Japan Festival provides glimpse of Japanese culture

Entry to Japan Fest. Photo by E.J. Wood.

The 18th annual Japan Festival took place in the Carlsen Center this past Saturday, October 3. People from all over the greater Kansas City area convened on the center for a day full of Japanese culture, ranging from mock oriental bazaars to samurai sword demonstrations.

JCCC provides services for Native Americans

The Center for American Indian Studies is the college’s place for all things Native American. One of its primary purposes is to provide aid to Native American students in any obstacles they may face while enrolled at the college.

Cavs bound for Des Moines tournament

The Cavaliers head back into the tournament scene traveling to Des Moines after receiving some push-back on the road against Highland on Wednesday

MULTIMEDIA: Highlights from Q&A with local radio DJs at the college

Left to right, back row: Aaron Monson, Kevin Ochoa, Brandon Parnes, Josh Morrow, Rebecca Crockett, Patrick Kershner. Front row: Ivani Bing, Danny Boi, Myron Fears, Jason Nivens. Photo by Lance Martin.

The college hosted the "People in the Media" event Oct. 8. Moderated by eCAV Radio, the event consisted of a Q&A session with DJs from four local radio stations. Ivani Bing from 95.7 the Vibe, Danny Boi from 96.5 the Buzz, Myron Fears from Hot 103 Jamz and Jason Nivens from 98.9 the Rock gave students insight on how they

Local graffiti artist seeks to stimulate minds

Dillion Herd (JCCC student and Graffiti artist) shows his finished project. Herd domonstrated the process on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015 at “Legal Alley” downtown Kansas City.

Under the cover of night, an artist’s expression takes shape. The medium? Markers and spray paint. The canvas? Any surface he sees. Student Dylan Herd talks about his experience as a graffiti artist.

VIDEO: Cavalier Sports Report with cross-country runner T.J. Kimbrough-French

Cross country runner T.J. Kimbrough-French competes in cross country event.

Host Shawn Simpson chats with men's cross-country runner T.J. Kimbrough-French about the challenges the team faces and how he got interested in running.

VIDEO: Cavalier Sports Report with cross-country runner Sierra Coen

Sierra Coen runs during a cross country event.

Host Shawn Simpson sits down with Sierra Coen of the women's cross-country.

VIDEO: Vending machines on campus

Vending machines on campus.

Vending Services Supervisor Jon Bachert talks with JCAV-TV about his duties as supervisor, and shares his most interesting experiences.

VIDEO: College offers leadership development workshop

Keith Davenport, manager and instructor for the Student Leadership Development program teaches class.

JCAV-TV sits down with Keith Davenport, Manager and instructor for the Student Leadership Development program, to find out more about the workshop.

International student pursues passion in soccer

Jallan Flores is an international student at the college who came straight from Spain to pursue his passion in soccer.

McDonald’s begins serving breakfast all day

After several years of customer demands and requests on social media to extend breakfast hours at McDonald's, the company finally made the decision to start serving breakfast throughout the day, starting on Oct. 6.

Students react: JCCC Probs Part Two

Students react to JCCCProbs tweets.

JCAV-TV brings you the second installment of Students React: JCCC Probs.

Popular radio DJs to attend Q&A at the college


The Journalism and Media Communications department along with the Student News Center are hosting a People in the Media Panel on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Opinion: Pro-gun control: It is time to make a change

With the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, the fiery debate over gun control has been rightfully reignited.

Opinion: Anti-gun control: The only attainable gun control is unconstitutional

As United States citizens, we have been granted the right to bear arms and to protect ourselves and our loved ones with these firearms. The day that the government attempts to take weapons back is the day that the United States takes the power away from the people, and isn't power to the people what this country was built on?

What if it happened here?

A community college not unlike JCCC was attacked by a gunman a few days ago. Nine people died and nine others were injured as a result of the events that have unfortunately become an all-too-common theme in the American story. But what if it happened here?

Cavalier Star Watch: Ashlynn Summar

Ashlynn Summar

The college’s women’s soccer squad is coming down the home stretch of the season with all their goals in sight for them to seize. The Cavs are led by sophomore Ashlynn Summar, who, for the second straight year, has been a top scorer in the Division I Junior College league.

College athletes need compensation

Northwestern football players shocked the college athletics establishment last summer when they voted to file for union status with the National Labor Relations Board. Their basic argument: college athletes are treated as employees of the university rather than students and should be compensated for their work.

JCCC introduces ‘Strengths Week’

Some students enter college knowing exactly what they want to do as a career and what skills they possess to get there. However, there are many people who have no idea what they want to do or don’t know what sort of job would fit them well. The new Strengths Week, which will take place from Oct. 5 through 9

Letter to the Editor: Adjunct faculty and Campus Equity Week

While adjunct experiences are not often understood or celebrated on campus, their innumerable contributions are invaluable. We teach about half of all credit courses, including online. We strive to build meaningful relationships with students, colleagues and administration. Adjuncts often participate in a variety of college endeavors and committees. We usually do so for free while other college employees are salaried