Technology expectations in the classroom

Had a couple students balk at using the Learning Management System – and even computers in general – in an English class. Teaching writing has always been about teaching technology, and inventions from the printing press to the typewriter and word processor have redefined our writing processes.

You get to this by going to the school website> enroll> Search class schedule>then enter “English> as a search term> then hover over f2f (face to face). It may be for all classes on campus – but I know it works with any English class.

Click the image to see it larger – and I’ll reproduce the text below:

Face-to-Face Courses (F2F)

Face-to-Face instruction takes place in a classroom. Based on JCCC’s Statement of General Education. Students in all classes, including face-to-face classes, are expected to use technology appropriate to the course content and as needed to access web-based course materials. Face-to-face classes typically require access to computer equipment (either at home or in college labs provided for student use) and basic computing skills utilizing standard office, business and web browsing applications.

When students enroll, they agree these conditions – but they may not be aware of it.