Electronics and Soldering

Our soldering station has all the basics you need to work on an electronics project – soldering iron with controllable temperature, quad hands base, and some basic tools and components to get you started. We also have boards and kits available for checkout for longer-term projects.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is a small computer used for DIY electronics projects, robotics, and other computing projects. This model comes with a camera you can plug in and use as well. You can check out the board for projects and then return it when you’re done. You will need a power supply for standalone projects and a computer to program iRaspberry Pi Robott using Python.

Links to project ideas and help:


Smart Garage Door Opener with Arduino

Arduino is an open-platform hardware and software system to used in DIY projects. It is a microcontroller – an input/output box – that is inexpensive and easy to program. You can check out a kit to learn more about the hardware and software systems that can help you with your project. Then, you can choose the best Arduino board for your project and get started!

Links to project ideas and help:

JCCC Faculty and Students can reserve equipment HERE. For questions about 3D printing, feel free to contact the Ed Tech Center at 913-469-8500 ext. 3842.