English translations of the text, noticing how translation shapes understanding. If time permits, we’ll also look at several settings of Psalm 23 in traditional English verse for use as hymns.

Persuasive Writing
Diane Davis
GEB 215   1 p.m.
A session on how to bring someone around to your way of thinking! This session will offer writing advice on how to convince an employer, a boss a teacher, a company, a representative, or a friend to address your concerns and act on your behalf.

William Shakespeare’s As You Like It
Steve Werkmeister
GEB 242   1 p.m.    2 p.m.
In anticipation of the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival’s summer production of As You Like It, this class explores the play through Renaissance expectations, Shakespeare’s comedic formula, and key characters and scenes. It is advisable, but not necessary to read the play ahead of time.

Writing with Limits
Maureen Fitzpatrick
CC 314   3 p.m.
We’ll keep it short, simple and strong in this session! Participants will be led through writing exercises designed to focus on precision in language.

 Writing Personal Narratives

Sam Bell and Dan McCarthy
CC 324   1 p.m.  2 p.m.
Learn how to write detailed, engaging prose about your own memories, which leads to better writing across many disciplines.

Creativity in Advertising
Greg Harrell
CC 324: 3 p.m.Learn about logos, trade characters and advertising taglines and jingles. Then watch a commercial or two to see what works well.

If Your Mama Says She Loves You, Double Check It: An Introduction to Ethics in Journalism
Corbin Crable
CC 124  1 p.m.    2 p.m.   3 p.m.
May I interview my best friend for a story? What if the mayor wants to buy me lunch during an interview? How do I handle a source who doesn’t want to be interviewed for a story on drug addictions? Learn these answers and more, which will give you a solid understanding of sound practices in journalism. We will also learn how to develop your very own personal code of conduct as a journalist working in the field.

Public Relations: Fixing an Image in a Crisis
Mark Raduziner
SCI 114  1 p.m.
We’ve seen it before. Public figures who need an image makeover. Companies that lose favor with the public. Whether it’s Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Lindsay Lohan or big oil companies like BP or an airline like JetBlue, this session will provide tips for improving images in a crisis and through creative public relations strategies.