Penn State’s best kept worst secret


By Dillan Straight

This past week has brought forth a very interesting ripple in sports. From Northland coach (and assistant JCCC coach) Derek Howard going “Magino” on his players to the vastly publicized information on almost two decades of scandal brewing in Penn State to push an assistant coach out of his position, it has been a mind bender.

Announced this past weekend, Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 40 counts of different criminal charges; a handful of those dealt out towards serial criminal abuse to minors counts. While some may not know the story behind it all, despite everyone from ESPN to PBS talking about the event, it’s been a dirty little secret around those in Penn St. for what seems a long couple decades.

While America has quickly jumped on the idea of going against Sandusky in every facet possible, which is likely well deserved, it has taken some members out in the crossfire that may not have rightfully deserved it.

Sure, maybe head coach Joe Paterno really was just being a naïve older man on the whole idea of his assistant coach taking advantage of troubled children (they did have a 50+ year relationship), but it’s still a low blow to Paterno in how he was drug through the mud of the entire situation, tarnishing what many would consider a legendary career in the process.

You know you have Tressel’s support, Joe. Jimmy would likely welcome the opportunity with open arms to get away from watching non-existent Indy Colts touchdown replays.

Coaches today must deal with more heat than ever to coach at their caliber. While recruiting allegations are nothing new, the increase has certainly been on the rise in the past few years. Thanks to the use of mass media in the forms of Twitter and ESPN apps for your smartphone, it’s only that much easier for the dirtiest secrets to find ground.

Some 15 years ago, in a time when internet was in its fertile years, many of these stories would have simply slipped out of ear and sight. Only those within a local news source might know a “rumor” that was heard on a particular allegation. Now no one can save face anymore without a sea of soccer moms going against you, or meeting the worst fate possible to many of those on the internet in having a series of memes dedicated solely to “scumbag” you.

The NCAA seems to be on a road away from that of sports, gearing towards that of some sort of reality television outlook. With the NCAA already in discussion of looking to start funding players for each semester, you can begin to see how the league is looking to unravel faster than the end of Eddie Murphy’s logical movie career choices.

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  1. Hey Dillion. They haven’t yet CONVICYED Sandusky, just charged him.

    But, doesn’t the whole sorbid affair make you look over your shoulder and wonder what secrets JCCC is covering up? It hasn’t been that long since they spent a few years trying to protect long time President Carlson from charges of sexual harrassment. Their cover-up finally failed when a Ledger reporter told her story.

    Haven’t you ever noticed how tight lipped everyone is around campus?

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