Texting in class

Does sarcasm ever really work? Everyone does it; right?   Not as much in professional settings as you’d think.

Sarcasm doesn’t work, despite the attempts of the sign to the right.

Why do students think it’s acceptable?

Sometimes it really looks bad.

If you scroll down to the 4th image, and infographic, it says young people in college expect to be allowed to text and use Facebook during work time in their jobs.

More than a few employers have reacted rather strongly against that idea.   In the workplace I’m ambivalent – but in the classroom texting is really unacceptable.  We have such limited time together.  Everyone’s presence is crucial.

So True!


I’ve seen students do the fumbling hands in the lap and intense facial expressions so often, and as many other teachers have

Unless you count sexual harrassers.

noted, it looks really inappropriate.   What you do in your crotch during class is not a private matter.  Whether it’s maintaining private communication with those not in the room (when you should be communicating with those in the classroom – and BTW: listening is part of communication), or pleasuring yourself physically (which is sexual harassment,  no one wants to see that during class time they pay for) it is disruptive.


Again, some research has said that the “goofing off” involved in web surfing and / or social media use has a positive impact on productivity – I think I read that on boingboing.net but someone else will need to find it if they want to cite an authority in a paper in my class.  My vague recollection isn’t credible.

If social media / texting is important to you, research it and make arguments – but don’t use the technology in class.  Not until you get people in charge of evaluating you to concede your point.

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I have a policy in my classes that sleepers will have their pictures taken and posted in ANGEL (and possibly on the blog?).  Haven’t had a sleeper since putting that policy in effect.  Perhaps that policy should also apply to texters.