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Advising for EAP students: people who can help.

One of the biggest problems (as identified by EAP level 4 Writing students last year)  students face at JCCC  is enrollment.  That makes sense.  It’s the first big step – and the first interaction with JCCC as an institution.  Mass enrollment can be chaotic, and the student workers who make first contact with prospective or returning students walking in to the Advising and counseling office might not understand the nuances and unique challenges faced by NNS and / or international students; therefor students need to know how to advocate for themselves, because a face-to-face meeting with a JCCC Counselor can make a big difference in successful enrollment.

JCCC uses the term “counselor” to refer to someone who does advising, which might confuse students coming from schools that use the following definitions.

Counselors are professionally trained to address personal issues, resolve academic anxieties, assist students in choosing career fields and majors, and problem solve other academic difficulties. With students on restricted academic or financial aid status, counselors work to develop individual success plans, which address the specific issues inhibiting academic success.

Advisors specialize in matters pertaining to your educational program: college policies, placement/assessment test interpretation, degree requirements, transferability, schedule planning, and graduation checks. Faculty performs ongoing advising. Every effort is made to match degree seeking students with faculty from areas of particular interest to the individual advisee. Source

BruceHarveySome research argues that counselors make better advisors than faculty, which might explain the choice of titles.  All JCCC counselors are caring individuals willing to help students in anyway possible.   Here at JCCC, counselors do advising; but if you tell them you need emotional support, they can put you in contact with the proper resources.  Just because you see a counselor at JCCC, it doesn’t mean you are getting “counseling” for mental problems.  It’s just the term we use.  The focus of this post is on how to enroll in classes.

Gen 1.5

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