Recent English Department Awards

A few members of the English Department recently earned awards from JCCC:

Diane Davis, professor of English, received the BNSF Award for classroom teaching and scholarship.  Specifically, recipients are judged on the basis of their innovation, contributions to the profession, quality of interaction with students, currency in their professional field, and college service.

Andrea Broomfield, professor of English, has been selected as a College Scholar for the 2020-21 academic year.  This program “showcases faculty excellence in research fields that go beyond the classroom to make scholarly contributions to knowledge within the professor’s academic discipline.” As part of this award, Broomfield will give two presentations next year.

Michael Carriger, assistant professor of English, received the 2020 Outstanding Honors Course award for his Composition II honors class.  According to the Honors Program, this award “recognizes honors courses that student have found inspiring and who’s instructors’ teaching was particularly effective.” Instructors are nominated by the students, and Carriger’s course was praised for “inspiring good writing” and providing “insights to daily life.”

Janice Hodgkin, adjunct professor of English, was nominated for the Lieberman Teaching Excellence Award.  Since 1998, this award has recognized outstanding performance by adjunct or College Now faculty.  This year’s external judge was Dr. Cheryl Carpenter, Vice President of Academic Affairs, from Cleveland University-Kansas City.

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