Technology, social media and mental health

I have found, or perhaps my family  has informed me, that heavy use of social media on my phone makes me short tempered and unhappy.  This is particularly true of my use of Twitter.  I had an account I rarely used, but with Trump’s decision to use the platform as the primary mode of communicating I have found myself sucked into it over the last year and 1/2.

The Economist tells us that Heavy use of social media is linked to mental illness and it makes sense.  I learned in my dissertation research that we judge other’s personalities and mental health according to metrics on Facebook.

I’d like to use wearable tech to track measures of health and use engagement with social media as dependent variables.  See relevant article on Garmin here , “Garmin® Health and Cardiogram announce integration of Cardiogram Heart Health app and Garmin wearables.”

Among variables to track include: