Metaphor paper – tips and advice

One way of looking at the Metaphor paper is in how it addresses the Course Goals and Objectives: From the English Department Program Guide for Comp 2 (ENGL 122) it says:

II. Students Will Demonstrate Ability to Read and Think Critically About Texts
A. Profile texts and determine potential biases.

  • Identify approximate demographics for ideal audience of individual articles, journals, books, and student essays.
  • Determine biases or viewpoints appealed to through analysis of the vocabulary, support, and organization of a text.

B. Comprehend the content and intention of texts.

  • Summarize an article’s content effectively.
  • Describe the author’s intention or agenda.

C. Evaluate the biases and reliability of sources.

  • Identify language that reveals a bias.
  • Distinguish and identify arguments based in logos, pathos and ethos.
  • Locate logical fallacies in student and professional texts independently.
  • Recognize personal and cultural biases that influence readers.

The papers I saw today had less summary and more quotes – ties to the text to analyze – than earlier semester’s rough drafts. We’ve evidently done a better job talking about that. Additionally, I’d like to stress and iterate or reiterate that

  • A works cited section or page will be needed. The article MUST be cited end-text.
  • A thesis statement mentioning the article summarized by name will be needed in the first paragraph.
  • Read creatively – don’t merely translate the metaphor into literal language. Find a theme, bias or cultural slant.