Bollywood Boulevard

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Bollywood Boulevard is a JCCC student-organized club with the purpose of teaching and exciting the student body about Indian culture.

Club Vice President Riti Ishanpara said Bollywood Boulevard represents the Indian community and culture, as well as a goal to “spread diversity and that warmth, love, and happiness that we share in India” on campus.

The club has participated in campus and community involvement through event programming and fundraising since 2021. In the past, Bollywood Boulevard organized a dance for students and the community to celebrate an Indian festival, Navaratri, with traditional music, dancing, and food. Club leaders are currently planning a celebration for Holi, a tradition welcoming Spring, as well as a Welcome to Bollywood dance this spring. 

The club has fundraised for events by giving Henna tattoos for donations in an Overland Park community cultural festival.

Bollywood Boulevard is led by President Manasvi Patel and Vice President Riti Ishanpara; both are full-time students and are Student Life Ambassadors who participate in campus event planning. Patel and Ishanpara both believe it is important to spread their culture because they want others to feel welcomed, because the Indian community on campus is small, it is much more significant for those to know that there is a safe place and community on campus, Ishanpara said.

“The main goal of naming our club Bollywood Boulevard is to spread entertainment, music, and a taste of India and Bollywood,” Patel said.

To find more information about the club and upcoming events visit getinvolved@jccc.

Fatima Gonzolaz, student reporter



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