Types of Students

College Misery breaks down taxonomies of students with frightening regularity.  I want to think that if we discussed theses we could better communicate with with first generation students who don’t know what to expect and / or have unrealistic expectations.  I worry though that a student may take it the wrong way.  No matter what one says, if enough people hear, someone will take it the wrong way.  I don’t think the overly-sensitive have a right to deny access to the truth, but since a little research wouldn’t hurt anyone, and since there are several examples, I’ll just provide some links.  I hope to use these to open dialogue.

Maybe what I really should ask is, would reasonable students find these offensive?  Click through only if you are not easily offended and give me honest feedback.

  1. 5 students you meet as a professor
  2. Rise of the Pansies – (Warning, trenchant but not uncommon.)
  3. Developmental grab bag.  (uses foul language )
  4. Dr. Jekyl and Prof Hyde (severe snark)