List of Committees and Committee Members for the English Department (and for a few of the committees in the Journalism Department)

Updated  6/16/2021

Please contact Andrea Broomfield  to report omissions and corrections.

Dean of English and Journalism: Larry Reynolds

  • Facilities Master Plan Committee
  • JCCC Space Committee (Chair)
  • Dean Representative, Faculty Evaluation Committee
  • Administrative Liaison, Peer Review Council
  • JCCC Crisis Management Team, Representing Instructional Branch
  • Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Program Review Committee
  • Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee, Academic Spaces sub-committee
  • Faculty Portfolio Committee
  • AQIP Systems Portfolio Category Six Quality Overview Committee

Maureen Fitzpatrick: JCCC Faculty liaison, Johnson County Public Library Elementia reception committee

Maureen Fitzpatrick: JCCC/Johnson County Arts and Heritage Partnership

Beth Gulley, board of Kansas Association of Teachers of English

Beth Gulley, Riverfront Reading Committee

Holly Milkowart: Affiliated Faculty list for the Center for American Indian Studies (CAIS).

List of Committees and Committee Members for the E-J Division, 2021-2022 


Volunteers for the FA: Monica Hogan, Strategic Enrollment; Danny Alexander, Joint Workload Committee (co-chair); Diane Davis, Shaun Harris, social committee; Maureen Fitzpatrick, sick bank

Faculty Association Contract Negotiating Committee 2020-2021: David Davis

ADA Instructional Committee: Beth Gulley

Assessment Council:  Mark Browning, first year of a 3-year term.

Awards Committee: Monica Hogan

Campus Ledger Helmer Award Committee:  Gretchen Thum

Program Review: Monica Hogan

Clubs and Organizations Sponsors:

  •  (Links to an external site.)Chess Club: David Davis
  • Black Student Union: Danny Alexander (co-chair with Farrell Jenab)
  • St. Paul’s Outreach: Matthew Schmeer
  • JCCC Ad/PR Club: Gretchen Thum
  • Improv Club: Mark Browning
  • Collaborative Center Division Representative: Gretchen Thum
  • Student Environmental Alliance: Dan Cryer (co-chair with Lani Witters, Environmental Science)

College Now: Michael Carriger and Gretchen Thum

College Scholar Committee: Andrea Broomfield

Office & Multimedia Classroom Technology Standards: Mark Browning

Developmental Education General Committee:  David Davis, third year of a 3-year term; Shaun Harris, third year of a 3-year term. The committee allows for 2 representatives from the division. Andrea Broomfield is a non-voting member.  Holly Milkowart is also a member of the committee.

Educational Affairs:    Beth Gulley is in the second year of a  3-year term. Maureen Fitzpatrick is the first year of a 3-year term. Matthew Schmeer is Alternate  E/J Division alternate to Educational Affairs.

Educational Technology Center Faculty Advisory Committee: Sam Bell and Greg Dixon

Grade Review Appeal Committee:  Sayanti Ganguly Puckett

Great Books Lecture Series: Michael Carriger and Maureen Fitzpatrick

Headline Award Committee: Gretchen Thum

Honors Advisory Board:  Sam Bell

Honors Advisory Subcommittee for judging scholarship applications: Sam Bell

International Committee: Sayanti Ganguly Puckett

Master Teacher Workshop: Michael Carriger and Andrea Broomfield

Once Upon an Artifact: Beth Gulley

Online Learning Advisory Council (OLAC):  Dan Cryer, second year of a 3-year term.

Open Education Resource Committee: Andrea Broomfield

Peer Review Council:  Ted Rollins

Peer Review Committees

  • Michael Price: Ted Rollins, chair (Danny Alexander, former chair will be on sabbatical for fall 2021); Jim McWard; Mark Swails (Library)
  • Doug Texter: Matthew Schmeer, chair, Beth Gulley, Steve Werkmeister
  • Bob Sykora: Michael Carriger, Tom Reynolds (chair), Sayanti Ganguly Puckett

People in the Media: Gretchen Thum

People in Promotion: Gretchen Thum

Program Review:  Monica Hogan

Research Participant Protection Program (RPPP):  (Chaired by Eve Blobaum) Monica Hogan is the E/J Division Representative and Greg Dixon is the alternate.

Rose Scholarship Committee: Gretchen Thum

Sabbatical: Steve Werkmeister (third year of a 3-year term)

Service Learning, Participating Faculty: Sam Bell, Beth Gulley, Holly Milkowart

SoTL Scholar Academy: Beth Gulley

Special Grants:  Nathan Jones (elected May 2021)

Student Media Board:  Gretchen Thum and Jim McWard (elected May 2021)

Sustainability:  Holly Milkowart (Hunger Projects) and Greg Dixon (Committee is voluntary)

Testing Center Advisory Committee: Holly Milkowart

Veterans Advisory Team (VAT): Nathan Jones

Writing Center Advisory Committee: Maureen Fitzpatrick, Beth Gulley, Holly Milkowart, and Andrea Broomfield


English Chair:  Andrea Broomfield (second year of a 3-year term)
Journalism Chair:  Gretchen Thum
English for Academic Purposes Chair: Holly Milkowart

English Assistant Chair: Beth Gulley (first year of a 1-year term)

English Assessment Chair: Monica Hogan(second term, elected Fall 2021)

Journalism Assessment Committee:  Gretchen Thum

English Department Adjunct Facilitators: Diane Davis, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Beth Gulley, Matthew Schmeer, Steve Werkmeister

Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Engagement: Diane Davis, Nathan Jones, Danny Alexander, Sam Bell, David Davis

Ad Hoc Social Committee: Sayanti Ganguly Puckett, Diane Davis, Gretchen Thum, David Davis, Dan Cryer

Assessment: (3-year term) Monica Hogan (Chair);  Michael Carriger (College Now representative), Mark Browning (elected Fall 2019), Ted Rollins (elected Fall 2019), Tom Reynolds (elected Fall 2020); Doug Texter (elected Fall 2021). Gretchen Thum (representing Journalism for an indefinite amount of time).

Program Review: Beth Gulley (chair) Sayanti Ganguly Puckett, Doug Texter, Greg Luthi

Cavalier Conference Committee:  Beth Gulley (chair), Maureen Fitzpatrick, Ted Rollins, Dan Cryer, Diane Davis, Jim McWard, Bob Sykora, Sayanti Ganguly Puckett

Common Read: Maureen Fitzpatrick (chair), Monica Hogan, Michael Carriger, Andrea Broomfield, Tom Reynolds

Creative Writing Reading Committee: Matthew Schmeer, Sam Bell, and Tom Reynolds.

Curriculum Committee: Holly Milkowart and Gretchen Thum, permanent members.  David Davis, Maureen Fitzpatrick, and Matthew Schmeer (all second  year of 2-year term);  Monica Hogan (first year of a 2-year term);  Andrea Broomfield, ex officio member as department chair,  Greg Luthi (second year of a 2-year term).  To be updated

Developmental English Committee:  David Davis, Diane Davis, Beth Gulley, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Greg Dixon, Nathan Jones, Shaun Harris, Ted Rollins

English Blog: Diane Davis

Election Committee: Steve Werkmeister, Nathan Jones, Maureen Fitzpatrick