Cavalier Sports Report: Athletic Trainer Ben Edwinson

Cavalier Sports Report

Host Shawn Simpson sits down with Head Athletic Trainer, Ben Edwinson, and discusses what Edwinson does on a daily basis.

Cavalier Sports Report: Hall of Fame inductee Lori Thomas

Cavalier Sports Report

Host Shawn Simpson sits down with Lori Thomas, a two-sport athlete at the college, and a Hall of Fame inductee. Thomas talks about her experiences at the college, her professional volleyball career, and her time spent with the NAIA.

Cavalier Sports Report: Hall of Fame Inductee Cindy Roach

Cavalier Sports Report

Host Shawn Simpson sits down with JCCC Hall of Fame Inductee Cindy Roach. Roach was a three sport athlete at the college from 1977-1979.

Cavaliers claim fifth at nationals

Michelle Tennant going up for a kill in the Cavs 3-0 sweep of Cowley in the fifth place match at nationals.

The Cavaliers came into nationals looking like a team that had the potential to win it all. Unfortunately, the Cavs were unable to beat Lincoln Land in the second round of the tournament. The squad

ECAV Radio promotes food drive through broadcast in Commons

Donations accepted in COM 260. Graphic by Heather Foley.

ECAV Radio will be broadcasting in the Commons on Tuesday, Nov. 24 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Along with giving students the opportunity to listen to music during lunch, ECAV will also be promoting the Student News Center’s food drive.

Marketing professionals provide students insight into industry

Students have the opportunity to hear from strategic communication professionals as they share tips for students heading into the field and provide real world experiences of their time in the industry this Tuesday.

Muslim Student Association holds lecture on Islam

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) will host a lecture tonight by prominent regional Muslim speaker Abdullah Bayazid.

Administrators set to retire at end of 2015–16 year

The college’s Board of Trustees is expected to approve the retirements of four administrators tonight at the November board meeting, with retirement dates effective at the conclusion of the spring 2016 semester.

Paris attacks raise concern about Study Abroad

Student safety when studying abroad is a major concern for the college and students themselves. The recent tragedies in Paris have shown that countries perceived safe for student travel can still be dangerous in rare events.

Board of Trustees member receives prestigious award

College Board of Trustee member Gerald (Lee) Cross Jr. was named one of the top 40 under the age of 40 civil litigation plaintiffs attorneys by The National Trial Lawyers.

International students face unique concerns

Moving to a new country and enrolling in classes at a new school is hard enough without having to worry about where you’re going to live or how you’re going to get to class. However, for some of the college’s estimated 2,000 international students, these are real concerns.

Concealed carry may be allowed on campus

By 2017, nearly anyone may be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on Kansas institutions of higher education, including JCCC.

Campus food pantry provides aid for students in need

Canned goods in the food pantry, OCB 261Q. Photo by Pete Schulte.

The JCCC food pantry, located in OCB 261Q, was established in November 2011 to help students and their families obtain food and other essentials in times of need. Initially created by Students in Free Enterprise (now named Enactus), the program is now run by the college's Model U.N. Dr. Brian Wright, adviser to Model U.N., shares information how the pantry

WATCH: Candice Millard visits JCCC

The author of "The Murder of a President" came to visit her old campus and discuss her book with students.

Profanity inching its way into the classroom

Most people have stubbed a toe and let out some form of profanity at a point in their life, but cursing in the classroom is not quite as commonplace. With the current generation of students and faculty, however, that may be changing.

WATCH: Students talk about online dating

JCAV-TV talks to students about the benefits and drawbacks of online dating and why they think people are hopping online to find their significant other.

WATCH: Students discuss morning rituals

JCAV-TV talks with students about what they do to get ready for a long school day. For many students at the college, a normal day involves work and class, and these busy days involve various morning rituals for different students.

Cavaliers volleyball team returns to nationals

The Cavalier's volleyball team celebrates their district title. The team heads to Phoenix the 19th-21st for Nationals.

Despite witnessing one of their key players in Anna Bell go down with a knee injury, and a furious comeback by Highland to make the score 25–24 Cavaliers in the third set, the Cavs defeated Highland 3–0, claiming the win and the District championship, earning them a trip to nationals in Phoenix, Arizona.

JCCC debate team remains among best in U.S.

The debate team at the college has consistently been among the best in the nation for a number of years, routinely defeating universities around the country. In their most recent debate, on Oct. 17 and 18, the team traveled to two tournaments and won multiple awards.

OPED: Silence is deafening

An unfortunate fact of life is that awful things are going to be perpetrated by people for reasons that are equally awful. Our collective response, choosing to feed the tragic frenzy or focus on healing in the midst of crises, affects the cycle of repeated events.