As a young college writer, sometimes a road trip inspired me. I’ve always enjoyed travel – and I like to get to know my surroundings. The road trip is a fundamental method of ethnographic research. You gotta look for connections and relationships and be open to serendipity. The openness to serendipity works best with early drafts. I learned the hard way.

This road trip to Rock City, just outside Minneapolis, KS opens possibilities for research in: Biology – specifically botany (what is that plant and how does it survive?); African American history re: George Washington Carver – who lived here for a good minute; Geology and more.

And these privies? Solidly built.

So what places do you know of that make a good day trip from the Lawrence/ Johnson county area? Relate the educational merit. Share at http://dixoncomp.pbworks.com/Wht2doNKSwhnURbrd.

btw: the ides of march reference – click here

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  1. my dictionary says that meant, "Prime is no longer, the day can no longer morning; a timely manner when called on, time is not on our " which I'll translate in to carpe diem; seize the day.

  2. Tao tells me the Chinese above is not an idiom, but is a poem, likely original, written for my benefit. In which case, cool.

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