Tuesday, June 18, 2019


The college doesn’t offer health insurance to its students. Should it?

Avery Gott Staff Reporter agott6@jccc.edu The Insurance page on the college’s website is four sentences. “JCCC does not provide health insurance plans for students. If you need health insurance, visit healthcare.gov to enroll in...


Income inequality: The younger generation’s burden

Joseph Adams News Editor jadams68@jccc.edu Remember when people couldn’t stop cracking jokes about avocado toast? Yeah, me too. Although it’s something I would rather forget. The sentiment was that millennial's were spending all their money on avocado toast, or on other...

Column: The truth about community college

Kaytlin Hill Editor-in-chief khill48@jccc.edu I remember questioning if community college was truly the best path for me in my freshman year. Now, I am about to finish my last semester here confident that I made the right...