Queens of the court: Lady Cavs basketball team continues to dominate conference



Ameshia Kearney maneuvers around an Independence Community College defender while going in for a basket during the game on Feb. 22. Photo by Hannah Hunsinger.

By Julius Williams

As the old saying goes, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” And there is absolutely nothing broken on the Lady Cavalier’s basketball team.

The team is firing on all cylinders on their march to a national championship. Their outstanding performance begs the question, what do you focus on now?

“We still play for forty minutes,” said Gerald Ewing, assistant coach. “Whether we are playing the best team in the country or not, we focus on playing our best.”

Ewing said that this is the culture that they’ve built at the college; a culture of always working to improve, to work harder and play smarter.

And from the look of the full bleachers during the Lady Cavs’ Wednesday game against Neosho, the team’s dedication to excellence is drawing a lot of supporters.

Student D.J. Demjanik has attended many of the basketball games on campus.

“I’ve never seen this many people,” he said. “The women’s team is such an inspiration. Coach Conrad has done a phenomenal job with the program.”

Like many fans at the game, Demjanik comes out to support the ladies but also says that he comes out because it’s so much fun.

“I come out to support them no matter what,” he said. “But it’s entertaining. The women have a lot of good players. It’s a lot of fun.”

While the Lady Cavs’ dominant play is the reason most fans come out, they are not the only ladies on the court making a splash. The Golden Girls dance team is also on hand at every game cheering the players and entertaining the fans.

“We like cheering on the team,” said Hilary Chestnut, Golden Girl and student. “We’ve been really impressed with the girl’s team.”

The Golden Girls showed off their skills at an electrifying half time show at the Neosho game that included some spicy dance moves and high flying acrobatics.

Golden Girls coach Amy Sellers said that it’s not hard to get pumped up during the game with the basketball team doing so well.

“They are very energetic and fun to watch,” Sellers said. “It makes our job easier.”

Fans can continue to enjoy the Lady Cavs’ spectacular play as the number one team continues to exert its dominance over the conference and march towards a national title.

The Lady Cavs finish their regular season against Allen Community College on Saturday, March 3 in Iola, Kan.

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