Textbook Annotated Bibliography

How to write an annotated bibliography is covered in depth in the Comp 121 textbook. You can also check our social bookmarking site for loads of references online.


  1. Refer to MLA handbook for how to cite sources – examples may be dated.
  2. Double space everything.
  3. Examples for visual reference – not arbiter of accuracy.
  4. click on images of samples to enlarge.
  5. Like everything assignment – it needs a heading. Don’t trust the samples tho – too many are wrong – and that’s just evil.
  6. MLA handbook free online here. How to cite a work in an anthology (many English textbooks are anthologies) page 16, Sample Student Paper on page 40 (see this for heading format and page # placement).
  7. short video instruction on how to do an annotated bibliography (warning – uses 2009 version of MLA).