Retrospective: A year after campus lockdown of 2014

Looking back: The campus was locked down on reports of a woman wielding a “long gun” last year on Sept. 4. For five hours, students and faculty were forced to remain hunkered down in their rooms and offices while the Overland Park SWAT team worked with campus police to scour the campus and dispatch the supposed threat.

Are you familiar with the college’s A.L.I.C.E procedure?

A - Alert, listen for/or receive specific, real-time information and notify Campus Police at ext. 4111 or 913-469-2500 or call 911. Photo by Lance Martin

With a year passing since the campus was on lockdown due to a potential shooter on campus, we revisit the college's A.L.I.C.E procedure in the event of an armed and/or violent person on campus.

Cavalier Sports Report: Softball third baseman Hailey Cope

Cavalier Sports Report Host Shawn Simpson sits down with softball third baseman Hailey Cope and talks about the team's success last spring, her transition into a leader for the team and what lies ahead for the team.

Cavalier Sports Report: Softball coach Aubree Brattin

Sports Report Host Shawn Simpson sits down with softball coach Aubree Brattin and talks about the team's success last spring and what the future looks like for the team.

Women’s Soccer Preview

Women's Soccer preview vs Dakota County Technical College

Student shines in art department

Strohl with her piece, "Conformity." Photo by Pete Schulte

The art department here at the college is home to a large group of talented individuals, and student Megan Strohl is no exception to the rule. Strohl has been a student at the college for two years and has multiple accolades to her credit. Strohl’s art has been published in a magazine, and she has earned scholarships for her work.

IN FOCUS: A different eye on the cacti guy

Mark Raduziner (Professor and Department Chair for Journalism and Media Communications) is the inspiration for an art exhibit. The exhibit is on display at the Nerman Museum.

For one Los Angeles-based artist, a story about a college professor’s cactus hobby became the inspiration to craft a piece of art that takes up an entire room at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

Hungary for success

Photo courtesy of Susan McSpadden,

Matt Phillips, a student at the college, will embark on a trip to Budapest, Hungary to take part in an international cooking competition. He will be leaving on Sept. 6, and the event will take place on Sept. 11. Phillips will be the first student in the history of the college to participate in this competition.

Photo gallery: August volleyball games


Check out our shots from the first five home volleyball games of the season.

Sports: The seasons so far for volleyball, women’s soccer, and men’s soccer

The Campus Ledger sports briefs for volleyball, men's soccer and women's soccer.

Student Senate president encourages involvement and leadership

Student Senate president John Rives encourages involvement and leadership among student body. “This year we are looking to do more activities … It could be something as simple as getting the Frisbee or the football out in fountain square,” said Rives. “We’re looking [to] make sure the experience for the students is the best it can be.”

Column: Non-traditional student adjusts to life back on campus

Mingled within the population of very recently graduated high school seniors and those returning for their second year of college is a less common type of student: the non-traditional student. This ambiguous term generally refers to students who are older and attending college on a part-time basis. I am a non-traditional student.

VIDEO: Culinary department hosts weekly bake sale

The JCAV team asks students and customers about the Culinary Departments' weekly bake sale.

Student sleep study

It’s no secret that lack of sleep influences students. Not only does sleep directly affect performance in the classroom, it can also impact students in other areas such as diet and hygiene.The general consensus among students interviewed is that they average seven to eight hours of sleep per night, which is slightly below the National Sleep Foundation’s recommended total for

Man sentenced for taking pictures of women in bathroom

A Johnson County Court judge sentenced 39-year-old Saysavat Noy Bounyadeth of Lenexa to 34 months in prison, stemming from an invasion of privacy charge last April. Bounyadeth was found photographing unsuspecting women on a second-floor OCB bathroom at the college on April 27. A woman had noticed Bounyadeth filming her in the bathroom, and chased him down until

Sporting KC star makes appearance at the college

Seth Sinovic answers questions for students.

The college put together a fun-filled afternoon for students and Sporting KC fans on Wednesday. Seth Sinovic, defender for Sporting KC and 2014 SKC Defensive Player of the year, was available for photos and autographs with students.

Adjusting to American education

The beginning of a school year is difficult for everyone to adapt to, but for most, the adjustment is likely nothing compared to the challenge students from other countries face when coming to school in the U.S.

Cavs flex muscles in opening tournament

Michelle Tennant going for a point during a sweep over Kansas City Kansas Community College during the JCCC tournament

The college’s volleyball squad began the season with a showcase of dominance on offense and defense. The Cavs went 4-0 on the weekend in the JCCC Tournament and swept all their matches 3-0, not losing a set all weekend. Head Coach Jennifer Ei was not surprised by the team’s success, having seen what this team is capable of during the

College art professor has gallery displayed at East Crossroads district

Fight or Flight (Photo courtesy of Sam Davis)

Professor Sam Davis has only been teaching ceramics at the college for two years, but students now have an opportunity to get to know Davis outside of the classroom and learn a little bit about his work and the different stories behind it. Davis currently has his work displayed at the Plenum Space gallery in the East Crossroads District in