“Sabotuer” by Ha Jin

For text free online see here.

Class brought up some some good questions that indicate a need for a Chinese culural informant.

  • authentic Chinese tea cups have no handles, so the distinction between a cup and a bowl is a purely western or modern invention
  • the importance of getting a confession.  The difference between the workings of justice systems in the east from the west.
  • Hepatitis –  how it spreads, and how big of a problem it is in China.
  •  Harbin –  I need to look this place up. 


Questions to ask Pre-reading

  1. How old is his wife?  What is the age difference?
  2. Do you think the police officer intentionally threw the tea?  Why?
  3. Is Chiu’s offense at the thrown tea exaggerated? Why?
  4. Note all the irony.  Find Jung quote on that.


A weak wikipedia page. (Maybe we could improve it).