15 more things you don’t know about me

  1. I’m addicted to reddit and memebase in general (especially Failbook).
  2. I’ve never seen “How I Met Your Mother” and have no real interest.
  3. I’ve been to Hong Kong at least 7 times and was there for the handover (worst party ever).
  4. I wrote my PhD dissertation on Facebook and it’s effect on student writing.
  5. I stink at playing the Facebook.  Tho I friend anyone I know who asks, and will not respond to any game ever.
  6. I unfriend those who make more than 3 religious or political posts on Facebook (over the course of a lifetime).  If that’s what you want to do start your own blog.
  7. I got kicked out of college second semester my freshman year for poor attendance and poorer grades.
  8. Got kicked out of a country once.
  9. Drank beers one night and had a long conversation with The Reverend Horton Heat. I wouldn’t say it happened as a result of fraud, but…it’s a funny story.
  10. I watch less than 1 hour of TV per week – at the most.
  11. Been to the Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS 5 times, but haven’t been in the mausoleum to see the mummy, nor the museum/giftshop.
  12. Was an avid hunter / fisher from grade school through Sophomore year of college.  Haven’t hunted since. Fish when I have time, which has been once a year or so for the last decade.
  13. Camping in the boundary waters, as far as you can get from phones or civilization there, once stared down a bear from 7 feet away (OK it was a cub, which turned out to be way more dangerous than I realized.  Bad decisions and incredible luck seems to be a theme to this list). It was 1994.
  14. I haven’t eaten a hamburger in a year.  I usually eat one every 4-6 months.  I like red meat, but don’t eat it too much.
  15. I drink only water with food.