Countdown to Sunflower Season

I’ve always dug sunflower season: a last brilliant gasp of summer before autumn.  Every sunflower season for the last 3 or 4 years we’ve made a point to find a first rate sunflower field for photo ops with the family.  Marshall county has had some of the best in the past, but the farmers I know have moved away from the crop – and they never got into it for the aesthetics anyway. And it’s a 2 + hour drive.

I’ve also heard of fields near Winfield KS through my friends on Facebook,  but that’s a 3 hour drive.
There’s a farmer near Lawrence who we’ve discovered – who plants a field most years – and leaves a Karma bucket up so you can cut flowers (1$ apiece I hear) if you want.  I’ll search and post again once I find more pictures from years past. 

Great photo op

and an excellent excuse for a road trip. 

I couldn’t find the map on her site so I’ll embed a quick and dirty screengrab.



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